Examining Earth’s Evil Twin!

April 29, 2012 at 11:31 PM (astronomy topics, climate studies, curious research, extraterrestrial studies, science and technology)

From initial and arbitrary glances, it may indeed seem as if Venus is the twin sister planet to Earth.  Both worlds are about the same sizes.  They are in the generally same region of the solar system.  Yet, the truth is that may be where all similarities end.  She is a bad girl!

As the second orbiting world from The Sun, Venus is at an average of sixty-seven million miles away from our host star.  It is the closest planet to our Earth.  This planet’s proximity, and it’s heavy cloud covering, allow it to operate as a reflective object.  Sunlight that glistens upon Venus shines off of the world, making it appear as a star in the night sky.

Some scientists speculate that Venus harbored life during it’s early ages.  Whereas this world currently can have temperatures that reach up to 400° Fahrenheit, there are some speculations that depict Venus as being a much cooler planet.  Studies are occurring currently, through the use of The Venus Express space orbiter.  These examinations are attempting to show that Venus was once a world that held liquid water.

It was roughly four billion years ago when the worlds of our solar system cooled to assume their current states of being.  It is at that time when astronomers and exobiologists are speculating that Venus was a world that harbored some forms of life.  It is being suggested that this world was a more temperate place that even may have had water, which allowed for spme existence of prehistoric life forms.

Of course, this kind of life likely was microbial, and possibly some forms of plants.  This thought stems from the suggestion that an early Venus was more Earth-like.  It is speculated that Venus did have water in it’s early history.  Water is the prime conduit for the creation and proliferation of life, as we recognize it, and an early Venus may have used it’s water to jumpstart initial forms of primitive organisms.

Any water that may have existed on Venus was boiled off of the planet very early in it’s history.  This left the planet barren, and it thickened the world’s atmosphere.  The increased pressure of the Venusian atmosphere lead to the world’s current state of runaway greenhouse effect.  Now, the planet has a primarily carbon dioxide atmosphere, with an average surface temperature at roughly 900º Fahrenheit!

The atmospheric pressure on Venus is roughly 13,230 pounds per square inch.  This is not a place where living things currently could stand up and move about, let alone live.  Furthermore, the heat exerted by The Sun, interacting with Venus’ atmospheric pressure, is hot enough to melt lead!

So, if Venus is to be called Earth’s twin, then she is the evil twin.  NOTHING can survive there, under the current conditions on the world.  The cold truth about this excessively hot planet is that it’s true beauty may be only viewing it from an excessive distance, as it glistens in the night skies!


Images of the surface of Venus from Soviet Venera Space Probes.



animated venus

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Quoth Catigula, I’ll See More!

April 28, 2012 at 12:41 AM (childcare and child protection, curious research, current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, movie reviews, social opinion, web gossip)

This evening came with the selection of two enjoyable movies!  The first one was a movie to which I had been looking forward, as I wanted to view how this updated presentation would turn out!  The second film was one that I would not have been in a hurry to watch, yet it did turn out to be surprisingly entertaining.  Let me get to these summaries.

Our evening outing begin with this 2012 rendition of The Raven.  This version relays a story of the last days of reknowned author Edgar Allan Poe.  It starts on October 7, 1849, as Poe (John Cusack) was found near death at his Baltimore home.  A woman had been found murdered, dangling outside, as the killer escaped through the chimney!

Poe writes poetry for the local newspaper.  He lives an unchecked life, drinking at night, and fighting constantly.  Poe ends up investigating a murder where the killer escaped, mysteriously.  Investigating leads him to stumble upon mysterious clues about how the killing happened.

His social life has Poe in a situation where he would like to date a young lady,  However, her father does not approve of him.  Meanwhile, murders continue, as one man is found in a basement, bound and gagged.  The incident is reported publicly, and it seems to mirror writings of Poe’s.   

As murders continue, a Baltimore detective named Emmett Fields (Luke Evans) gets involved with the investigations.  His findings at the crime scenes lead him to recognize that the killings are similar to the details in the writings of Poe.  Fields announces that a serial killer is loose within the Baltimore area, and he turns to Poe to find any clues within the author’s works that will help with catching the criminal.

Meanwhile, Poe is in the process of having his later works published.  He is having them printed within the local newspaper, The Baltimore Patriot.  There, the editor wants Poe to resume writing the horrific fantasies of his glory days.  However, as Poe is recovering from the death of his first wife, he now is more into the efforts of trying to marry his new love, Emily (Alice Eve), while trying to reclaim his place as a prime author.

