50 Cent Brings Help to Africa

February 14, 2012 at 11:00 PM (childcare and child protection, climate studies, current news, environmental issues, human life issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

It is always a good thing to see those with more doing things to help those with less.  Contemporary hip-hop artist Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson currently is doing his part to assist those in need, while making efforts to shine a spotlight on their situation.   His recent actions have taken him to Africa.

The nation of Kenya is where 50 Cent has gone to bring attention to the situations of poverty and starvation.  This country currently is suffering through an extended drought, which has caused devastation to crops, and has severly limited the levels of food needed for the population.  Starvation is leading to deaths, as the situation to have food brought to the people has prompted international response.

50 Cent’s tour of Kenya took him into a slum region of the nation.  Within the national capital city of Nairobi, he took time visit with youths of an area designated as Kibera.  Here, the majority of the children have been orphaned, and they are starving.  50 Cent mentioned that despite their desperate situation, most of the children show signs of optimism.  This has encouraged the hip-hop artist to be more active in assisting Kenya during it’s time of need, as he is acting to bring one billion meals to the nation’s hungry people.  Also, 50 Cent is donating one meal from each individual sale of the energy drink called Street King.

Additionally, The United Nations currently is making efforts to raise needed money for food to be shipped into Kenya. The global organization is working through it’s World Food Programme, appealing for $230 million to be used for food and supplies that will be used to help the Kenyan people.  These funds are meant to last for a six-month period, feeding roughly four million Kenyans. Yet, this money has not been approved yet, as funds are being monitored and distributed more precisely amid the current worldwide economic crisis situation.

Ralia Odinga, Prime Minister of Kenya, has stated that the nation will reach a situation of catastrophe, if rains do not arrive by October.  He has warned that the continued droughts, accompanied by losses of food and financial sustenance, will lead to violence.  Also, Burke Oberle, Kenyan Director with The United Nations World Food Programme, has stated that roughly 19 million Kenyans are in need of food and assistance, as this number is expected to rise because of the late projections of arriving rainfall.

50 Cent has pledged to assist Kenya, and he is visiting eastern neighbor-nation Somalia, also.  This nation currently is in a state of national starvation. This has been amplified by an Islamist insurgent faction which is blocking the shipments of supplies to starving Somali citizens. 50 Cent visited Dolo Odo displacement camp in Somalia, where he stated that he does plan to assist in this country where fighting is prevalent, as an insurgent Islamic faction is blocking outside aide to a starving population.

The United Nations has formally declared the famine situation within Somalia has ended.  This has done little for a continuously starving people, thousands of whom have died already.  Projections show that over two million Somalis need emergency shipments of food and supplies for their survival.  The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations has had it’s Director General, Jose Graziano de Silva, to visit Somalia.  He has observed the continuing state of social disaster within a nation that has been plagued by drought, along with continously fighting factions, none of which has sufficiently assisted a nation in need of survival plans and supplies.












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