March 30, 2012 at 4:54 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

It does not stop.  If it is not this, then it is that, and it is not just within The United States.  Idiocy, malice, unconcern, and just complete rudeness continue to run rampantly as the world revolves!

This most recent hate crime occurred within Chile.  This Pacific-coastal nation of South America is a common tourist location for foreign visitors, as it attracted a young man from The United States named Daniel Zamudio. 

This twenty-four year-old young man was a Chilean by birth, having entered our world during 1987.  He was born in San Bernardo, Chile, una ciudad que está al sur del capital, Santiago.  As a youth, Daniel lived within the Santiago suburb of San Bernardo, growing up to recognize himself as homosexual. Yet, it was not until Daniel turned seventeen that he came out to the public. It was said that he had a decent relationship with all of his family, except his father, who was unwilling to accept his son as a homosexual, as he attributed many of what he saw as Daniel’s flaws to his sexuality

 Daniel moved to live with his father, after his parents separated, and he completed his public education within The United States.  It was at the age of seventeen when Daniel accepted his sexuality, publicly coming out as a gay male.  This was not acceptable to Daniel’s father, who was not tolerant of his son’s sexual identity, while attributing many of Daniel’s negative attributes to his being gay.   At that point, Daniel moved to Chile with his grandmother and mother.

He proceeded with living as a gay male, while being active within LBGT activities.  Friday, March 2 was when Daniel went to work in the morning, and he never came home.  Daniel was supposed to join a friend after work, and he planned to be out late.   He was gone throughout the weekend, and his parents officially reported him as missing that Sunday.  Daniel was recognized to be a person whom had been admitted to El Hospital Posta Central de Santiago on Saturday, March 3. 

As  police investigators were able to identify this patient as Daniel Zamudio, he was badly bruised and unconscious.  The assault onto Daniel forced him into a coma, and medical officials worked toward his recovery.  Yet, treatments were ultimately to no avail, as March 27 arrived, and Daniel died from his injuries.

Daniel Zamudio died because of a hate crime.  He was attacked by small-minded, poorly educated, hooligans who found nothing more to do with their possibly pointless lives other than to attack those whom may have seemed weaker than themselves.   Their lack of comprehension of the differences within their surrounding world, and their incapability to accept that all people are not the same, lead them to commit actions of ignorance and idiocy.  These actions ultimately lead to an heinous crime and to an horrific death.  

Daniel Zamudio was murdered by a group of Neo-Nazi bigots.  The three men whom killed Zamudio, none of them above age twenty-five, all have been incarcerated within Chilean penetentiary facilities.  Chilean President Sebastián Piñera spoke publicly about the incident, stating that hate crimes, and such levels of discrimination within Chile, will not be tolerated.  The United Nations is working currently to have Chile stengthen it’s laws on discrimination and hate crimes.

Daniel Zamudio

SEE THESE SITES!!!…for-hate-crimes-law…on-gay-man,0,1422715.story?track=rss

Flag Chile animated gif 240x180n_blu101.gif (11555 bytes)

We Are ONE!

   Do Not Forget Earth Hour!!! 



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The Future Looks Dumb?

March 29, 2012 at 10:10 PM (childcare and child protection, curious research, current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

I was so stricken and upset by this one report that I had to read it a couple of times to be certain I was getting the message.  I realize that times are changing, and that there have been several suggestions that discuss the general downgrade of U.S. society.  This one story was particularly upsetting because of it’s detail, and due to the original location of it.

New York City is supposed to be one of the most cosmopolitan and intellectually progressive locations on the planet, or so I thought.  Perhaps that is the general truth, yet this one story screams toward evidence stating otherwise.  I was startled, shocked, to read about how efforts are being made there, which intend to shield the educational enhancement of youth students.

The New York City Department of Education is making attempts to ban certain words and phrases which are being deemed as sensitive.  I have not read just as to whom is deciding which words are more abrasive than others, yet I was startled at some of the selections that I saw.  Words like birthday, dinosaur, divorce, and religion are among the choices of words that are being suggested for removal from use within their schools’ standardized tests.

Administrators within NY Department of Education wants to ban words that people within their system have deemed as “sensitive”.  The words allegedly are seen as “controversial”, and and possibly unacceptable within public standardized tests.  The NY Department of Education gives term expressions such as hurricane, weed, and wildfire to describe phrases that can serve as double entendres.  Whereas the phrases presented on the tests likely are meant to display the words at their basic meanings, they can represent other social presentations, all of which are not good to be given within public schools.

However.   As schools are alleged to be institutions of learning, I can not see how blocking words and phrases from the mental collections of students can be a good thing at any level.  Students go to schools to learn, and the educators are at the schools to educate.  Many students are not receiving any levels of adequate education outside of school facilities, so why is it even being thought of to block attempts at enhancing the mental capacities of our youths while they are at school?