Poe finds himself slipping in and out of depression.  He has problems because Emily’s father has scorn for him, not wanting his daughter to be involved with a poor man.  Yet, Poe will not allow himself to be recognized publicly as poor, as he proclaims himself as a well-to-do gentleman, successful due to his literary works. 

It is a curious situation where Poe has a pet racoon named Karl.  Karl has a fetish for feasting upon human hearts.  Poe gets hearts that are stolen by an associate whom works at an area mortuary, then he takes them home as food for Karl. 

Meanwhile, killings are continuing.  A rival writer of Poe’s is kidnapped, and it is recognized that he was killed by the murder named Ivan (Sam Hazeldine).  A critic of Poe’s writings is killed as well, and it is seen that the murder is based on Poe’s work, The Pit and The Pendulum.  This action frightens Poe, as he turns to Detective Fields to assist with capturing the murderer.

Both men trace clues that lead them to a woman named Emily (Alice Eve).  Emily winds up being tracked by the killer, and eventually kidnapped.  She was gagged, chloroformed, then buried within a casket.  Upon awakening, Emily is able to escape the casket, but the killer captures her, again. 

This time, Emily is buried beneath the home of the killer.  Unbeknownst to Poe and investigators, the killer is Ivan, who is the typesetter for Poe’s literary works.  It is when he and Poe come to a final confrontation, Ivan is revealed as the murderer, and as Emily’s abductor. 

Poe is in the process of writing his famed work The Tell-Tale Heart, when he finds that Emily is buried beneath the cellar floor of the very building in which he has spent time.  Poe digs Emily out of the floor, and police arrive to take her to a hospital.  Poe admits his love for her, and a strange man approaches him.

At this point,  Poe has been poisoned.  He is able to talk to the approaching stranger, who knows that Poe is a famous author.  The stranger is Inspector Fields (Luke Evans), who watches as Poe collapses.  He has Poe taken to a hospital, where he dies.  Yet, details obtained from Poe lead Fields to realize that the killer is Ivan.  Fields travels to Paris, chasing Ivan, who has traveled to France to kill author Jules Verne.  Fields is able to locate Ivan as he is entering a cab, and he shoots Ivan to death!




Safe was the second movie that we saw!  Luke Wright (Jason Statham) no longer works for The C.I.A., and he is training to be a sport fighter.  He has been going through extensive practices and preparati0ns, getting ready to punch through a fight that has already been pre-rigged by Russian mafia bosses!

Chinese Triads have aligned with Russian mafia bosses, all of whom are after a young girl named Mei (Catherine Chan).  Mei has the ability to memorize numbers of great sizes at will.  The Russian mob bosses want Mei to recall numbers that will allow them to get into a safe, acquiring great amounts of money.  They are vicious in their handlings of Mei, murdering people in front of her to show that they have no mercy!

After having taken Mei from her school in China, the Russian gangsters travel to New York City.  There, they mean to have Mei recall the access numbers to a safe that has extreme amounts of money.  However, Luke, who now has stopped sport fighting due to losing a contest rigged in his favor, has begun wandering the streets of New York City.  He sees that Mei is being chased by the gangsters, who mean to kill her because she knows too much about their activities!

Luke is able to rescue Mei before the gangsters reach her.  Yet, he finds that his new task is to protect her from the heavily-armed Russian mob bosses before they can find Mei.  In the midst of protecting her, Luke finds himself in the midst of a Russian mafia drug war.  Luke has to protect himself, as well as Mei, while doing what is the safest thing to do in order to return her to her Chinese family.

Safe Poster

The Avengers premieres next week!  Black Widow, Captain AmericaHawkeyeThe Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Nick Fury, and Thor unite to create the team of power heroes. Their task is to stop criminals, lead by the supervillain Loki, from creating a situation of devastation around the planet!

As always, more great films are on the way!  The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel opens next week, also, along with Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore in LOL, plus Kathy Bates and Kate Hudson in A Little Bit of Heaven!  May 11 has Johnny Depp and Michelle Pheiffer in Dark Shadows.  The following week presents Battleship and What to Expect When You’re Expecting.  The rest of May includes The Dictator and Men in Black III!

Projectors GIF Animation

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As Six Remain, It Is Joshua’s Door That Glistens!

April 25, 2012 at 11:48 PM (current news, music and entertainment, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

As this season is winding down, these singers are finding that they have to sing it like they want to win it!  That was the general sensation expressed from the stage of American Idol, this evening.  The contestants indeed gave some of their better vocal performances, while presenting the songs of the durable and delivering rock band Queen in round one, then singing songs of their own chosing for the second round!

