Bullets and Backpacks DO NOT MIX!

February 28, 2012 at 7:51 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, human life issues, legal issues, social opinion, web gossip)

What is it that leads our youths to find themselves in the positions where they feel that violent and horrific actions are the answers to their issues?  This is not the first account of a shooting attack at a school, and it is sad to say that it likely will not be the last.  Right now, thoughts and well-wishes are being extended to the families within Chardon, Ohio.

It is in this suburban town of Cleveland, Ohio where yet another school shooting has occurred.  During Monday morning, the teenager named T.J. Lane entered the Chardon High School campus with at .22-caliber gun, and a knife.  He had apparent intentions of committing a violent crime, which was followed upon, as T.J. attacked teenage learners within the school’s cafeteria.  The reports say that T.J. fired ten bullets, all of which were aimed at a cafeteria table full of students!

The seventeen year-old Lane attended Lake Academy, a nearby educational facility that is geared toward assisting students designated as at-risk.  A current informational release is that Lane had an ex-girlfriend who attended Chardon High School, and that he may have been upset at her having a new romance.

Lane got to the high school at around 7:30 this morning, walking into the cafeteria.  He sat at a table, and he had a backpack with him.  After a few moments of idling, Lane pulled the gun from the backpack, and he approached a table where his ex-girlfriend and a group of students were sitting.  At that point, Lane shot at least ten bullets at the group of students.  The reports say that the shots were seemingly random, as five students were hit, and Lane was not aiming directly at his ex-girlfriend.

Three students were killed, including Demetrius Hewlin, Russell King, and Daniel Parmertor.  Each of these students died at the hosptals to which they were rushed after the attack.  The additional two students currently are at Hillcrest Hospital, where one is in serious condition, and the other is in stable condition.

Is there enough occurring within schools and communities to address the life issues that teenagers face?  Do we forget that they are people too, with their own problems, thoughts, and expressions, all of which are not handled regularly for various reasons.   It does seem that there are several occasions where the psychologies and psycho-social settings of youths are not addressed adequately, leading to these random, yet appallingly frequent events, that bring forth the disturbing events of gunshots being fired within schools.

T.J. Lane being arrested.








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