Words Can Work the World!

March 10, 2012 at 9:01 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, human life issues, movie reviews, music and entertainment, social opinion, web gossip)

The movie trips are not as frequent as always, but a good evening outing at the theater does occur every so often.  It was this past Friday when we did make it to our favorite cinema, seeing an anticipated film that featured a current-day comedy king.  I did find the film to be very funny!

Eddie Murphy made a return to the big screen, starring as Jack McCall in the film A Thousand Words!  The film starts at the end of the story, with Jack lying flat, and his mouth taped shut.  We are flashed back to see where Jack was a successful business executive, with a wife who is pregnant.

Jack is at a Starbucks when he finds out that his wife, Caroline (Kerry Washington), is about to give birth!  Jack, however, wound up attending a counseling session for soon-to-be-fathers, then he proceeded to work!

Jack finds himself frustrated at work, and he leaves in the middle of a business meeting.  He attends a meeting of spiritual guru Dr. Sinja (Cliff Curtis), and Jack wants to be his agent.  He falls into an alleged spiritual outburst, and he has Dr. Sinja to take him away into healing water!  Now that he has the spiritual leader’s attention, Jack goes onto make a deal with Dr. Sinja to gain profits!

Later, Jack heads to the nursing home where his ailing mother, Annie (Ruby Dee), resides.  She is suffering from increasing levels of dementia, and she does not recognize Jack.  She continuously refers to her son as Raymond, his now deceased father to whom Jack resembles.  He is understandably disturbed by his mother’s condition.

Jack returns home, where Caroline is excited about upgrading their home.  She wants to make improvements, as she does not want to raise their son in the current setting that does not meet her approval.  Yet, while they are talking, a tree miraculously sprouts in their backyard!  Jack did not see the tree suddenly sprout from the ground, and he thinks that someone sent it to him.

The next day, Jack talks with his business assistant, Aaron (Clark Duke) about a five-page book that he received from a business associate.  It was a copy of a writing that Jack had started, and he was not pleased at the minimal output.  His anger becomes apparent, as they observe that the tree has a branch with no leaves when Jack expresses his anger.

Jack speaks with this spiritual leader, and the man observes what is happening with the tree.  He suggests that Jack could be the cause of the tree’s leaf-shedding, as the leaves fall when Jack talks!  He suggests that Jack be quiet until he can figure out how to resolve the strange situation!

The next day, Jack sees that talking to himself can cause leaves to fall.  He proceeds quietly out of his house, going to a Starbucks.  On the way, a blind man asks Jack whether or not it is alright to cross a busy street, and he interprets Jack’s mumbling as yes!  He amazingly makes it across the street, yet car crashes have occurred!

Jack makes it to work, where his muteness is misinterpreted by co-workers.  He has to meet with a French business leader, and he fumbles through signals while dealing with this man that speaks little English.  Jack later goes with his assistant to a meeting at a restaurant, where he has the assistant to speak to make deals.

Jack has to go to his son’s nursery school, and he winds up having to participate in an activity with the children.  A day care associate presses him to sing a nursery song with the kids, which causes leaves to fall!  He does make it home, yet Jack gets into an argument with Caroline, as she misinterprets his silence as some kind of growing problem between them.  They argue, and leaves fall!

Jack returns to Dr. Sinja for help, but he has no cure, yet.  The doctor again suggests that Jack cease random chatter, which gets difficult at work.  His co-worker, Samantha (Allison Janney), is frustrated by Jack’s silence, as they are trying to work through deals which need Jack’s input.  He tries creative ways of making expressions and gestures, while having his business assistant to keep doing the major talking!

Jack later proceeds to a hotel meeting, also attended by Caroline.  They have a suite at the hotel, and the couple spends the night there.  During the evening, they attempt engaging in romance, and Jack is continuously silent.  Caroline is angry because Jack will not talk dirty to her!  She wants him to tell her that he loves her, but Jack is silent.  Caroline is sad and angry, then Jack attempts showing her what is happening to him.  She misunderstands his gestures, and Caroline kicks Jack out of the hotel room!

Jack rushes to a business lunch with associates (including Jane Lynch), where he has to negotiate without speaking.  He makes continuously silly gestures, which disturb his co-workers, and anger his boss.  Jack winds up being dismissed from the office because his negotiation ends badly!

Jack tries explaining what is happening to his business assistant.  He takes the assistant to the tree, having the young man to watch it.  Jack speaks, and leaves fall.  They try to see if having Jack to say good things is any help, yet leaves continue to fall!

Jack winds up reflecting upon his youth, recognizing that his current adult state was becoming similar to the lifestyle of his father.  Jack never saw his dad as being there for him, a possible situation with him and his current family.  At this time, Caroline has decided to leave him, taking their son with her!

Now desperate for help, Jack seeks the man who told him about the tree.  He is told that he must find the truth of his life, and that he must settle all unresolved issues within his life.  He is told that words often are meaningless, and that his actions need to display the truth of what he means to express.

Jack winds up getting drunk because he does not know what to do, and the leaves keep falling.  He gets help from his office assistant, and he gets into a mode of talkative frustration.  The assistant and Jack begin to fight because Jack will not shut up, and the assistant knows that Jack must be quiet!  He ends up knocking Jack out, and Jack is unconscious for several hours!

Jack awakens the next day, seeing that the tree has only a few leaves left.  He tries with futility to water the tree, as a butterfly appears.  This encourages Jack to go to Caroline, where he expresses his love for her and their son. He has decided truly to change for the better, as only a few leaves remain.

Jack proceeds to his mother’s nursing home, where she shows some recognition of him, and she expresses her pride of her son.  His mother says that Jack is showing so much anger because he is keeping in the distress that he felt after his father left them during his childhood.  This encourages Jack to go to his father’s grave, where he imagines that his child self is talking to him as an adult.  The conversation includes happiness and sadness, leading to a point where Jack has to forgive his dad for the hurt that he experienced as a boy.

The images stop, and Jack collapses.  He awakens, and he sees that all of the leaves have fallen from the tree.  Jack contacts Aaron to find out that the assistant has been promoted at work.  Then, he leaves to be with his wife and son, as Caroline finds that a new tree has been planted. Jack takes Caroline and their son to a new home that he bought for all of them, at which time he and Caroline hear their son say his first word, “grow”!


Next week, 21 Jump Street will hit theaters, bringing the eighties television hit to the big screen!  The following week will have the premiere of the suspenseful 4:44 Last Day On Earth, a tale of apocalypse featuring Willem Dafoe.  The end of March will include Halle Berry in Dark Tide, and the IMAX feature   Wrath of the Titans!

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