I read some of the words, and I do see where several of them do function at dual capacities, or more.  Yet, I thought that it was the function of the school to educate youths about various meanings, so that they do not wind up learning about them in darker, more dangerous settings.  I thought that the schools were supposed to teach, so that youths can grow up with acceptable intellectual capacities that allow them to know the differences between the ups and downs, the lefts and rights, the rights and wrongs of society.  How can this possibly occur when we have the actual public school districts making so-called legitimate efforts to shield levels of learning because of the opinions of a questionable segment?

I would encourage others to read these news reports, to watch news broadcasts, and to listen to related stories, so that what is happening can be absorbed and understood.  Just WHAT is happening here, and are we really going to allow it?  A dumbing of “America” was a curiously comedic statement, where many of those whom said it actually do see this level of activity on the rise.  It does seem where these manners of actions are taking place at increasing rates, while little is being done to spread the information, or to stop the crimes before they can be placed into standard action.

What's with all the teacher bashing?


  GIF Animation  of a boy sitting at a computer dunce's cap cartoons, dunce's cap cartoon, dunce's cap picture, dunce's cap pictures, dunce's cap image, dunce's cap images, dunce's cap illustration, dunce's cap illustrations   boy reading a book GIF Animation


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It’s Gettin’ Freaky in France!

March 26, 2012 at 7:53 PM (current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

I could not help but to laugh after reading these details.  Are they serious?  I suppose so, but I did not know that such a charge could be issued, seriously, or could be taken seriously!

A lot has been mentioned and printed about Dominic Strauss-Kahn over the past several months.  It was during May of 2011 when the former head of The International Monetary Fund was displayed publicly for allegations of sexual misconduct within The Hotel Sofitel New York.  A maid within the facility accused Strauss-Kahn, publicly known as DSK, of attempted rape, and criminal charges were filed.

A court hearing occurred, and Strauss-Kahn wound up being charged with sexual misconduct.  Yet, the charges were dismissed because of an alleged lack of solid evidence.  DSK later went on, admitting that he did have a sexual encounter with a hotel maid, yet that it was a willing act, and that no manners of violence happened.

He did wind up being indicted for these charges!  Strauss-Kahn posted bail at one million dollars, and he was put under house arrest.  Yet, the case against him was dismissed because of a lack of credibility by the accuser, the female housekeeper whom accused Strauss-Kahn of touching her improperly.  He did later make a public admission to an inappropriate encounter with the housekeeper, yet he stressed that there was no violence, and that it was a consensual act!

Those charges were dismissed during August, 2011.  The maid was formally portrayed as an untrustful liar, likely seeking fame and fortune from allegations that were untrue.  However, DSK resigned his position as head of The International Monetary Fund, while focusing on a possible run for President of France during their 2012 election.

However!  New evidence arose, and additional charges were filed onto Strauss-Kahn.  It was during February when he was arrested by French police, and he was questioned for possible participation within a prostitution ring!  That event was added to the expanding allegations against Strauss-Kahn, which has been given the label The Carlton Affair by French media!

Supposedly, DSK has had suites within several French luxury hotels, where he has been involved with prostitutes coming and going!  The Carlton, a New York luxury hotel in Manhattan, is another location within The United States where illicit actions by the former IMF Head occurred, yet the charges being filed focus only on what supposedly happened with the maid at The Sofitel New York.

Murmurs of a conspiracy against Strauss-Kahn have made it into the public media pulse.  The former IMF leader stated that French President Nicolas Sarkozy was leading a conspiracy which involved having Strauss-Kahn charged with false rape charges!  This supposedly was occurring as an attempt by Sarkozy to further discredit Strauss-Khan, who also plans to run for President of France during 2012, representing The French Socialist Party!

As DSK’s political plans move forward, public opinions about him and his actions are spreading.  Students at Cambridge University have held protest rallies, speaking against the French leader.  It was at The Cambridge Union Society where students made public declarations of disapproval toward Strauss-Kahn for his actions, the seemingly blithe manner in which they have been dismissed, and his future political aspirations.

 Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Dominic Strauss-Kahn


SEE THESE SITES!!!…of-controversy-25452.html…/strauss-kahn-charged…prostitution-ring

Graffiti of Strauss-Kahn (Creative Commons)

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Hungry For High and Heavy Excitement!

March 24, 2012 at 1:37 AM (childcare and child protection, comic book characters, curious research, current news, human life issues, movie reviews, music and entertainment, social opinion, web gossip)

Being a science-fiction fantatic, I can say that I had been looking forward to seeing The Hunger Games for several weeks!  Several of the reviews of the film were seen on The Internet, and I had spoken with people whom were familiar with the first story, along with the rest of  the Suzanne Collins trilogy.  After all of the preliminary promotion, I was ready to watch this movie!

Entering a futuristic setting, we are shown a society that faces constant punishment and terror.  Families are forced to offer their children between the ages of twelve and eighteen for sacrifice, as a part of a government-enforced tradition.  Citizens are forced to comply out of fear of incarceration, or worse.

We are introduced to Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), and her younger sister, Primrose (Willow Shields), as they are hiding from an aerial vehicle above them.  The girls are in a wooded area, dreaming of escape from their current lives.  Both girls discussed the upcoming Hunger Games, which the youths of their times feared.

