Things That Go BUMP in Wisconsin!

March 19, 2012 at 11:01 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, human life issues, science and technology, social opinion, web gossip)

I suppose that it would be disturbing, if you are walking about, minding your business, when sudden sounds of clapping, popping, and rattling are heard.  Surely, it is all the more disturbing when the noises seem to come from out of nowhere!   Well, this is what some people within the northern U.S.A. are experiencing!

It is the town of Clintonville, Wisconsin from where strange and possibly scary sounds have emanated!  At least for the past week, citizens and town workers have reported hearing the creepy clatters clanging metals, the frightful fizzling of firecrackers, and the terrorizing thunder of tediously thumping tubes.  No one can say what exactly it is that is being heard, yet they all agree that something is being heard!

It all seems to have begun this past Sunday night.  These Wisconsin residents were hearing these strange and possibly scary noises, which have continued into today.  The northeastern area of Clintonville is particularly where the sounds have been the most apparent, as the noises have lead to vibrations which have lead to the shifting of objects within homes, and the shaking of the entire homes, themselves!

Citizens want to get logical answers, having sought assistance from area professionals, The United States Geological Survey, and even military officials.  Town workers have explored local manholes, while making reviews for any disturbed natural gases, or any other natural factors which might be experiencing unsettling.  However, NO reasonable explanations have been made!

Returning to some 180 miles to the northeast of the Wisconsin Capital City, Madison, the usually quiet town of Clintonville is confused about the roots of these riddling reverberations.  Local residents are admittedly stirred up by the strange slams and smacks, as sensible explanations continue to be sought.  That is why reasonable citizens sought logical explanations from local and government officials.

Yet, the noises continue!  Barbaroo is another location which actually joins a scattering of Wisconsin towns and villages which have claimed that unusual, possibly creepy sounds have been heard.  Brooklyn, Wisconsin is where three different portals are supposedly located, where spirits of Native Americans travel between the natural world and the netherworld.  Bong Park and Brown Lake, Wisconsin are where the alleged sounds and sights of U.F.O.s have been reported.  Burlington, Wisconsin is  where people claim to have heard the sounds and voices of spirits.

I did not realize that Wisconsin was one of the locations where spiritually creepy and scary activities were/are occurring!  I suppose that there are many places where people can find, or can present alleged instances of activities by forces from beyond what is acknowledged as reality.  Yet, Wisconsin is presenting at least thirty posts of paranormal activities which are happening continuously throughout The Badger State!

U.F.O. Portal Over Burlington, Wisconsin


UFO approaches and deploys tractor beam

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