Hungry For High and Heavy Excitement!

March 24, 2012 at 1:37 AM (childcare and child protection, comic book characters, curious research, current news, human life issues, movie reviews, music and entertainment, social opinion, web gossip)

Being a science-fiction fantatic, I can say that I had been looking forward to seeing The Hunger Games for several weeks!  Several of the reviews of the film were seen on The Internet, and I had spoken with people whom were familiar with the first story, along with the rest of  the Suzanne Collins trilogy.  After all of the preliminary promotion, I was ready to watch this movie!

Entering a futuristic setting, we are shown a society that faces constant punishment and terror.  Families are forced to offer their children between the ages of twelve and eighteen for sacrifice, as a part of a government-enforced tradition.  Citizens are forced to comply out of fear of incarceration, or worse.

We are introduced to Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), and her younger sister, Primrose (Willow Shields), as they are hiding from an aerial vehicle above them.  The girls are in a wooded area, dreaming of escape from their current lives.  Both girls discussed the upcoming Hunger Games, which the youths of their times feared.

A whistle blows, summoning all young girls into public view.  As Katniss and Prim exited their home, Prim was demanded to give a sample of blood for identification.  The society’s leader emerges, ranting of prior times that were filled with war and bloodshed, then speaking of a newly-born society of so-called success.  She formally opened The Hunger Games, where one boy and one girl are chosen to battle until death for the representation of their home districts!

Stunningly, Prim’s name was the first one called!  However, Katniss volunteered to take her sister’s place.  Additionally, Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) was called to be the male contestant.  Katniss proceeded to console Prim, then she prepared to enter this contest.

Katniss and Peeta are taken with the other competitors into a dining room.  Then, the group boards a train, along with the leader of The Games.  Haymitch Abernathy (Woody Harrelson) introduces himself as their mentor, telling the group that he will help them.  Kat watches the conversation, and she hears Abernathy talking of the likelihood of living or dying through the games!

Kat was told that she needs to get sponsors for herself in order to have a chance of succeeding while in the games.  She is told that this will make people like her, as popularity will help her to do well.  The train reaches a crowded station, where the contestants exited to prepare for further reviews.

Kat is accompanied by Peeta into a dining chamber with all of the contestants, called tributes, from each district.  A media spectacle began, and President Snow (Donald Southerland) was introduced.  He made announcements, then he officially opened The Hunger Games!

The mistress of ceremonies leads all of the contestants to their quarters.  They all are shown the living facilities, then they are taken to the training areas.  There, the contestants are told that most of them will die from heat exposure, infections, or knife wounds.  Kat and Peeta proceed to dinner with the high mistress.  Something occurred which angered Peeta, and he left the dinner.  Kat left to follow Peeta, and they entered a training room.

At the start of the next day, the contestants were lead into the start of their four-day training.  Kat helped Peeta when he began to look bad in front of the others.  Abernathy spoke to them, then Kat was summoned to compete.  She began with archery, as her first shot was a dud!  While the crowd laughed at her, Kat nailed her second shot, but no one saw it!  So, she shot an apple out of a dinner pig’s mouth, which was at the table of the mistress, which lead her to be lectured by the announcer, but to receive praise from Abernathy!

As the contest continued, Peeta got good scores, yet Kat got the highest scores.  The next day began, and Kat was presented as the first contestant.  She was prepared to be interviewed, as the other contestants from each district followed.  Kat found herself playing to the audience to gain their appeal, as she wore a flaming-red gown.  She was asked about whether or not Primrose had come to say goodbye to her!

Peter was interviewed next, and he spoke about a girl for whom he had affection.  This girl was revealed to be Kat, which angered her.  She showed that she was upset with Peeta, yet Abernathy rebuked her for publicly displaying anger.  Kat apologized, proceeded with the talks, but her thoughts remained on protecting her sister, Primrose.

Later, Abernathy advised Kat on competing to save her life.  Kat then went to have a tracker implanted beneath her skin, as she was taken with the other contestants back into the games.  Before she entered, Kat received a secret pin-on device, also.

Kat and Peeta entered a tube system, and they joined the others on the fields for the first rounds of the games.  They all raced and battled each other, in what was a lethal knife fight to gain supplies.  Their knives, along with machetes and swords, were used upon one another, as Kat was able to pause for a moment for a drink!