The show began with a group singing.  The Idol contestants shared the stage with Queen, singing some of the band’s hit songs.  Another One Bites The Dust, We Will Rock You, and We Are the Champions were presented in mini-form form by the celebrated singers before the show started!

Round One began with Jessica, as she sang Bohemian Rhapsody!  She was very lovely, with a surprisingly consistent sound and melody.  Steven Tyler commented first, telling Jessica that he loved her voice!  Jennifer Lopez, however, was disappointed by her lack of rock-styled performance.  Randy loved her voice, suggesting that Jessica should channel Tina Turner!

Skylar followed second, singing The Show Must Go On!  It seemed to have a somewhat immature sound, at first.  It seemed as if she was screaming, and that the song was too big for her voice!

However, the actual judges were please with Skylar’s sound!  Steven told her that she went over the top, and that she displayed beautiful pitch!  Jennifer “got goosies” from hearing Skylar, and Randy felt that it was Skylar’s best performance, thus far!

A consistently powerful sound was presented by Joshua!  He sang Crazy Little Thing Called Love.  He gave the usually energetic presentation that is expected from him.  Joshua seemed to blend well with background guitar melody, and his vocals were very strong!

The judges gave Joshua a standing ovation!  Randy compared him to a young Wilson Pickett, saying that he is “so ready”!  J. Lo admitted that Joshua is her favorite part of the show, while Steven told Joshua that he has a classic style that had the audience dancing!

The sounds of cymbals joined with the voice of Elise, as she sang I Want It All!  Her sound was highly energetic, as she had Jennifer clapping to the beat!  As Steven commented that Elise was over the top (a good thing…), Randy felt that her performance was unbelievable and one of her best.

A party performance and crowd-pleaser emerged from Phillip, who sang Fat Bottomed Girls!  It might have been dangerous for Phillip, as the sound of the band may have drowned out his sound.  Yet, the judges had mixed opinions.  Steven thought that Phillip made a great song choice (after some comment he (Steven) made about J. Lo’s ass…), while Jennifer was pleased that Phillip was displaying different sides of his singing capacity.  Randy liked Phillip’s song choice, but he said that he did not love it!

Hollie gave Save Me (I Can’t Face This Life Alone).  It was not an overly impressive song, though she did look nice, wearing a red pant suit.  Judge Tyler told Hollie that she did a good job, giving a strong melody.  However, Jennifer noted that Hollie went off-melody during mid-song.  Randy was not pleased, saying that she did not give the audience “a winning moment”!

The second round allowed the contestants to sing songs of their choosing.  Jessica started with the beautiful song Dance With My Father, by Luther Vandross.  She gave what I felt was a pure and strong sound, which was very lovely!

Jennifer was impressed, also!  She told Jessica that it may have been the best performance of that sound outside of Luther Vandross, himself (…a possibly over-the-top comment, but it was nice).  Steven pumped her up more, telling Jessica that she had a voice that “kind of touches on Whitney”!  Randy was amazed with her talent, telling Jessica that  she is a natural!

A guitar-playing Skylar returned with Tattoos On This Town!  The song by Jason Aldean was given with a “ginormous sound”, as stated Randy!  Jennifer felt that Skylar was comfortable, and that she slayed the song. Steven missed some of her flair, but he did enjoy the performance.

The power sounds from Joshua came next, when he sang the lovely Ready For Love, by India.Arie!  This is a very lovely song, which I adore, and I was very pleased to hear out of him!  Each of the judges was highly impressed with Joshua’s singing also, as they gave him a standing ovation! 

Randy told Joshua that he gave another unbelievable performance!  He felt that it was “crazy good”, and that Joshua sings beyond his years!  Jennifer was caught in the moment, giving Joshua an “mmph”!  Steven told him that he could smell Joshua nearing the finish line!  He had fellow contestant Skylar ranting on him out of faux-jealousy because he got another standing ovation!

The essence of Jimi Hendrix came through Elise, as she sang Bold As Love for her second selection!  I did not know the song, but it seemed that Elise put a little pizazz to the sound of it!  Two of the judges all concurred with that sentiment, with Jennifer saying that it was good with the song,and Steven liking the sound, too!  Yet, Tyler was not happy that Elise sang a song which was somewhat unfamiliar to the contemporary audience.  Randy felt that it was not the right song for Elise, commenting about how she over-sang it!


A guitar-playing Phillip graced the stage, after being teased by his fellow contestants.  Yet, with the accompaniment of saxophone and violin sounds, Mr. Phillips sang The Stone Lyrics (I Will Go Alone), by Dave Matthews  Band!  Steven was highly entertained, telling him that his performance was off-the-wall!  J. Lo was unsure about Phillip’s song choice because it was such an obscure song.  Yet, Randy disagreed with her, saying that he loved the sounds of the saxophone and violin with the singing!