A whistle blows, summoning all young girls into public view.  As Katniss and Prim exited their home, Prim was demanded to give a sample of blood for identification.  The society’s leader emerges, ranting of prior times that were filled with war and bloodshed, then speaking of a newly-born society of so-called success.  She formally opened The Hunger Games, where one boy and one girl are chosen to battle until death for the representation of their home districts!

Stunningly, Prim’s name was the first one called!  However, Katniss volunteered to take her sister’s place.  Additionally, Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) was called to be the male contestant.  Katniss proceeded to console Prim, then she prepared to enter this contest.

Katniss and Peeta are taken with the other competitors into a dining room.  Then, the group boards a train, along with the leader of The Games.  Haymitch Abernathy (Woody Harrelson) introduces himself as their mentor, telling the group that he will help them.  Kat watches the conversation, and she hears Abernathy talking of the likelihood of living or dying through the games!

Kat was told that she needs to get sponsors for herself in order to have a chance of succeeding while in the games.  She is told that this will make people like her, as popularity will help her to do well.  The train reaches a crowded station, where the contestants exited to prepare for further reviews.

Kat is accompanied by Peeta into a dining chamber with all of the contestants, called tributes, from each district.  A media spectacle began, and President Snow (Donald Southerland) was introduced.  He made announcements, then he officially opened The Hunger Games!

The mistress of ceremonies leads all of the contestants to their quarters.  They all are shown the living facilities, then they are taken to the training areas.  There, the contestants are told that most of them will die from heat exposure, infections, or knife wounds.  Kat and Peeta proceed to dinner with the high mistress.  Something occurred which angered Peeta, and he left the dinner.  Kat left to follow Peeta, and they entered a training room.

At the start of the next day, the contestants were lead into the start of their four-day training.  Kat helped Peeta when he began to look bad in front of the others.  Abernathy spoke to them, then Kat was summoned to compete.  She began with archery, as her first shot was a dud!  While the crowd laughed at her, Kat nailed her second shot, but no one saw it!  So, she shot an apple out of a dinner pig’s mouth, which was at the table of the mistress, which lead her to be lectured by the announcer, but to receive praise from Abernathy!

As the contest continued, Peeta got good scores, yet Kat got the highest scores.  The next day began, and Kat was presented as the first contestant.  She was prepared to be interviewed, as the other contestants from each district followed.  Kat found herself playing to the audience to gain their appeal, as she wore a flaming-red gown.  She was asked about whether or not Primrose had come to say goodbye to her!

Peter was interviewed next, and he spoke about a girl for whom he had affection.  This girl was revealed to be Kat, which angered her.  She showed that she was upset with Peeta, yet Abernathy rebuked her for publicly displaying anger.  Kat apologized, proceeded with the talks, but her thoughts remained on protecting her sister, Primrose.

Later, Abernathy advised Kat on competing to save her life.  Kat then went to have a tracker implanted beneath her skin, as she was taken with the other contestants back into the games.  Before she entered, Kat received a secret pin-on device, also.

Kat and Peeta entered a tube system, and they joined the others on the fields for the first rounds of the games.  They all raced and battled each other, in what was a lethal knife fight to gain supplies.  Their knives, along with machetes and swords, were used upon one another, as Kat was able to pause for a moment for a drink!

Cannons boomed to announce which of the contestants, the tributes, had been killed.  Kat proceeded to make arrows and darts, while doing what was needed to keep herself safe and isolated.  She took a brief nap, but she was awakened by screams.  An announcement had been made that thirteen contestants had been eliminated, killed, already!

Kat found herself advancing at a surprisingly quick rate.   She napped again, yet she awoke to the sight of a flaming forest.  Officials had been sent to kill her by fire!  Kat ran, quickly reaching a river, and the others saw her.  They raced toward Kat, as they had teamed against her!  She climbed tree, and contestant Cato (Alexander Ludwig) lead the others after her.  As they meant to kill Kat, Peeta stopped them, suggesting that they kill her later.

That night, Kat found safety in a tree.  She received a secretly delivered capsule of treatment ointment for her wounds.  She, and the others, did get sleep, yet Kat was awakened with a message.  She was encouraged to drop a wasps’ nest onto the others as they slept!  So, Kat did cut a hornets’ hive from a tree, dropping it onto the other contestants, which gave her an advantage!

Kat found herself disoriented as she took a bow shot from another contestant.  This caused her to hallucinate, and she fell back for an extended time.  A young contestant was able to find her, telling Kat that she had slept for two days!

The other contestants have a casing of supplies by a lake.  Kat and Prim worked together, using a sound-signal system to elude the other contestants.  Kat lured three of the others away from their base to gain more advantage, as she was able to use arrows to get hold of apples that set off bombs at her adversaries’ supply base!

Kat used her advantages with birds to find where her sister had been trapped.  She found the location, yet she learned that her sister had been killed by arrows that were meant to kill Kat.  She proceeded to bury her sister, showing a public salute to the viewing audience for her sister’s death.  This incited riots!

