So, You Wanna Play?

February 28, 2012 at 8:47 AM (current news, environmental issues, historic review, human life issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

Oh, bring it on!  I am sure that we are quite capable of leaving a radioactive hole in the ground that is appoximately the size of your nation.  South Korea might appreciate being situated as an island nation!

I have this funny-little noise that I make, each time after I hear news commentary regarding him.  I like to sit and make the lound sound “Uuun!  Uuun!”.  That is accompanied by the face of my having a constipation episode!

Anyhow; apologies.  Kim Jong-Un, the dictator inherited of North Korea, is crunk and ready to roll!   As South Korea and The United States went into their combined activities for annual military practices, North Korea has responded with an overall sentiment of a lack of fear.  That nation is positioning it’s military forces, preparing them for attack actions, as they are gearing up for a nuclear-level battle!

Last week, leaders from our nation and North Korea participated in talks that were meant to clarify the status of the political setting between us, along with discussion of bringing an end to their nuclear preparations, and requests from North Korea for help with food from The United States.  As they have resumed nuclear battle preparations, of course we are not about to offer assistance and negotiations with North Korea.  Beggars can’t be choosers….

It was thought that North Korea was going to halt it’s activities with upgrading it’s uranium supply, so that it could receive help with feeding it’s people from The United States.  This was an apparent part of the deal reached between both nations that was made at the time of the death of Kim Jong-Il.  However, it seems that Un is like “to Hell with all of that”, as North Korea is prepping it’s military forces in a self-needed reinforcement of military strength in the setting of what they see as a possible threat to their sovereignty.

Kim Jong-Un recently made trips to the military sites within the southwest area of North Korea.  There, he reviewed the status of the nation’s arsenal and warefare preparations, while checking the status of one base that sent missiles into territory of South Korea during 2010.  That attack killed four South Koreans, as North Korea claimed to be responding to military actions made by it’s southern relatives.

While Kim Jong-Un currently is preparing North Korea’s troops, he has made orders for them to be prepared to make attacks in response to any enemy actions.  News reports state that he has instructed North Korean forces to strike at any outside forces that intrude even 0.001 millimeters into the waters where it’s sovereignty is exercised.  North Korea plans to continue with military preparations at least until March 9!

Kim Jong-un, the youngest son of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, watches a parade.

Kim Jong-Un

SEE THESE SITES!!!…week_at_war_prepping_korean_war

North Korean Map, East Asia

  Nuclear_explosion.gif - (14K)Medium animated flag of Korea, North


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