Hollie concluded the evening, as she presented her sound of Miley CyrusThe Climb!  Her voice was very strong, as she had violin background, too.  It was a confident performance that earned a standing ovation!  Randy felt that Hollie was back (she did not know that she had left…), Jennifer thought that her singing was perfect, and Steven simply stated that Hollie sang beautifully!


The results will be tomorrow night!  The season is nearing it’s end, and the numbers are narrowing.  One will be voted off, leaving five others heading toward the finale.  It seems to be Joshua’s to win, yet it is the votes that will have the final say!





American Idol

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When A Teacher’s Fed Up!

April 23, 2012 at 9:41 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

I am sure that there are several teachers who may have pondered the thought of presenting a gun in the faces of their absolutely adorable students, then pulling the trigger to release a random spread.  Everybody has a bad day, even our highly dedicated and devoted deliverers of public education.  The vast majority of public school teachers do have the good sense to subdue their bad moods, and any possibly adverse notions that they might harbor about their students, so that they can proceed with the noble task of teaching our children.  However, as with anything, there are bad apples, every now and then.

We go to Abindon, Virginia, where one teacher apparently had enough of the madness.  The reports do not say that the children were unruly, yet anyone whom has been within an average classroom knows the story.   This particular incident occurred when a vocational high school teacher apparently had taken too much terrorizing from his collection of likely calamitous class subjects. 

During last week, Manuel Dillow, age 60,  taught a welding elective class at William H. Neff Center for Science and Technology, a technical and vocational school at Abingdon, Virginia.  The reports did not delve into what the setting was like at the time of the incident.  Yet, reports were released that told of Dillow having retrieved a handgun from his belongings, then firing blanks upon his students!  It was said that he fired multiple shots after having arranged the students up in a seeming firing squad line!

There were twelve students in the class.  Dillow reportedly called the attention of his students, then he left the shop room.  It was upon returning to his class that Dillow was able to get his students into a line.  He pulled the gun on them, and he fired roughly ten blank shots in the general direction of the kids. The reports do not say it, yet I am sure that many of them ran out of the class, possibly out of the building, screaming!

It did not say what may have occurred to have incited this unexpected and unthinkable action from Dillow.  Surely, there is nothing that would provoke such an action from a responsible and dedicated educator.  Yet, this particular teacher had reached his limit, and something within him snapped to a point that allowed him to move into such an horrifying movement.  Dillon was able to borrow the weapon from a fellow educator who teaches criminal justice, then take it back to his class. 

Now, legal officials of Abingdon, Virginia have arrested and placed criminal charges upon Dillow.  He has been charged with publicly brandishing a firearm without provocation while in a public facility.  There are twelve charges, each of which is a class six felony.  It is possible that Dillow can receive five years of jail time, and he can be fine up to $2,500.

Again, the vast majority of teachers are noble and dedicated individuals.  They obviously have high levels of tolerance, allowing them to put up with any and all manners of hullaballoo from the often out-of-control school child.  The actions of this Manuel Dillow should not be used to incite judgements upon and actions against the general public school system, which is dedicated overwhelmingly to providing the highest levels of education to enrolled students.  It is, however, another revelation of the times in which we live, and a reminder that guards need not be dropped, as anything could happen these days!

Manuel Dillow











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Fine Fun and Fascination With Films This Week!

April 21, 2012 at 1:44 AM (animal activism, childcare and child protection, curious research, environmental issues, human life issues, legal issues, movie reviews, music and entertainment, social opinion, web gossip)

This evening’s theatrical features were fabulous!  I had been anticipating our first film eagerly, and I was excited about seeing the second one, also.  I was glad to have gotten out to the movies, with both of them having been placed on the list of need-to-see / must-see for the season!

Our first film was the highly awaited Chimpanzee!  This actually is a very fascinating film, narrated by Tim Allen, which highlights the life of a chimpanzee living within the jungles of Ivory Coast.  A male chimpanzee is born to the mother of a thriving troupe, and he is named Oscar.  The introduction displays Oscar learning to forage and to move throughout his jungle home.  He is a growing member of this group, lead by the alpha male, Freddy.

By the time Oscar reaches the age of three, his troupe is attacked by a rival troupe of chimpanzees.  The leader of the enemies is called Scar, and he leads a brutal battle, as several are killed, including Oscar’s mother.  Afterward, a remarkable event that has never been witnessed before occurs.  Oscar finds himself adopted by Freddie.

