Idol Singers Tried Hanging Wit’ Stevie and Whitney!

March 8, 2012 at 1:03 AM (current news, human life issues, music and entertainment, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

I did sit down to catch tonight’s episode of American Idol, looking at and listening to the top thirteen singers. They had the challenge of singing songs by two of The United States’ top rhythm and blues artists, with the ladies taking on Whitney Houston, and the gentlemen presenting Stevie Wonder.  There were some ups, and there were some downs!

Mary J. Blige is the guest coach and judge this week!  I think that she is good enough to have the capacity for rating these singers, as she has been at the top of her realm, and she is not new to the music scene.  I have been enjoying her music since the early 1990’s, with many of her songs sticking with me at deeply personal levels.  I do love me some Mary!

Anyhow; back to Idol!  I thought that only a few of the female singers had what it takes to present the sound needed for the songs of Whitney Houston.  Yet, the guys were alright with Stevie Wonder.  Joshua started with I Wish, and Elise was the first young lady, singing I’m Your Baby Tonight.  She actually sounded alright.

The second set was Jermaine and Erika.  He sang Knocks Me Off My Feet, and She sang Miracle!  Though Jermaine fared well, it seemed as if Erika’s song choice ate her up!  The judges were cautiously kind to her, but Steven even told Erica that the song may have been too big!  See Jermaine here!

Deandre sang Master Blaster, and his sound was great!  Randy gave him a good comparison to Maxwell,  saying that he had the singer’s rhythm with a perfect voice!  Deandre’s sound had Jenny blushing!

Skylar sang Where Do Broken Hearts Go, and he sounded good!  I think that probably is a hard song for actual singers to attempt, yet Skylar kept a steady pace, while displaying range.  Jennifer found Skylar to be the definition of composure, while Steven said that he was a thing of beauty.  Randy felt that Skylar proved that she can sing any song!

All Is Fair In Love came through Heejun!  It seemed as if it could have been a big song for Heejun, as he seemed as if he was pushing his sound, somewhat.  Yet, Mary J. Blige called his performance beautiful!  Randy told this contesting crooner that his sound was not perfect, but it was really good!  Jenny was still around the block, caught in the moment when Heejun was hugging her!

A return to Whitney gave the audience All The Man That I Need from Hollie!  It did sound as if she was not capable of reaching the iconic Whitney Houston high notes, and that she almost was monotone.  However, Judge Randy told Hollie that she nailed it, as Jennifer stated that Hollie would make it to the finals, and Steven agreed with her!

A male sound returned, as Jeremy sang Ribbon In The Sky!  This is a fantastic song, and it seemed as if Jeremy was struggling with it.  Some parts may have been too high for his voice!

Randy seemed to be the only judge that was honest with Jeremy, telling him that it was not his best sound. He even told Jeremy that he lacked swagger!  Yet, Jennifer told him that he was beautiful, while Steven told him that he had a velvety voice (huh…).  Mr. Tyler did admit that Jeremy didn’t fly like he usually does…..

Several viewers agree that Jessica is the contestant to beat, and the judges seemed to agree!  After she sang I Will Always Love You, each judge gave her a standing ovation!  I will agree that her voice is terrific, though she did miss some of the high notes.  It was a Whitney Houston song, and she did give it a good shot!

Randy told Jessica that she is the voice to beat for the night, being one of the best of the contest!  Jennifer told her that she was amazing and beautiful!  Steven smoothly slipped in that Jessica could be the one, and that “she just made forty million people cry”!

Phillip Phillips closed the evening’s singing with Superstition!  Personally, I was just about ready to leave, as I did not think that Phillip had a sound to connect with that song.  However, the actual judges gave Phillips seemingly mixed reviews.  Steven told Phillip that his singing was “just the way you are”.  Jennifer gave him the cryptic assessment of “you killed it”.  Randy said that Phillip reinterpreted the song!  Now, those comments definitely had swinging doors!  Judge for yourself, watching Phillip here!

Well, the results are to be presented tomorrow evening.  There are thirteen contestants tonight, and they might be cutting half of them?  I believe that I heard more than two will be eliminated!  If interested, tune into tomorrow night’s concert to find out who will catch the door!



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