Cannons boomed to announce which of the contestants, the tributes, had been killed.  Kat proceeded to make arrows and darts, while doing what was needed to keep herself safe and isolated.  She took a brief nap, but she was awakened by screams.  An announcement had been made that thirteen contestants had been eliminated, killed, already!

Kat found herself advancing at a surprisingly quick rate.   She napped again, yet she awoke to the sight of a flaming forest.  Officials had been sent to kill her by fire!  Kat ran, quickly reaching a river, and the others saw her.  They raced toward Kat, as they had teamed against her!  She climbed tree, and contestant Cato (Alexander Ludwig) lead the others after her.  As they meant to kill Kat, Peeta stopped them, suggesting that they kill her later.

That night, Kat found safety in a tree.  She received a secretly delivered capsule of treatment ointment for her wounds.  She, and the others, did get sleep, yet Kat was awakened with a message.  She was encouraged to drop a wasps’ nest onto the others as they slept!  So, Kat did cut a hornets’ hive from a tree, dropping it onto the other contestants, which gave her an advantage!

Kat found herself disoriented as she took a bow shot from another contestant.  This caused her to hallucinate, and she fell back for an extended time.  A young contestant was able to find her, telling Kat that she had slept for two days!

The other contestants have a casing of supplies by a lake.  Kat and Prim worked together, using a sound-signal system to elude the other contestants.  Kat lured three of the others away from their base to gain more advantage, as she was able to use arrows to get hold of apples that set off bombs at her adversaries’ supply base!

Kat used her advantages with birds to find where her sister had been trapped.  She found the location, yet she learned that her sister had been killed by arrows that were meant to kill Kat.  She proceeded to bury her sister, showing a public salute to the viewing audience for her sister’s death.  This incited riots!

The public fought with guards, as Abernathy debated on how to deal with Kat.  President Snow (Donald Sutherland) spoke about Kat as an underdog of the competition, and he announced a change within the competiton.  President Snow declared that there could be two champions, as long as they came from the same district!

Kat proceeded to find Peeta, who was injured.  She rescued him, taking him to safety while she searched for medicine.  Some others left a container of supplies for Kat, while she sought after her sister.  Peter meant to accompany Kat at night.

Another announcement was made, stating that there would be supplies delivered to the contestants in another shipment.  Yet, this was exposed as a trap, as the shippers were being filmed with deadly tools to be used on the contestants!  Katress did not go to receive these supplies, yet she did go to one of the three remaining supply cases which had been placed before, and were safe.  However, Kat did have to fight another contestant to claim the case!

Kat was nearly killed, yet a male contestant came to her rescue.  He killed her attacker, and Kat returned to help Peeta.  She treated his wounds, as they found themselves believing that they were the only two left alive.  Yet, Kat heard the cannon, and she saw that Peeta was being followed.  Both of them escaped, as cameras were on them!

Nightfall arrived, as Kat and Peeta heard sounds of the contest’s announcer, saying that another contestant had been killed.  Kat and Peeta proceeded into night, and Peeta was attacked by a dog-like beast!  More of the creatures emerged, chasing both of them!  It was when another contestant appeared that these beasts were killed, yet the contestant almost killed Kat and Peeta.

As the only two left, Kat and Peeta nearly battled one another to the end.  She showed herself to be stronger than Peeta, almost killing him.  However, Kat refused to kill Peeta, so another entered the arena, wounding Peeta, and having him tossed to a pack of attacking dogs!

As Kat and Peeta were the final contestants, an announcement was made.  It declared that only one of them could be the winner.  Kat made the choice to fight to decide which of them would emerge as the winner, yet they were interrupted by Abernathy.  He announced that they both were the winners, and Abernathy was made to kill himself for this decision!  Someone had to die!

Kat and Peeta from District 12 had won The Hunger Games!  They returned to their homes. Yet, Kat now knows that she is being watched by political leaders because of her disruption of the games.  It is believed that when they separate, officials will come in search of both of them!

Dark Tide, Goon, Mirror Mirror, and Wrath of The Titans all open next week!  April brings ATM, Bad AssThe Cabin in the Woods, Chimpanzee, The Hunter, Marley, The Three Stooges, To The Arctic, and Woman Thou Art Loosed On The Seventh DayMovies to see, movies to see!

SEE THESE SITES!!!–Hunger-Games-sequel-already-in-the-works.html



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