Oscar follows Freddie’s lead, he is taught how to forage and to defend himself.  He joins with Freddy, who directs this group of chimpanzees in attacking other troupes, as well as raiding the territories of monkeys.  The chimpanzees are seen as predatory raiders, attacking other chimps, and other mammals, then killing them to be used as food. 

Freddy’s troupe reaches an apex battle point, where they have to fight against their immediate rivals.  These chimpanzees are lead by their alpha male, called Scar.  Oscar watches as the enemies approach, and he seeks the shelter of Freddy.  A brutal battle occurs, yet Freddy’s troupe wins the fight! 

During following months, this chimpanzee troupe foreages for nuts within a nearby forest area.  These animals have been able to settle within this territory, despite adversity from outside invaders.  Oscar has managed to find a secure home with Scar as his gaurdian and teacher, as a promising future seems possible for a this young chimpanzee!


We went to see Think Like A Man, second!  This movie begins with the recollections of a group of friends, focusing on the supposed entrance to manhood by Dominic (Michael Ealy).  He is known as The Dreamer, as his friends each have their so-called monikers.  Ezekiel (Romany Malco) is The Player, Michael (Terrence Jenkins) is The Mama’s Boy, and Cedric (Kevin Hart) is The Happy Non-Divider!

Cedric is recently separated from his wife.  He goes out with his fellas one evening, and they happen to catch a talk show hosted by Vicki (Sherri Shepherd), which has author Steve Harvey as a guest.  It is on the show that Harvey gets the attention of the cast, while discussing his love life.  The show’s topics catch the attention of Cedric, as well as those of the women in his life.

Cedric is planning to file for divorce from his wife.  He is in a book store when he happens upon the girl who was his high school crush.  She is Kristen (Gabrielle Union), and Ced talks with her while they are out during the afternoon.  He learns that Kristen is in an unhappy relationship to a guy with whom she has had children.

Ced returns to his boys, as they continue to talk about dating women.  The topic of conflicting interests arises, as Ced mentions that Kristen has children, and dating women with children is a no-no!  Kristen is bothered as well, and she seeks advice from actor/author Steve Harvey, who has written an advisory novel called Act Like A Woman, Think Like A Man!

Think Like a Man

The end of the month has  The Pirates:  Band of Misfits and The Raven.  May brings the excitement of  A Little Bit of Heaven, The Avengers, Battleship, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Dark Shadows, Death of A Superhero, The DictatorHysteria, Men in Black III, and What to Expect When You’re Expecting.  June will have Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire HunterMadagascar 3:  Europe’s Most Wanted, Madea’s Witness Protection, Magic MikePrometheus, Rock Of Ages, and That’s My BoyLet’s go to the movies!

Animated Gif Cinema (9)              Animated Gif Cinema (9)

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Idol Winding Down With Some Top-Tier Sounds!

April 19, 2012 at 12:03 AM (current news, human life issues, music and entertainment, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

They are gittin’ down to the git-down!  American Idol was exciting this evening, as the seven remaining contestants pressed forth to present performances which they meant to show proof that they want to win!  It was an attention-capturing concert, with each singer releasing sounds that were intended to excite an eager and ready crowd! 

Hollie opened round one of this evening’s show with Rolling in the Deep, by Adele!  I thought that she gave a nice introduction, and that she did have a good sound.  Yet, she possibly could have been too soft with the song.

Steven Tyler commented first, saying that Hollie was perfect and beautiful!  Jennifer Lopez was excited, as she told Hollie that it was what they were waiting to hear!  Randy called her sound close to perfect and well done, yet she was slightly pitchy! 

Her second performance was Son Of A Preacher Man, by Dusty Springfield!  She released a very strong sound, which captured all whom listened!  Although she may have seemed nervous at first, Steven Tyler told Hollie to let go!

Colton Dixon performed second!  He brought a presentation of Bad Romance, by Lady Gaga!  Colton had a steady sound, which lead Randy to tell him that he was in the zone with a song well-done!  Jennifer was excited, and she felt that Colton displayed character.  Steven simply stated that Colton did really well!

September, a classic jam by Earth, Wind & Fire, was sung as Colton’s second song!  He put a smooth touch to his effort, playing the piano, and slowing the tune!  Yet, the judges were not fully impressed, with Jennifer telling Colton that he sounded good, but it was not his best performance.  Randy agreed with her!

The vocal talents of Alicia Keys came through Elise, as she sang No One for her first song tonight!  It was a steady sound, with Jennifer stating that Elise was natural and beautiful.  Steven told Elise that she sang her tooshie off!!  Randy thought it was very good, as Elise stayed with the melody!