The public fought with guards, as Abernathy debated on how to deal with Kat.  President Snow (Donald Sutherland) spoke about Kat as an underdog of the competition, and he announced a change within the competiton.  President Snow declared that there could be two champions, as long as they came from the same district!

Kat proceeded to find Peeta, who was injured.  She rescued him, taking him to safety while she searched for medicine.  Some others left a container of supplies for Kat, while she sought after her sister.  Peter meant to accompany Kat at night.

Another announcement was made, stating that there would be supplies delivered to the contestants in another shipment.  Yet, this was exposed as a trap, as the shippers were being filmed with deadly tools to be used on the contestants!  Katress did not go to receive these supplies, yet she did go to one of the three remaining supply cases which had been placed before, and were safe.  However, Kat did have to fight another contestant to claim the case!

Kat was nearly killed, yet a male contestant came to her rescue.  He killed her attacker, and Kat returned to help Peeta.  She treated his wounds, as they found themselves believing that they were the only two left alive.  Yet, Kat heard the cannon, and she saw that Peeta was being followed.  Both of them escaped, as cameras were on them!

Nightfall arrived, as Kat and Peeta heard sounds of the contest’s announcer, saying that another contestant had been killed.  Kat and Peeta proceeded into night, and Peeta was attacked by a dog-like beast!  More of the creatures emerged, chasing both of them!  It was when another contestant appeared that these beasts were killed, yet the contestant almost killed Kat and Peeta.

As the only two left, Kat and Peeta nearly battled one another to the end.  She showed herself to be stronger than Peeta, almost killing him.  However, Kat refused to kill Peeta, so another entered the arena, wounding Peeta, and having him tossed to a pack of attacking dogs!

As Kat and Peeta were the final contestants, an announcement was made.  It declared that only one of them could be the winner.  Kat made the choice to fight to decide which of them would emerge as the winner, yet they were interrupted by Abernathy.  He announced that they both were the winners, and Abernathy was made to kill himself for this decision!  Someone had to die!

Kat and Peeta from District 12 had won The Hunger Games!  They returned to their homes. Yet, Kat now knows that she is being watched by political leaders because of her disruption of the games.  It is believed that when they separate, officials will come in search of both of them!

Dark Tide, Goon, Mirror Mirror, and Wrath of The Titans all open next week!  April brings ATM, Bad AssThe Cabin in the Woods, Chimpanzee, The Hunter, Marley, The Three Stooges, To The Arctic, and Woman Thou Art Loosed On The Seventh DayMovies to see, movies to see!

SEE THESE SITES!!!–Hunger-Games-sequel-already-in-the-works.html


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The Idols Jam With Joel!

March 21, 2012 at 11:52 PM (current news, human life issues, music and entertainment, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

The American Idol contestants brought the sound tonight with the music of Billy Joel!  It was all the more pleasing because they had Sean P-Diddy Combs as their musical mentor!  Plus, Tommy Hilfiger was the evening’s style analyst!  WOW!!!

I wound up missing the show during Skylar’s performance!  Damn it!!!  I did not see her on stage, singing Shameless, and I missed her review at the end of the show!  Well, I will find out whether or not she was successful, watching the show tomorrow.

I did start by listening to DeAndre, who sang Only The Good Die Young.  It was a decent performance from DeAndre, though he did sound a tad bland!  Steven Tyler told him that he sounded “too happy” at first, yet Jennifer Lopez said that DeAndre brought a great show start with an “island-y feel”!  Randy agreed with her, but he did not see anything overly special!

New York State of Mind came out of Erika Van Pelt!  She had piano accompaniment, which added appeal to her sound.  While Randy thought that Erika sounded nice, J. Lo wanted more feeling out of her.  Jenny did feel that Erika had beautiful vocals.  Steven agreed with her, saying that Erika was outstanding!

A powerful, gospel-like sound was emitted from Joshua, as he sang She’s Got A Way!  He was accompanied by a background choir, which made his performance all the more entertaining.  Jennifer agreed, telling Joshua that she loved his voice.  Steven did not know the song, but he felt that Joshua put life into it. Randy had advice for him, telling Joshua to take the lyrics and make them his own!

I mentioned that I wound up stepping out on Skylar’s performance of Shameless, and I do not know the song.  Yet, I did pick up at Elise singing Vienna, which sounded lovely!  J. Lo agreed, telling Elise that  her sound was “so beautiful”!  Randy felt that she was “absolutely talented”, and her run at the end of the song rocked the house!

Guitar accompaniment added flavor to Phillip’s selection of Moving Out!  His voice seemed rough, yet that might have been a part of the song.  Ms. Lopez loved his agression, as Mr. Jackson told him that he is unbelievably talented!  Steven Tyler said that he “Phillip Phillips-ed it”, in reference to making the song sound great as his own!

