Death With A Side of Fries?!?!

February 17, 2012 at 12:56 AM (curious research, current news, human life issues, legal issues, social opinion, web gossip)

Now, this is just stupidity at the highest levels!  First of all, the place is called The Heart Attack Grill.  Then, it is allowed to function, seemingly without any manners of police monitoring, continuous protests, or attempts at being shut down by the medical community.  You get what you get…….?

Heart Attack Grill is a hamburger restaurant that is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It was opened during 2005 by owner Jon Basso, who publicly stated that he intended to have a menu of “natural pornography”.  Basso was a marketing student who decided to open a restaurant after he prepared his collegiate thesis which was about fitness gyms.  Somehow, this lead Basso to begin this eatery that is geared toward presenting the most unhealthy menu possible!

Basso has said that he means to serve food which is “so bad for you, it’s shocking”!  This indeed was the case, when one customer recently entered The Heart Attack Grill, and he ordered the restaurant’s infamous Triple Bypass Burger.  Apparently unconcerned for his health on any level, a forty-something-year-old man ordered one of these burgers for lunch this past Saturday.

The reports say that the man began sweating as he ate the six-thousand calorie burger.  This was followed by him shaking, and his being unable to talk.  One of the waitresses, who was dressed in the restaurant’s possibly bigoted, chauvinistic uniforms of a barely-dressed nurse, saw the man as he was entering his state of distress.  The waitress notified the store manager, “Doctor Jon” Basso, about what was happening.

The “nurse” told Dr. Jon that a problem was occurring within the restaurant.  It was seen that the man was having a medical breakdown, so medical assistance was called.  He was complaining of chest pains, and he was sweating, heavily!  An ambulance arrived, and medics had this man wheeled out on a stretcher, then taken to an area hospital!

This man is going to be alright, as he is recovering within a Las Vegas area hospital.  Meanwhile, The Heart Attack Grill plans to continue with it’s raucous regimen of serving ridiculous meals, and people certainly plan on continuing to patronize the place.  The restaurant even has the posted slogan, “A Taste Worth Dying For”!  Apparently, this is not taken seriously, as it presents a menu that is beyond ludicrous, and idiots (what else would you call them…) continue to order meals there!  There even is a sign at the front door that states:  “Caution:  This Establishment is Bad For Your Health”!

Granted, the majority of fast food restaurants throughout the nation serve menus that are bad for the health of the general individual.  Yet, when you have one that openly presents itself as lethal, and it has a continuous flow of patrons, I do not see where the issues of doing what can be done to improve levels of health among the general U.S. citizens actually are taken seriously.  This restaurant serves fries that are cooked in lard, butterfat milkshakes, along with it’s infamous 6,000 calorie Triple Bypass Burger!  Patrons arrive and eat daily!

A meal at the restaurant can easily exceed 8,000 calories

SEE THESE SITES!!!…heart-attack-while-eating-triple-bypass-burger

Ambulance 2

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