She bravely attempted Let’s Get It On, a classic jam by the legendary Marvin Gaye!  No one was certain that Elise would have what it took to sing that song, yet she did have a seemingly decent sound.  Jennifer wanted Elise to show more, Steven expressed that she should try to take it up a notch, and Randy felt that she oversang the song!

You Got It Bad, by Usher, came as Phillip Phillip’s first song.  He had a raspy vocal presentation, which was nice.  Steven Tyler seemed to agree with that sentiment, telling Phillip that he was great.  As Randy told him that he is “a true artist”, and that he is “the bomb”, Jennifer got caught up, telling Phillip that it was sexy!

His second song was In the Midnight Hour, by Wilson Pickett.  Randy loved that Phillip showed his true singing capacity with this song.  Jennifer felt that Phillip was spontaneous, and that he came from his soul!  Steven gave an unusual assessment, telling Phillip that he was “brilliantly awkward”!   Phillip may or may not have been impressive.

A sexy sound emerged from Jessica, with Alicia KeysFallin’!  She looked hot, and her voice did capture the audience.  Each of the judges was pleased, with Randy stating that Jessica had otherworldly talent, Steven telling her that she released passion, and Jennifer was crazy over the way that Jessica plays with songs!

Try A Little Tenderness by Otis Redding came second from Jessica!   Again, she was very lovely, while displaying confidence with strong vocals!  Steven told her that she stepped out and that she has done it again!  Jennifer wanted Jessica to show a little more of her vocal strength, and Randy wanted her to connect more between her emotions and her vocal presentation.

As a guitar sound filled the background, Skylar gave the audience a country&western rendition of Born This Way!  Skylar had a very strong sound, with Jennifer loving her version of the song.  Steven told her that she gave the other girls a run for their money!  Randy liked Skylar’s crossover appeal, saying that Skylar was “beyond ready”!

Her second song was the classic I Heard It Through The Grapevine, by the legendary Marvin Gaye!  Skylar’s introduction may have been somewhat flat, yet she went into the song with energy.  She definitely connected with Randy, and Jennifer was impressed that Skylar was “spunky”!  Steven expressed that Skylar was “a wild horse that refuses to be tamed” tonight!

I Believe, a current song from former Idol champion Fantasia Barrino, was delivered through Joshua!  The way that Joshua presented himself on stage showed that he felt the song.  The judges all concurred with that sentiment, as Randy told Joshua that he is one of Idol’s most gifted singers, Jennifer told him that he was amazing, and Steven stated that Joshua could sing the phone book!

His second song was the all-time great A Change Is Gonna Come, by Sam Cooke!  Joshua had a terrific vocal delivery, which showed smoothness in conjunction with timely placed bursts of voluminous energy.  Plus, his exit from the song was dramatically delivered with savor!


The judges were highly satisfied!  Steven applauded, telling Joshua “that’s what it’s all about”!  Jennifer was excited, as she wanted to hear more of him.  Randy told Joshua that he made the perfect song choice!

The results will be seen tomorrow night!  One of the contestants will have to go!  It likely will be difficult because each of them gave tantalizing musical deliveries.  I would dare to say that Elise is in the most trouble, while Joshua seems to be at the top.  We will see what tomorrow night delivers!



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Time to Let It Go?!?!

April 18, 2012 at 8:01 PM (current news, human life issues, legal issues, music and entertainment, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

It is interesting, curious, that this topic continues to receive review by officials that extend all the way up to nationally-placed goverment authorities.  I recognize that it does need some level of review.  Yet, I have to believe that such review should have occurred already, as this particular incident is over, and the majority of society has moved forward.

It was during the halftime show at Super Bowl XXXVIII (thirty-eight…), year 2004, when a musical performance was presented by Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake.  The musical superstars teamed up for a world-viewed presentation of their hit song Rock Your Body.  It was entertaining, with a seemingly surprise ending.  As their performance concluded, it seemed that Timberlake made a sudden movement to pull clothing away from Jackson’s chest, exposing her right breast.

The display created shockwaves throughout the public audience, giving the media a hot topic to discuss for months, while providing fuel for discussion about what is and what is not appropriate for public televison.  At the time that the “wardrobe malfunction” occurred, it seemed as if Timberlake had made a sudden move to rip away clothing from Jackson’s chest area.   The action appeared accidental, or at least planned only by Timberlake, as Jackson looked to be stunned by the action.