A so-so sound seemed to spew from Hollie, tonight!  Miss Cavanaugh sang Honestly, and it honestly was not her best effort!  Steven assessed that Hollie was pitchy, while Jennifer said that she should be consistent with nailing notes.  Randy concurred with J.Lo, as Hollie did express that it had been a tough week for her.

This season’s comic, Heejun Han, brought us My Life.  He was playful in interaction with the crowd and judges at his start.  Jennifer told Heejun that it was not his best performance, yet she did like it.  Steven was glad that Heejun “took the piss out of the song” (?) !  Randy likely agreed that Heejun was not at top-level, as he did state that there were some vocal problems.

Little cutie Jessica sang Everybody Has A Dream!  She had a smooth tone, and she was nice to watch.  Jessica presented a smooth, bellowing entrance, and she belted out her strength at the song’s strong notes.  She was very consistent with her presentation of smooth high tones and melody!

The actual judges agreed, as they all gave Jessica a standing ovation!  Steven thanked Jessica for letting him her her singing.  Jennifer told Jessica that the song was written for her!  Randy was pleased, telling Jessica that she has a moment every time that she performs!

A piano-playing Colton brought Piano Man to the show!  As well, he had a suprisingly alluring voice, which was very nice!  Each of the judges was pleased, also! 

Jennifer commented first, telling Colton that he sings with feeling, and that he did a great job!  Steven followed, expressing that he was stunned by Colton’s vocal cord choice.  Randy was impressed, stating that Colton gave “a sensitive, touching, moving performance”!

The results will be shown tomorrow night!  Colton, Erika, Joshua, and Phillip are among my favorites.  Yet, we will have to wait for the results to see who survives!  The singing has been great, and there is more to come!

American Idol 2012 Top 10 Performances



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Things That Go BUMP in Wisconsin!

March 19, 2012 at 11:01 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, human life issues, science and technology, social opinion, web gossip)

I suppose that it would be disturbing, if you are walking about, minding your business, when sudden sounds of clapping, popping, and rattling are heard.  Surely, it is all the more disturbing when the noises seem to come from out of nowhere!   Well, this is what some people within the northern U.S.A. are experiencing!

It is the town of Clintonville, Wisconsin from where strange and possibly scary sounds have emanated!  At least for the past week, citizens and town workers have reported hearing the creepy clatters clanging metals, the frightful fizzling of firecrackers, and the terrorizing thunder of tediously thumping tubes.  No one can say what exactly it is that is being heard, yet they all agree that something is being heard!

It all seems to have begun this past Sunday night.  These Wisconsin residents were hearing these strange and possibly scary noises, which have continued into today.  The northeastern area of Clintonville is particularly where the sounds have been the most apparent, as the noises have lead to vibrations which have lead to the shifting of objects within homes, and the shaking of the entire homes, themselves!

Citizens want to get logical answers, having sought assistance from area professionals, The United States Geological Survey, and even military officials.  Town workers have explored local manholes, while making reviews for any disturbed natural gases, or any other natural factors which might be experiencing unsettling.  However, NO reasonable explanations have been made!

Returning to some 180 miles to the northeast of the Wisconsin Capital City, Madison, the usually quiet town of Clintonville is confused about the roots of these riddling reverberations.  Local residents are admittedly stirred up by the strange slams and smacks, as sensible explanations continue to be sought.  That is why reasonable citizens sought logical explanations from local and government officials.

Yet, the noises continue!  Barbaroo is another location which actually joins a scattering of Wisconsin towns and villages which have claimed that unusual, possibly creepy sounds have been heard.  Brooklyn, Wisconsin is where three different portals are supposedly located, where spirits of Native Americans travel between the natural world and the netherworld.  Bong Park and Brown Lake, Wisconsin are where the alleged sounds and sights of U.F.O.s have been reported.  Burlington, Wisconsin is  where people claim to have heard the sounds and voices of spirits.

I did not realize that Wisconsin was one of the locations where spiritually creepy and scary activities were/are occurring!  I suppose that there are many places where people can find, or can present alleged instances of activities by forces from beyond what is acknowledged as reality.  Yet, Wisconsin is presenting at least thirty posts of paranormal activities which are happening continuously throughout The Badger State!

U.F.O. Portal Over Burlington, Wisconsin


UFO approaches and deploys tractor beam

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Escaping Racism Still Involves Pain

March 17, 2012 at 7:17 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

This did NOT need to happen!  This young man DID NOT deserve to DIE!  It is very difficult to get beyond the sensations, the mixtures of sadness, rage, and disgust, when contemplating what occurred.  It is hard not to point fingers, not to call out people with judgments and opinions, after initial reviews of the situation.

All of this happened on the evening of February 26, within the metropolitan area of Sanford, Florida.  A seventeen year-old young man named Treyvon Martin had gone to a neighborhood convenient store.  Treyvon left the store after buying a bag of Skittles, and a can of iced tea.

