An Action-Packed Sell With Ryan and Denzel!

February 11, 2012 at 1:14 AM (current news, human life issues, late night studies, movie reviews, social opinion, web gossip)

Denzel is a lure to the theater, always!  He is an actor of the highest caliber, and his films are always enjoyable.  This latest release is one that is certain to entertain audiences, as it does provide excitement and thrills.

I entered Safe House, having a brief recognition of the story line.  I believe that Mr. Washington had been on some of the evening talk shows this week, and I think that Ryan Reynolds was on one of them, as well.  Anyhow; both gentlemen provided enthusiastic performances that should give this film a boost to lure crowds.

The story begins with young C.I.A. agent Matthew Weston (Ryan Reynolds) talking about securing the future relationship with his girlfriend.  Meanwhile, he is getting settled with the thought of being in-line for a special government assignment.  The task of working for the government agency has Matt delaying plans for marriage.

Agent Alec Wade (Liam Cunningham) is in the process of delivering a special package, meeting with another agent at a restaurant.  Wade processed online data, then he found himself dealing with an armed agent that wanted this information.  Wade escaped, as Agent Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) appeared, and he shot the man dead. Yet, as he was escaping this scene, Frost’s cover agent, Wade, was head-shot by a sniper!

Leaving a getaway car, Frost walked into a crowd of unemployed protesters.  Another agent is trailing Frost, yet he slyly escapes.  He made random gunshots to scare the crowd, providing cover for him to hide.  Snipers attempted to trail Frost, yet he evaded them.

It was at C.I.A. Headquarters where Frost and agents retrieved information about Matt Weston.  Weston had been charged with providing information about C.I.A. agents illegally, and The Agency was after him because of this.  Yet, Weston is out to prove his innocence, and he has used agents to apprehend Frost for questioning.  The Agency meant to learn why Frost was in South Africa, as they nearly labeled him as a traitor to The United States!

Upon capture, Frost is returned to C.I.A. headquarters, where he is interrogated and tortured.  Frost endures being held beneath freezing water, suffocation attempts, but they do not get him to reveal secret information.  One agent gets hold of a knife, but before it can be used on Frost, the facility is raided by a man firing power rifles!

As gunfire and explosions occur, Frost remains held in an interrogation chamber.  Weston is at the facility, and he enters the room to watch Frost.  While in the room, Frost uses psychological tactics on Weston to get himself released.  Yet, Weston imposes questions to find out why Frost was in South Africa, and telling Frost that he is being labeled as a traitor to The United States.  Torturing continues unsuccessfully, so other agents get a knife.  Before anymore torture can continue, the facility is raided by a man with power rifles!

As C.I.A. agents exit to deal with the attackers, Frost hears what is happening.  Weston leaves Frost, then returns to watch over him.  Frost begins to use psychological tactics on Weston to get himself freed.  Both men end up escaping the facility together, as they wind up speeding through streets in a truck.  They are being chased by other agents, and Weston calls for backup.  He states that he has “a guest” (Frost), as agents order him to stay off of the road!

Weston has Frost locked in the car’s trunk, and he has multiple collisions to avoid gunshots.  Yet, local police arrive, causing the terrorist shooters to escape.  Frost wrangles himself free, then he attacks the driving Weston.  Yet, as Weston pulls a gun on Frost, the situation calms so that both men can reveal clarifying information.

Frost takes the wheel, as Weston takes to the back seat, and the men speak to a level of acquaintance.  Weston reveals his personal details, as he tells that he is involved with Agent Ana Moreau (Nora Arnezeder).  Frost tells Weston that he will not allow Weston to take him into custody.  He proceeds to talk, as they come to agree that they need to find out who entered the safe house!

Reaching South Africa, Weston still has Frost, but they are calm with one another.  At Weston’s residence,  he leaves Frost alone in a room to make a phone call to his girlfriend.  Frost hears the cover story that Weston gives to her, and Weston begins to think that the knowledge of his personal information may have put him into trouble.

Further talk reveals that Weston is supposed to be receiving a package within twelve hours. This item is a bag from The Safe House, and Weston needs Frost to unlock a safe in which this bag is held.  Both of them proceed to a stadium that has an enormous crowd, watching a soccer game.  Frost is able to step aside, and he notifies local authorities that Weston is a criminal with malevolent intentions for the stadium.  However, both Frost and Weston are taken into custody, but Frost is able to escape!