However it happened, the now infamous “wardrobe malfunction” has created a stir of public opinion that has lasted for eight years.  Some people believe that Jackson and Timberlake planned the act as a part of their show.  Some people believe that it was an act planned by Timberlake alone, as Jackson seemed shocked by it.  Some people think that it was a sudden movement, not initially intended by either artist.

However it was meant to occur, the action did create an oscillation of public opinion.  It was discussed throughout public media for months immediately following the show.  Off and on recollections of what happened during the performance continued, with actual discussion of it going all the way to federal government levels.  During November 2011, The Federal Communications Commission almost levied a $550,000 fine against CBS for allowing the performance to be aired publicly, yet The U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals did not allow the fines to pass.   Each performer was fined $325,000 for committing the action.

What seems to be the base of the discussion is whether or not such an alleged incident is alright for viewing by a public audience.  The Super Bowl is dubbed “a family show”.  The action of having Justin Timberlake make a movement to expose Janet Jackson’s right nipple on public television created at least a sense of discomfort among the so-called family viewing audience.  There had been such a point of clamor by the occurrence that some refer to what happpened as Nipplegate!

The lingering discussion revolves around what is permissible for public viewing.  Roughly 540,000 U.S. viewers complanied to The F.C.C. about what occurred at the Super Bowl XXVIII halftime show.  Accidental, or not, the actual incident was seen as lewd, and not to be permitted for viewing during a public television broadcast.  As The Parents Television Council gave a public condemnation of the performance, national polls were taken by The Associated Press.  AP revealed that a mere eighteen percent of those whom were polled were in favor of the results by the FCC investigation.  Furthermore, lingering effects from the incident lead MTV to announce that they would not be involve with anymore NFL halftime shows!

I am a big fan of Janet Jackson’s.  I was before that Super Bowl, and I continue to follow her presentations.  I enjoy the musical works of Justin Timberlake, as well.  From my point of view, I am not seeing why such an extensive outburst is continuing about this incident, especially considering all of the lewd incidents, plus, that involve professional sports activities, that are geared toward mature audiences, and are supposed to be monitored by mature adults, anyhow.

Either way, it is certain that Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake gained more attention from the surrounding publicity.  I do not think that the careers of either artists were negatively affected by what happened at this halftime show.  I do hope that the following conversation, pointless, or otherwise, did allow for further recognition of the needs for responsibility during public activities, which needs to be expressed and absorbed especially by younger viewers.  Meanwhile, more risque displays from musical artists have been and will continue to be shown!




Rest in Peace, Dick Clark


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Tornadoes Terrorize As Their Territory Thrives!

April 16, 2012 at 5:56 PM (climate studies, curious research, current news, historic review, human life issues, science and technology, web gossip)

I know that the physical sight of this event likely is very scary, but the thought of it is pretty awesome!  A tornado by itself certainly must be a terrifying sight to the average person who means to get out of the way.  Yet, for storm chasers, and anyone with general interests in the fascinating occurrences that happen in our world, seeing a multiple tornado event has to be captivating!

It was over the weekend when central Kansas was besieged by an outbreak of thunderstorms.  The violent weather events lead to a common result during stormy weather in the central United States, the formation of a tornado.  This certain scary storm show was particularly exciting (?) because it produced several tornadic storm cells, and multi-vortex tornadoes!

A multiple vortex tornado is when an active storm system produces several conal cloud structures that drop from the sky-level storm structures, reaching the ground.  These occur mainly at the beginnings of tornado cloud formations.  They actually can happen frequently, seen as common side-effects of tornado formations.  The multiple vortices form when the main tornado structure touches the ground, and it spawns additional conal-cyclonic storm structures.

It was over the weekend, near Wichita, Kansas, when a multi-vortex tornado terrorized that area of the nation.  The reports started Saturday night, after 10 p.m..  The towns of Clearwater, El Dorado, McConnel, St. John, along with Wichita, were some of the places within Kansas that reported funnel clouds that touched down during stroms that evening.

The same storm cell produced more multiple vortex tornadoes within Oklahoma.  The towns of Cherokee, Dacoma, Waldron, and Waynoka were struck by this scary storm system before it made it’s way northward to Kansas.  Additionally, areas of Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Texas, and Wisconsin were affected by storm cells that produced tornadic activity.

This particular region of the nation is used to the outbreaks of tornadoes.  Kansas and Oklahoma, along with parts of Texas, South Dakota, and Nebraska are situated in what is known as Tornado Alley.  This region of the nation that features heavy levels of tornadic storm formation has expeanded to include the states of Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, along with portions of Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Colorado, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Florida.

