March 30, 2012 at 4:54 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

It does not stop.  If it is not this, then it is that, and it is not just within The United States.  Idiocy, malice, unconcern, and just complete rudeness continue to run rampantly as the world revolves!

This most recent hate crime occurred within Chile.  This Pacific-coastal nation of South America is a common tourist location for foreign visitors, as it attracted a young man from The United States named Daniel Zamudio. 

This twenty-four year-old young man was a Chilean by birth, having entered our world during 1987.  He was born in San Bernardo, Chile, una ciudad que está al sur del capital, Santiago.  As a youth, Daniel lived within the Santiago suburb of San Bernardo, growing up to recognize himself as homosexual. Yet, it was not until Daniel turned seventeen that he came out to the public. It was said that he had a decent relationship with all of his family, except his father, who was unwilling to accept his son as a homosexual, as he attributed many of what he saw as Daniel’s flaws to his sexuality

 Daniel moved to live with his father, after his parents separated, and he completed his public education within The United States.  It was at the age of seventeen when Daniel accepted his sexuality, publicly coming out as a gay male.  This was not acceptable to Daniel’s father, who was not tolerant of his son’s sexual identity, while attributing many of Daniel’s negative attributes to his being gay.   At that point, Daniel moved to Chile with his grandmother and mother.

He proceeded with living as a gay male, while being active within LBGT activities.  Friday, March 2 was when Daniel went to work in the morning, and he never came home.  Daniel was supposed to join a friend after work, and he planned to be out late.   He was gone throughout the weekend, and his parents officially reported him as missing that Sunday.  Daniel was recognized to be a person whom had been admitted to El Hospital Posta Central de Santiago on Saturday, March 3. 

As  police investigators were able to identify this patient as Daniel Zamudio, he was badly bruised and unconscious.  The assault onto Daniel forced him into a coma, and medical officials worked toward his recovery.  Yet, treatments were ultimately to no avail, as March 27 arrived, and Daniel died from his injuries.

Daniel Zamudio died because of a hate crime.  He was attacked by small-minded, poorly educated, hooligans who found nothing more to do with their possibly pointless lives other than to attack those whom may have seemed weaker than themselves.   Their lack of comprehension of the differences within their surrounding world, and their incapability to accept that all people are not the same, lead them to commit actions of ignorance and idiocy.  These actions ultimately lead to an heinous crime and to an horrific death.  

Daniel Zamudio was murdered by a group of Neo-Nazi bigots.  The three men whom killed Zamudio, none of them above age twenty-five, all have been incarcerated within Chilean penetentiary facilities.  Chilean President Sebastián Piñera spoke publicly about the incident, stating that hate crimes, and such levels of discrimination within Chile, will not be tolerated.  The United Nations is working currently to have Chile stengthen it’s laws on discrimination and hate crimes.

Daniel Zamudio

SEE THESE SITES!!!…for-hate-crimes-law…on-gay-man,0,1422715.story?track=rss

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We Are ONE!

   Do Not Forget Earth Hour!!! 



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