Ghost Rider & Journey 2: The Night’s Films, Both Movies New!

February 18, 2012 at 2:25 AM (current news, human life issues, late night studies, movie reviews, social opinion, web gossip)

The Friday cinema fanfare continues, as a typical double-dose took place this evening.  The films were enjoyable, as I had been anticipating both of them, and the casts were on-task with their deliveries.  It was a pleasant cinematic presentation.

We started with Ghost Rider:  Spirit of Vengeance!  The film opened in Eastern Europe with Moreau (Idris Elba) has to be taken to a monestary by The Ghost Rider.  Moreau has to keep a box safe, but soldiers invade the scene.  Moreau attempts to escape by car, as gunshots follow him!

Johnny Blaze (Nicholas Cage) is introduced, shown as being possessed by a demon, and seeking the souls of the wicked.  Moreau (Idris Elba) works for Blaze, as he introduces a plan to Blaze that is to save a young boy.  Also, Moreau means to lift the curse from Blaze.

Blaze attempts to keep the demonic Ghost Rider from possessing him.  His efforts are futile as nightfall arrives, as The Ghost Rider is all powerful to Blaze.  It is one evening, as a young boy is hiding in a car, when he sees a gang about to attack a young female, and Ghost Rider appears, riding aflame, and on his motorcycle!

The gang tries to attack Ghost Rider, but the spirit sets off an explosion, causing them to run.  The scene changes, as Johnny Blaze awakens in a hospital, seemingly delirious.  As a nurse leaves his room, Blaze sneaks out, and he escapes the building.

Thieves are seen making phone calls to verify payments to be received for kidnapping a young boy.  One of the thugs talks about seeing The Ghost Rider, then another thug speaks to this boy, Danny.  The boy screams, then he falls unconscious.

Something was put inside of Danny.  He was taken to a hospital, where Johnny Blaze is outside.  Danny’s mother sees Blaze, she believes him to be a demon, but she feels that she must trust him for the sake of her son.  Danny winds up being kidnapped from the hospital, and his mother needs Blaze to help her find him because she reveals Blaze to be the boy’s father!

Danny is able to escape his kidnappers, yet he is injured.  Roarke (Ciaran Hinds) sees this, and he stops to speak with Danny.  Yet, Roarke is scared away by the appearance of Ghost Rider, who takes Danny with him.

Ghost Rider transforms back into Johnny Blaze, and he warns Danny that Ghost Rider will be coming after his mother.  Both of them must go to a gang party, where a gangster named Vasil (Cristian Iacob) has information that they need.  Upon obtaining the details, Blaze turns into Ghost Rider to chase after other gangsters!

Thugs have captured Danny, but his mother sneaks into the party.  She gets her son, but they are caught by gangsters.  The mother has a gun, and she shoots one of the thugs!  They escape, and some of the thieves proceed to an outside location, where Ghost Rider appears.

Danny and his mother are taken to Roarke, who is revealed to be The Devil!  He intends to possess Danny, preventing the young boy from bringing hope and salvation to humanity.  Satan has taken Danny to an isolated location within Eastern Europe.  There, a private religious faction is aware of a malevolent presence, and they have intended to spread word of an approaching apocolypse!

Johnny Blaze learns of what has happened with Danny, as he knows that the boy is the hope for  humanity to prevent a worldwide domination of evil.  Blaze delivers details to Danny’s mother, Nadya (Violante Placido), then he travels to Romania to find the boy.  It is there where Blaze has to battle Satan in human form to save Danny, and indeed the rest of the world, from evil domination!

Poster of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Our second pic was Journey 2:  The Mysterious Island.  Youthful Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) lives with his mother, and he is depressed due to the recent disappearance of his grandfather, Alexander (Michael Caine).  He is unable to adapt to the fact that his mom has a new romance, found in the man that she recently married, Hank (Dewayne Johnson).  Sean is deep into studying information and signals from remote areas of the world, and he is excited by the reception of a code that seems to emanate from a lost island.

Sean is set on going to this island to find out if his grandfather is there.  He discussses this information with Hank, and he tells Hank that he will be travelling to the island.  Hank decides to act in protection of Sean, getting a helicopter so that both of them can go to this lost location.  They rent a helicopter that is piloted by Gabato (Luis Guzmán), who travels with his daughter, Kailani (Vanessa Hudgens).

 All of them fly to this South Pacific island to find the code, and whether or not Alexander is there.  Upon landing, they quickly learn that the island is unstable, heavily succumbing to tectonic activity.  Yet, the island is home to exotic plant and animal life that is found nowhere else, some of which is beautiful, and some of which is as deadly as the sinking island itself.  Sean, Hank, Gabato, and Kailani all have to work together, quickly, to locate Alexander before the island recedes into the ocean, or before any unusual animals have them for a snack!


The Vow, featuring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum, is in theaters!  This Means War, starring Tom Hardy, Chris Pine, Abagail Spencer, and Reese Witherspoon, premiered this week, also!  The rest of February includes Gone, Good Deeds, and Lockout!  Feature films to anticipate are 21 Jump Street, ChimpanzeeThe Cold Light of DayDark Tide, The Hunger GamesJohn Carter, The Lorax, Mirror MirrorThe Pirates!  Band of Misfits, Project X, and Safe House!

Taking A Journey While Checking Out Adele!!!

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

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