As Treyvon walked home, a man named George Zimmerman was watching him.  Zimmerman is the self-designated neighborhood watch leader of the Miami Gardens area, within Sanford, Florida.  Records report that Zimmerman made a call to 9-1-1, reporting that a suspicious character was within the neighborhood, and that he was disturbed because of recent break-ins that had occurred, recently.  Zimmerman reported to the telephone dispatcher that the person could have been on drugs, and that he was “up to no good”!

Zimmerman continued with commentary to the 9-1-1 dispatcher.  He described the character as wearing sweatpants and a hooded top, along with possibly carrying something by hand.  After describing what he saw to the 9-1-1 operator, Zimmerman saw the young man run off, and he opted to follow the boy.

Zimmerman took on his role as neighborhood watchman, leaving his home to confront whom he had sized-up as a neighborhood violator.  The 9-1-1 dispatcher told him not to leave his home, likely for his own safety, and suggesting that police would be to the area, soon.  Yet, Zimmerman did leave his home, and what happened next was recorded by 9-1-1 operators.

A few calls were made to the emergency dispatch station, where reports were made of someone having been shot.  A report to 9-1-1 told of two men wrestling on a backyard porch, as one of the men cried for help.  The caller to 9-1-1 told the dispatcher that one of the men had been shot, and that he appeared to be dead!

Several other calls were made, and they told of a teen male who was walking a dog when he was approached by an armed assailant.  One caller stated that screams for help could be heard just before the explosion of a gunshot, followed by a still silence.  Another call told of wrestling that seemed to be happening before a gunshot went off, followed by an extended, mute moment.  The callers did express that Treyvon Martin had died!

Zimmerman remained at the scene, holding a flashlight, and admitting to having shot Treyvon Martin.  When police arrived to assess the situation, they did not arrest Zimmerman, allegedly due to his having “a squeaky-clean record”!  However, records show that he was arrested during 2005 for resisting arrest, for actions of violence, and for battery of a law-enforcement officer!

Benjamin Crump, and attorney for the Martin family, has reported that legal officials are reviewing the details of what occurred that evening.  Their assessments will decide as to whether or not Zimmerman will be arrested, and if any charges will be filed against him.  Crump believes that what happened now has been placed within a cover-up situation, and that The Sanford Police Department needs to have a thorough overhaul!

Prior complaints had been made about George Zimmerman.  He has been cited by his neighborhood homeowners’ association for inappropriate approaches onto residents, and using tactics that exceed his designation as the neighborhood watchman.  Suggestions have arisen that Zimmerman has used his position, self-assigned, or otherwise, to make false claims against African-Americans, an issue that has expanded to the level of treatment upon African-Americans by The Sanford Police Department.

Treyvon Martin



calla animated Gif   calla animated Gif   calla animated Gif

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Clooneys Stand For Sudanese Rights, Human Rights!

March 17, 2012 at 12:27 AM (current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

Washington, D.C. was where a politicized public protest occurred today.  Human rights leaders, religious speakers, and members of government all gathered to continue speaking out about the inhumanity that is currently occurring within Sudan.  This African nation is making international headlines because of the ongoing torment and torture of it’s people.

It was during the 1990’s when the situation of excessive public torment within Sudan became publicized, generally and globally.  Internal fighting within this nation has occurred for centuries, though major civil strife began during the mid 1950’s, while continuing into today.  A second major civil war began during 1983, which lead to the division of the nation into Sudan and South Sudan.

Sudan prime is making continued news because of the ongoing internal strife that it is experiencing.  The nation’s President, Omar al-Bashir, faces charges by The International Criminal Court, which is formally indicting him as a war criminal.  President al-Bashir and Sudanese Defense Minister Abdelrahim Mohamed Hussein are being depicted as the leaders of an ethnic cleansing process.  This tragedy is the focal point of an extensive civil war that has been identified as between Christians of South Sudan and Muslims of Sudan prime.

United States cinematic celebrity George Clooney has presented himself as a spokesperson against the torture that is occurring within this area of Africa.  Clooney has been outspoken in attempts to publicize the internal torture of Sudanese people, focusing on the harrowing cruelty being inflicted upon children.  As images are being presented to the public of Sudanese children being dismembered by bombs and bullets, Clooney made public statements outside of the Sudanese embassy at Washington, D.C..

The violence within Sudan has been occurring for decades, while attracting full global attention during the 1990’s.  At that point the government faction called The National Islamic Front took control of the nation.   This group proceeded to dictate over Sudan, while leading multitudes of abusive and violent actions against the nation’s population.  The increasing issues of cruelty lead to reports of slavery and genocide, prompting world leaders to take actions for stopping what has been happening.

George Clooney has expressed that The United States should be concerned about what is happening within Sudan because of oil.  Major deposits of oil are located within South Sudan, and the leaders of Sudan want to claim these deposits.  Sudan prime is where the oil refineries are located, which are needed to purify the oil for sale and shipment to the rest of the world.  Yet, as the actual oil is within South Sudan, both nations, controlled by separate ethnic factions, are in the midst of feuding for whom will be able to claim the deposits as their own.

