A Good Day to See Good Deeds!

February 24, 2012 at 10:04 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, human life issues, legal issues, movie reviews, social opinion, web gossip)

All of the films that have been written, produced, and presented by Tyler Perry have been extremely enjoyable!  This latest release is no different.  I had been catching all of the television clips and online trailers, eagerly anticipating the movie.  Upon arriving at the theater, then sitting through the presentation, I found myself to be as pleased with this latest release as I have been with all of the prior films.

Good Deeds opens with the introduction of Wesley Deeds III (Tyler Perry).  He has been groomed throughout his life to be a successful businessman, while being prepped to marry Natalie (Gabrielle Union).  She is happily prepared for commitment to Wesley, seeming to know him up and down, back and forth.

Wesley finds himself having to deal with his brother, Walter (Brian White).  He has been positioned to assist Wesley with the family corporation, yet he presents trouble.  Wesley has piles of financial and character issues, which have allowed him to be side-stepped for family responsibility.  The family matriarch, Wilimena Deeds (Phylicia Rashad), assists both brothers, yet she deals with disappointment over Wesley, while exuding pride over Walter.

Lindsey (Thandie Newton) is introduced, as a woman working for this corporation, and struggling with her finances.  Lindsey is late with her rent, and she struggles to raise her daughter, Ariel (Jordenn Thompson).  It is an afternoon, while rushing, when Lindsey gets into a parking lot confrontation with Walter and Wesley, as Walter calls her a bitch for taking Wesley’s parking spot!

At this point, it is revealed that Lindsey is in a financial bind.  She confronts Walter and Wesley, as her car is being towed.  Lindsey has parked in an inappropriate location at the office.  This adds further distress to Lindsey, as she is rushing to get Ariel to school on time.  Lindsey does get Ariel to school, and she is confronted for arriving late with her daughter.

Mrs. Deeds is zealously excited about her son’s upcoming wedding.  It is one afternoon where she has met Wesley at a cafe for an afternoon lunch, as Walter arrives, late.  Mrs. Deeds displays happiness toward Wesley for his upcoming marriage, but she berates Walter, continuously.  She states that she is worried that Wesley could lose the family business, as she feels Walter can not carry the burden.  Walter gets angry, as he leaves to go for a smoke.

Lindsey finds herself sneaking Ariel into her job to watch over her instead of paying for daycare.  She hides Ariel within a janitorial closet until she can get to the child later during the day.  At this same time, a meeting is supposed to be taking place, for which Walter is late.  Wesley is there already, preparing to begin, as Walter arrives, yet he  is ready to leave merely moments later!

Another day arrives, with Wesley putting in extra work hours, and Lindsey struggling to get to work on time.  Wesley sees that Lindsey has arrived late this day, and he confronts her.  Lindsey gives a rude reply, not realizing that she is talking to her boss.

Later that afternoon, in the parking lot, she had her daughter with her, to whom she had spoken harshly, earlier.  Wesley stops, attempting to talk with Lindsey, trying to help her and her daughter into his car. Lindsey does not want to admit that she is homeless, so she states that she and Ariel are in the process of moving.  He does end up taking both of them out for pizza.

At the restaurant, Lindsey and daughter Ariel eat pizza, while talking with Wesley.  They get into discussion about riding motorcycles, which both of them like to do.  The conversation veers toward conversation about the company, and Wesley asks Lindsey about why she is a janitor.   Lindsey proceeds to reveal that she had to drop out of nursing school after having her daughter,  and after her father died.

Wesley arrives back at the office to see Heidi (Rebecca Romijn) and co-worker Mark (Jamie Kennedy) are drunk!  Natalie is there as well, excited to see Wesley, and ready to make love with him!  However, Wesley is sober, and he is not horny.  Natalie gets upset because of a seeming rejection by Wesley!

Later, Wesley has a meeting with clients at the office.  He speaks with Walter about buying shares within the family’s computer company.  Discussion becomes unsatisfactory to Walter, as he gets rude with other clients whom are present.  His behavior makes others in the room leave, and ultimately ends the meeting!

Lindsey and her daughter manage to get a spot at a shelter for the evening.  It is the next day, when Ariel is at school, where she reveals that she does not eat all of the time, and that she does not have a regular home.  A teacher contacts child welfare services.

