It’s Gettin’ Freaky in France!

March 26, 2012 at 7:53 PM (current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

I could not help but to laugh after reading these details.  Are they serious?  I suppose so, but I did not know that such a charge could be issued, seriously, or could be taken seriously!

A lot has been mentioned and printed about Dominic Strauss-Kahn over the past several months.  It was during May of 2011 when the former head of The International Monetary Fund was displayed publicly for allegations of sexual misconduct within The Hotel Sofitel New York.  A maid within the facility accused Strauss-Kahn, publicly known as DSK, of attempted rape, and criminal charges were filed.

A court hearing occurred, and Strauss-Kahn wound up being charged with sexual misconduct.  Yet, the charges were dismissed because of an alleged lack of solid evidence.  DSK later went on, admitting that he did have a sexual encounter with a hotel maid, yet that it was a willing act, and that no manners of violence happened.

He did wind up being indicted for these charges!  Strauss-Kahn posted bail at one million dollars, and he was put under house arrest.  Yet, the case against him was dismissed because of a lack of credibility by the accuser, the female housekeeper whom accused Strauss-Kahn of touching her improperly.  He did later make a public admission to an inappropriate encounter with the housekeeper, yet he stressed that there was no violence, and that it was a consensual act!

Those charges were dismissed during August, 2011.  The maid was formally portrayed as an untrustful liar, likely seeking fame and fortune from allegations that were untrue.  However, DSK resigned his position as head of The International Monetary Fund, while focusing on a possible run for President of France during their 2012 election.

However!  New evidence arose, and additional charges were filed onto Strauss-Kahn.  It was during February when he was arrested by French police, and he was questioned for possible participation within a prostitution ring!  That event was added to the expanding allegations against Strauss-Kahn, which has been given the label The Carlton Affair by French media!

Supposedly, DSK has had suites within several French luxury hotels, where he has been involved with prostitutes coming and going!  The Carlton, a New York luxury hotel in Manhattan, is another location within The United States where illicit actions by the former IMF Head occurred, yet the charges being filed focus only on what supposedly happened with the maid at The Sofitel New York.

Murmurs of a conspiracy against Strauss-Kahn have made it into the public media pulse.  The former IMF leader stated that French President Nicolas Sarkozy was leading a conspiracy which involved having Strauss-Kahn charged with false rape charges!  This supposedly was occurring as an attempt by Sarkozy to further discredit Strauss-Khan, who also plans to run for President of France during 2012, representing The French Socialist Party!

As DSK’s political plans move forward, public opinions about him and his actions are spreading.  Students at Cambridge University have held protest rallies, speaking against the French leader.  It was at The Cambridge Union Society where students made public declarations of disapproval toward Strauss-Kahn for his actions, the seemingly blithe manner in which they have been dismissed, and his future political aspirations.

 Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Dominic Strauss-Kahn


SEE THESE SITES!!!…of-controversy-25452.html…/strauss-kahn-charged…prostitution-ring

Graffiti of Strauss-Kahn (Creative Commons)

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