Clooney met with President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton, after presenting testimony to The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  It was this past Wednesday when the actor and activist spoke to government officials about the levels of torture and cruelty occurring within Sudan, as babies and children are being slaughtered, while many world nations continue to communicate to this nation for oil negotiations.

Earlier today (Friday), George Clooney and his father, Nick Clooney, were arrested outside of the Sudanese embassy building at Washington, D.C..  In more of a public statement that was meant to shed light on an ongoing situation of torment than a criminal action, the Clooneys spoke of their recent journey to Sudan.  While on this trip, the men witnessed bombs being dropped from airplanes onto people, along with children being dismembered and scorched by these attacks.  George Clooney’s public protest outside of the Sudanese embassy lead to his arrest because he was cited for the disorderly crossing of a police line!

George Clooney, Nick Clooney, Jim Moran

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/nick-clooney…arrested-washington-d-c,2817,2388350,00.asp

Map of Sudan

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Pondering First Contact

March 14, 2012 at 12:03 AM (astronomy topics, curious research, extraterrestrial studies, historic review, human life issues, late night studies, science and technology, social opinion, web gossip)

I just finished watching a program on The Science Channel; an episode of Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman.  This show was particularly interesting because it focused on the idea of first contact with sentient extraterrestrial life.  The title of this episode was “Will We Survive First Contact?”.

Surely, that is an intriguing question, considering the depth of the subject.  Think of the idea of our species, our planet, finally and legitimately connecting with a race of sentient beings that are not of this Earth.  What would they look like?  How would they sound?  What would they be thinking when they came to the realization of our existence?  Would they be friends, or would they be foes?

Scientific input brings forth the recogniztion of the possibility of sentient extraterrestrial life through the use of The Drake Equation.   Dr. Frank Drake created a mathematic equation to present an estimate of how many worlds throughout space could exist, while having the ability to communicate with us.  Dr. Drake concluded that roughly 10,000 civilizations possibly could exist within our own Milky Way Galaxy.

Dr. Drake’s equations have been included within the works of S.E.T.I..  This organization is dedicated to finding sentient life that exists beyond our Planet Earth.  It works with a series of telescopes across North America, which are used to detect signals from regions beyond our solar system.  The SETI Institute itself is located at Mountain View, California.

Certainly, it would be difficult to come to terms with the idea of connecting with a race of beings from another world.  The truth is that we can not cooperate with one another as members of the same species, living on the same planet.  It must be concluded that any manner of attempted connection with someone, something, from another world eventually would involve some levels of strife.  Yet, once all of the madness settled, and the fact that there is life beyond Earth is recognized, how would we proceed to cope with such an unfamiliar horizon?

If we found these beings to be friendly, how long would it be before we exposed the infamous dark side of our human nature?  What levels of lesser humanity would we present to these beings, and for how long would we continue with this action?  If we found that we are able to exploit them because of some levels of superiority that we possess, would we do it?  If our actions lead to the initiation of a negative response from the other beings, would we attempt to make amends before creating an enemy like none other?

These questions could go on and on, as I find this to be such an intensely fascinating subject. I will record the program the next time that it airs, while doing some more online research about the topic.  If I get the enthusiasm, I likely will put together another blog entry that is related to the details that I find. Meanwhile, there are several websites with information about this topic!

alien extraterrestrial life ufo ufos first contact

SEE THESE SITES!!!…earth-contact-for-aliens/…1225929498742

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Words Can Work the World!

March 10, 2012 at 9:01 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, human life issues, movie reviews, music and entertainment, social opinion, web gossip)

The movie trips are not as frequent as always, but a good evening outing at the theater does occur every so often.  It was this past Friday when we did make it to our favorite cinema, seeing an anticipated film that featured a current-day comedy king.  I did find the film to be very funny!

Eddie Murphy made a return to the big screen, starring as Jack McCall in the film A Thousand Words!  The film starts at the end of the story, with Jack lying flat, and his mouth taped shut.  We are flashed back to see where Jack was a successful business executive, with a wife who is pregnant.

Jack is at a Starbucks when he finds out that his wife, Caroline (Kerry Washington), is about to give birth!  Jack, however, wound up attending a counseling session for soon-to-be-fathers, then he proceeded to work!

Jack finds himself frustrated at work, and he leaves in the middle of a business meeting.  He attends a meeting of spiritual guru Dr. Sinja (Cliff Curtis), and Jack wants to be his agent.  He falls into an alleged spiritual outburst, and he has Dr. Sinja to take him away into healing water!  Now that he has the spiritual leader’s attention, Jack goes onto make a deal with Dr. Sinja to gain profits!

Later, Jack heads to the nursing home where his ailing mother, Annie (Ruby Dee), resides.  She is suffering from increasing levels of dementia, and she does not recognize Jack.  She continuously refers to her son as Raymond, his now deceased father to whom Jack resembles.  He is understandably disturbed by his mother’s condition.