Frost now poses as a police officer, as Weston has escaped custody, also.  They enter a heavily crowded soccer stadium, where Weston signals to local authorities to capture Frost.  Weston pulls a gun, leading local police to pull their guns, and shots are fired!  Frost manages to escape, yet Weston is after him!

Both men meet, targeting one another, yet Weston is overpowered by Frost.  Frost escapes, a day passes, and he winds up in Cape Town, South Africa the next night.  The C.I.A. now is running intelligence information on Frost, learning that he allegedly traded intelligence files.

Weston has to report that he has lost hold of Frost.  He is ordered to stand down, as other agents are after Frost.  Yet, Frost gives himself a bald haircut and full facial shave, with a new look to evade trailers more easily.  Meanwhile, Weston returns to talk with his fiancee, deciding to tell her that he really is a C.I.A. agent.  He wants her to leave Paris for her safety, yet she is angry because of all of the confusion.

Weston prepares to travel to South Africa.  He gets hold of a prison file, as Frost learns of a former agent and friend that was killed because of some of this secret information.  Some of these details include membership information, and the names of people who owe debts, or have paid them off.  Now, Weston knows about undercover and illegal actions committed by C.I.A. agents, which he means to expose.  He continues after Frost, who now is in a shantytown in South Africa.

Night has fallen, as Frost is under fire, and Weston hears the shots.  They attempt escaping by vehicle, yet their truck is slammed!  Frost and Weston escape, as bullets continue to fly.  Weston enters a building, followed by armed agents, and leading into a cat and mouse situation.  Weston has made it inside also, and both men are able to disarm the attackers.  Weston tries getting information from one man, learning that it was The C.I.A. that sent the attackers after him!

Frost hears these details as well, as he and Weston begin to bond.  Both men had been shot in the gunfight, and Frost speaks about Black Ops activity that was meant to stop an agent from delivering information before Congress.  As Weston still means to turn Frost into authorities, both men join to search for the safe house.  They are interrogated by security.

It is now a midday Saturday.  Frost and Weston have arrived in Cape Town, at the safe house, as Weston has Frost handcuffed.  Both men had guns drawn as they made an agent lead them to recover a set of stolen items.  Weston asks a man inside about the arrival of a package, as agents behind the door figure out what is transpiring between Frost and Weston.  They kill a female agent inside, then they proceed after a computer chip.

Weston plays unaware and naive when dealing with one guard, while Frost goes past to retrieve information.  Yet, the guard gets wind of what is happening, and Weston is stabbed in the back as Frost watches!  Weston is slowly able to kill the attacking guard, then Frost comes to his assistance.  At that point, Weston asks Frost why he has come to Cape Town.  Frost gets additional information, then he leaves the badly injured Weston.

The C.I.A. arrives to recover Weston, but Frost is missing.  The government wants to get hold of an important document which Frost is carrying.  Agents question Weston about the file, as Frost arrives at the building, killing one agent, and shooting two others.  He reaches the injured Weston, attempting to get information for himself.  Yet, a C.I.A. agent shoots Frost, but he is shot and killed by Weston.  Now, both Frost and Weston are laying in a hallway, wounded, and talking!

Frost gives the retrieved information to Weston, as he declares Weston to be better than him.  He has Weston to promise that the package is delivered, as Frost dies from his wounds.  Weston emerges from the building with the package, as C.I.A. agents take him into custody.  He is reviewed, and he is questioned about what occurred at the safe house.

Upon completing the C.I.A. review, Weston is recommended for the position of a government case officer.  He presents some of the information which was held by Frost, and he does not allow C.I.A. officers to know about the undercover details that were held.  At the same time, global news breaks about corruption and criminal activity within The Central Intelligence Agency, as Weston resumes undercover work in Paris!

Poster of Safe House

The trailers for Chimpanzee seem to depict an educationally exciting film, as it will show the life adventures of a troupe of our closest mammalian relatives.  This movie opens April 20.  Danny DeVito will provide comedic voice to The Lorax, opening March 2, also featuring the voices of Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, and Betty White!  Tyler Perry has yet another fabulous film on the way with Good Deeds, opening February 24.  Other films to anticipate include Being Flynn, Gone, John CarterThink Like A Man, and Wanderlust!

So you say……


Denzel has the fellas in line for tickets!

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