Wesley is at his office until that night.  He finds out that Lindsey is there also, along with Ariel.  They speak, then they get into an argument about their life differences.  Yet, Lindsey does take Ariel, and they go to a shelter for the evening.

When Wesley gets home, Natalie is awake.  He confronts Natalie about being drunk the night before.  Then, Natalie pulls a blonde stand of hair out of their bed, giving Wesley a what is this look!  Wesley has no idea where it came from, and the notion ultimately passes.

At the homeless shelter, Lindsey finds herself attacked!  She has something stolen from her.  Meanwhile, Walter is at home, speaking with Natalie.  They have discussion about her perception of him, and Natalie states that she finds Walter to be predictable!

It is the next day, when Wesley is at work, and he has sealed a business deal.  Walter was no help, having displayed rude behavior in front of clients.  The brothers have an argument, and Walter is semi-enthusiastic about trying to make amends.

Walter has set up a child care center within the business.  It is for employees with children, as Walter is attempting to cater to Lindsey.  She does use the center for Ariel, and she meets with Wesley that evening at the office.  At that point, Lindsey is more forward with Walter about her situation.  She proceeds to give him a shoulder massage, and she turns on music.  How Do You Want It  is playing, and Walter never has heard the song!

Walter learns that Ariel is about to be taken from Lindsey by childcare services.  He offers to assist Lindsey, letting her know that she and her daughter can live within one of his corporate apartments.  At first, Lindsey refuses the offer, yet she does accept after a talk by Walter, and for the benefit of Ariel.

Excited by his time with Lindsey, Walter gets home in a state of passion with his fiancee, Natalie.  They make passionate love, which leads Natalie to confront Walter in the morning.  She is shocked to hear him grooving to the Tupac jam, apparently energized by the previous night’s activity!

At the office, Lindsey leads Wesley to leave, and to test drive a motorcycle.  They have lunch near The Golden Gate Bridge that afternoon.  Now a happy pair, both travel the area, walking and talking, then kissing one another.  Yet, Wesley suddenly reveals that he is engaged, much to Lindsey’s distress!

They are at Wesley’s apartment when Lindsey continues showing that she is upset by this admission.  Suddenly, Wesley’s fiancée, Natalie, show up.  As well, his mother, Wilimena, is at the apartment.  She confronts Lindsey, as Wesley and Walter get into an argument about their jobs.  Then, Wilimena notices that Wesley is not wearing his wedding ring, causing Walter to erupt into raucous laughter!

Wesley leaves, going to Lindsey’s apartment.  He attempts to kiss Lindsey, but she resists as she calls him out on his recent actions.  Both of them admit to being at rough points in their lives, then Wesley leaves.  Upon arriving at home, Wesley is confronted by Natalie!

Their talk is surprisingly calm.  Natalie reveals that she does not want to have children, if she is to marry.  Natalie reveals that she no longer wants to marry Wesley, but he does let her keep the engagement ring.

An engagement party that was arranged by Wilimena does happen that night.  There, Wesley announces that the wedding has been called off.  Wilimena is unhappy, but Wesley continues, announcing that he will be travelling.  Also, he declares that a worker named Humphrey will be running the company, not his brother, Walter.

That evening, Wesley goes to get Lindsey from her job as a cleaner.  He tells Lindsey that he has called off his wedding., and that he is travelling to Africa.  Wesley lets Lindsey know that he has two extra tickets, if she and her daughter want to go with him.  Lindsey denies the offer.

The next day, Wesley arrives at San Francisco International Airport.  Mother Wilimena meets him there to see him off, and to apologize for their disagreement.  When he is aboard the airplane, Wesley is greeted by Lindsey, who has brought daughter Ariel.  The three prepare for their flight to California!

Poster of Tyler Perry's Good Deeds


March will have a series of exciting films to open the spring season!  Being Flynn, featuring Robert De Niro and Julienne Moore, will premiere March 2.  That same day will have The Lorax, featuring the voices of Danny Devito, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, and Betty White.  Other March films include A Thousand Words, Dark Tide, Friends With Kids, John Carter, Playback, Wrath of The Titans, 21 Jump Street, and 4:44 Last Day On Earth!

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