Student and Teacher Sexual Misconduct Common, Yet Clouded

March 6, 2012 at 1:33 AM (childcare and child protection, current news, human life issues, legal issues, social opinion, web gossip)

It seems to be so unfortunately common that stories like this one are reported.  The frequency of this kind of activity almost places it at a point of casual concern, as it seems that nothing really is happening to prevent these things.  Yet, alas, another story has made national news, regarding the raunchy relations between a teacher and a child-student.

A teacher out of James Enochs High School, of Modesto, California, began a bond with one of his female students, which grew into something more.  The girl, Jordan Powers, entered this campus during her freshman year, where she got acquainted with Mr. James Hooker (yes, Hooker…).  Their story is that they were close friends until after Powers graduated.

Hooker states that he has not done anything illegal.  He was merely a friend to Powers when she was a student.  After she graduated, Hooker resigned from his position as a teacher.  He claims to have begun an official relationship with Powers, after his resignation.

Powers still was a high school student.  She dropped out of school, however, claiming that she means to do independent studies (?), and to graduate at the time that she is supposed to graduate.  Yet, despite not being a student, and with her employment status not currently stated, Powers has proceeded into a stronger lust with her former teacher. 

The eighteen-year-old Powers says that she loves Hooker.  Their story became national news when it was presented on Good Morning America, last week.  At that point, all news watchers became aware of this story, with many people appalled at what had happened.  Hooker and Powers did wait until she turned eighteen to delve into deeper relations, as he currently plans to divorce his wife, to leave his family (yes, he is married…with three children…), and to continue the rank and likely randy romance with his young treat.

Some reports have stated that romances between teachers and students are not uncommon. A study that took place during the 1990’s revealed that roughly fifteen percent of students between the eighth and eleventh grades had been sexually harassed by educational staff.  The age differences, which can range from vaguely casual to extremely contrary, do create problems that can be used to suggest lustful coersion, and even molestation, by the teacher!

Further public statements have proceeded to announce that sexual relations between students and teachers are heavily discouraged, and that such actions should be publicly reported.  Several reports have been presented, with many over the past few decades that tell of how teachers have been caught for inappropriate actions and sexual exploitations of underaged students. An investigation between 2001 and 2005 revealed that 2,570 teachers had their credentials examined, temporarily ceased, or altogether denied due to charges of sexually illicit activities with students.  The State of Texas alone has had over sixty cases of teachers at high school and middle school levels who have been fired from their jobs over charges of sexual misconduct with students, and with youths.

James Hooker and Jordan Powers

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