The Idols Jam With Joel!

March 21, 2012 at 11:52 PM (current news, human life issues, music and entertainment, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

The American Idol contestants brought the sound tonight with the music of Billy Joel!  It was all the more pleasing because they had Sean P-Diddy Combs as their musical mentor!  Plus, Tommy Hilfiger was the evening’s style analyst!  WOW!!!

I wound up missing the show during Skylar’s performance!  Damn it!!!  I did not see her on stage, singing Shameless, and I missed her review at the end of the show!  Well, I will find out whether or not she was successful, watching the show tomorrow.

I did start by listening to DeAndre, who sang Only The Good Die Young.  It was a decent performance from DeAndre, though he did sound a tad bland!  Steven Tyler told him that he sounded “too happy” at first, yet Jennifer Lopez said that DeAndre brought a great show start with an “island-y feel”!  Randy agreed with her, but he did not see anything overly special!

New York State of Mind came out of Erika Van Pelt!  She had piano accompaniment, which added appeal to her sound.  While Randy thought that Erika sounded nice, J. Lo wanted more feeling out of her.  Jenny did feel that Erika had beautiful vocals.  Steven agreed with her, saying that Erika was outstanding!

A powerful, gospel-like sound was emitted from Joshua, as he sang She’s Got A Way!  He was accompanied by a background choir, which made his performance all the more entertaining.  Jennifer agreed, telling Joshua that she loved his voice.  Steven did not know the song, but he felt that Joshua put life into it. Randy had advice for him, telling Joshua to take the lyrics and make them his own!

I mentioned that I wound up stepping out on Skylar’s performance of Shameless, and I do not know the song.  Yet, I did pick up at Elise singing Vienna, which sounded lovely!  J. Lo agreed, telling Elise that  her sound was “so beautiful”!  Randy felt that she was “absolutely talented”, and her run at the end of the song rocked the house!

Guitar accompaniment added flavor to Phillip’s selection of Moving Out!  His voice seemed rough, yet that might have been a part of the song.  Ms. Lopez loved his agression, as Mr. Jackson told him that he is unbelievably talented!  Steven Tyler said that he “Phillip Phillips-ed it”, in reference to making the song sound great as his own!

A so-so sound seemed to spew from Hollie, tonight!  Miss Cavanaugh sang Honestly, and it honestly was not her best effort!  Steven assessed that Hollie was pitchy, while Jennifer said that she should be consistent with nailing notes.  Randy concurred with J.Lo, as Hollie did express that it had been a tough week for her.

This season’s comic, Heejun Han, brought us My Life.  He was playful in interaction with the crowd and judges at his start.  Jennifer told Heejun that it was not his best performance, yet she did like it.  Steven was glad that Heejun “took the piss out of the song” (?) !  Randy likely agreed that Heejun was not at top-level, as he did state that there were some vocal problems.

Little cutie Jessica sang Everybody Has A Dream!  She had a smooth tone, and she was nice to watch.  Jessica presented a smooth, bellowing entrance, and she belted out her strength at the song’s strong notes.  She was very consistent with her presentation of smooth high tones and melody!

The actual judges agreed, as they all gave Jessica a standing ovation!  Steven thanked Jessica for letting him her her singing.  Jennifer told Jessica that the song was written for her!  Randy was pleased, telling Jessica that she has a moment every time that she performs!

A piano-playing Colton brought Piano Man to the show!  As well, he had a suprisingly alluring voice, which was very nice!  Each of the judges was pleased, also! 

Jennifer commented first, telling Colton that he sings with feeling, and that he did a great job!  Steven followed, expressing that he was stunned by Colton’s vocal cord choice.  Randy was impressed, stating that Colton gave “a sensitive, touching, moving performance”!

The results will be shown tomorrow night!  Colton, Erika, Joshua, and Phillip are among my favorites.  Yet, we will have to wait for the results to see who survives!  The singing has been great, and there is more to come!

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