Jack returns home, where Caroline is excited about upgrading their home.  She wants to make improvements, as she does not want to raise their son in the current setting that does not meet her approval.  Yet, while they are talking, a tree miraculously sprouts in their backyard!  Jack did not see the tree suddenly sprout from the ground, and he thinks that someone sent it to him.

The next day, Jack talks with his business assistant, Aaron (Clark Duke) about a five-page book that he received from a business associate.  It was a copy of a writing that Jack had started, and he was not pleased at the minimal output.  His anger becomes apparent, as they observe that the tree has a branch with no leaves when Jack expresses his anger.

Jack speaks with this spiritual leader, and the man observes what is happening with the tree.  He suggests that Jack could be the cause of the tree’s leaf-shedding, as the leaves fall when Jack talks!  He suggests that Jack be quiet until he can figure out how to resolve the strange situation!

The next day, Jack sees that talking to himself can cause leaves to fall.  He proceeds quietly out of his house, going to a Starbucks.  On the way, a blind man asks Jack whether or not it is alright to cross a busy street, and he interprets Jack’s mumbling as yes!  He amazingly makes it across the street, yet car crashes have occurred!

Jack makes it to work, where his muteness is misinterpreted by co-workers.  He has to meet with a French business leader, and he fumbles through signals while dealing with this man that speaks little English.  Jack later goes with his assistant to a meeting at a restaurant, where he has the assistant to speak to make deals.

Jack has to go to his son’s nursery school, and he winds up having to participate in an activity with the children.  A day care associate presses him to sing a nursery song with the kids, which causes leaves to fall!  He does make it home, yet Jack gets into an argument with Caroline, as she misinterprets his silence as some kind of growing problem between them.  They argue, and leaves fall!

Jack returns to Dr. Sinja for help, but he has no cure, yet.  The doctor again suggests that Jack cease random chatter, which gets difficult at work.  His co-worker, Samantha (Allison Janney), is frustrated by Jack’s silence, as they are trying to work through deals which need Jack’s input.  He tries creative ways of making expressions and gestures, while having his business assistant to keep doing the major talking!

Jack later proceeds to a hotel meeting, also attended by Caroline.  They have a suite at the hotel, and the couple spends the night there.  During the evening, they attempt engaging in romance, and Jack is continuously silent.  Caroline is angry because Jack will not talk dirty to her!  She wants him to tell her that he loves her, but Jack is silent.  Caroline is sad and angry, then Jack attempts showing her what is happening to him.  She misunderstands his gestures, and Caroline kicks Jack out of the hotel room!

Jack rushes to a business lunch with associates (including Jane Lynch), where he has to negotiate without speaking.  He makes continuously silly gestures, which disturb his co-workers, and anger his boss.  Jack winds up being dismissed from the office because his negotiation ends badly!

Jack tries explaining what is happening to his business assistant.  He takes the assistant to the tree, having the young man to watch it.  Jack speaks, and leaves fall.  They try to see if having Jack to say good things is any help, yet leaves continue to fall!

Jack winds up reflecting upon his youth, recognizing that his current adult state was becoming similar to the lifestyle of his father.  Jack never saw his dad as being there for him, a possible situation with him and his current family.  At this time, Caroline has decided to leave him, taking their son with her!

Now desperate for help, Jack seeks the man who told him about the tree.  He is told that he must find the truth of his life, and that he must settle all unresolved issues within his life.  He is told that words often are meaningless, and that his actions need to display the truth of what he means to express.

Jack winds up getting drunk because he does not know what to do, and the leaves keep falling.  He gets help from his office assistant, and he gets into a mode of talkative frustration.  The assistant and Jack begin to fight because Jack will not shut up, and the assistant knows that Jack must be quiet!  He ends up knocking Jack out, and Jack is unconscious for several hours!

Jack awakens the next day, seeing that the tree has only a few leaves left.  He tries with futility to water the tree, as a butterfly appears.  This encourages Jack to go to Caroline, where he expresses his love for her and their son. He has decided truly to change for the better, as only a few leaves remain.

Jack proceeds to his mother’s nursing home, where she shows some recognition of him, and she expresses her pride of her son.  His mother says that Jack is showing so much anger because he is keeping in the distress that he felt after his father left them during his childhood.  This encourages Jack to go to his father’s grave, where he imagines that his child self is talking to him as an adult.  The conversation includes happiness and sadness, leading to a point where Jack has to forgive his dad for the hurt that he experienced as a boy.

The images stop, and Jack collapses.  He awakens, and he sees that all of the leaves have fallen from the tree.  Jack contacts Aaron to find out that the assistant has been promoted at work.  Then, he leaves to be with his wife and son, as Caroline finds that a new tree has been planted. Jack takes Caroline and their son to a new home that he bought for all of them, at which time he and Caroline hear their son say his first word, “grow”!


Next week, 21 Jump Street will hit theaters, bringing the eighties television hit to the big screen!  The following week will have the premiere of the suspenseful 4:44 Last Day On Earth, a tale of apocalypse featuring Willem Dafoe.  The end of March will include Halle Berry in Dark Tide, and the IMAX feature   Wrath of the Titans!

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