Over 130 tornadoes formed, and created disastrous situations, over this past weekend.  The wide range of these storm outbreaks have lead some to refer to the area as “Tornado Field” instead of Tornado Alley!  These kinds of violent weather outbreaks are expected to intensify, as they will spread into a greater range of the nation during unstable weather formations.




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Excited By Epsilon Eridani!

April 16, 2012 at 12:14 AM (astronomy topics, curious research, extraterrestrial studies, late night studies, science and technology)

The studies of astronomers and other scientific researchers have revealed that Epsilon Eridani is the star with a planetary system that is the nearest to our solar system.   The star itself is located 10.5 light years from The Sun.  It is situated within the constellation Eridanus.  The star has a luminosity that is a mere twenty-eight percent the brightness of our Sun, and it is eighty-five percent as massive as our star.

There is a belt of dust that orbits Epsilon Eridani.  It is suspected to have been formed from the collisions of planet-sized objects, likely actual planets, that orbit the star.  The belt is suspected to have formed, and to remain in tact, due to the collisions and gravitational forces of orbiting planets and passing comets.  It is referred to as exozodiacal dust because it is situated more closely with the orbits of the system’s inner planets, similar to our solar system’s asteroid belt.

 The resulting dust belt is equal to an object that is one-sixth the mass of The Moon.  Along with dust, the belt is composed of water-ice.  There are hints that the clumps remain, and were created, due to the constant crashings between minor planets, called plutinos, that orbit the star. The presence of this dust belt adds credence to the currently recognized data that shows how planets accrete, then form into actual worlds, due to the continuous clumpings of dust particles.

This dust-belt is suspected to remain intact due to gravitational forces from the nearest planet, Epsilon Eridani b.  It is largely believed that the dust belt is of a clumpy nature because of this gravity, as well.   This is due to it being a relatively young star. It is a mere 800 million years in age, compared to The Sun, which boasts roughly 4.5 billion years of age (The Sun is a mid-life star…). 

Epsilon Eridani b is similar in size to Jupiter.  It is roughly 1.5 times as massive as our solar system’s king world.  This extrasolar planet orbits it’s host star in at a rate of 6.9 years.  Studying scientists were excited to discover that this planet has an orbit that is angularly tilted around Epsilon Eridani, just like a ring of dust that orbits that star.  This interesting observation has lead scientists to presume that the dust is the remnant material from planets that have formed around that star.

As the Epsilon Eridani system is roughly 10.5 light years, or sixty-three trillion miles, away, it is unlikely that humanity will be physically viewing it any time soon!  Yet, images from The Hubble Space Telescope, The Spitzer Space Telescope, and other instruments, are providing details about how this region of space might look to the human eye.  These research tools, which currently are in use by scientific observers, are providing intriguing images of what exists beyond our particular niche of the universe!   



F.Y.I.:  Epsilon Eridani is the home star

to Planet Vulcan of Star Trek fantasy!

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Sci-Fi Fantasy and Real-Life Fears Taken to Film!

April 14, 2012 at 2:59 AM (astronomy topics, childcare and child protection, extraterrestrial studies, human life issues, movie reviews, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

I got back to the two film Friday routine this evening, seeing movies that did capture the attention.  A few movies premiered this week, and the two that we saw did seem to be at the better end of the list!  I can say that I enjoyed each picture, being pleased upon leaving the theater!

We began with Lockout!  This science-fiction adventure starts during the year 2079.  A man called Snow (Guy Pearce) has been captured by The Secret Service.  He is being interrogated and beaten by the officials.  The officers caught Snow at a hotel where someone was killed, and he is a suspect.  They wanted to know about information that Snow had on the night that he attended a government function, and where Snow was at on the night that a government official was killed.

It is revealed that Snow was a former C.I.A. agent.  He is being questioned by Shaw (Lennie James), an C.I.A. agent who wants the details of where Snow was at on the night another agent was killed, and about the materials within a briefcase that was taken by him.  The agent goes on, telling Shaw that he is being charged with spying against The United States.

A proposal is presented to Snow, which gives him the option to gain his freedom.  He is told that he must recover a briefcase that contains government information, yet it is currently in the hands of violent criminals.  The government wants this briefcase back at all costs, and they are demanding that Snow proceed with a deadly task to capture it!

Snow reaches the low-Earth orbit jail called SuperMax Prison Planet MS:  One.  There, he finds Mace (Tim Plester), from whom he needs assistance.  He needs Mace to help with transporting the briefcase, getting it from the criminals, and having it taken back to Secret Service officials.  Snow gets a briefcase from Mace, but Snow gets arrested by Secret Service Agent Langral (Peter Stormare).

During his interrogation, Snow encounters Emily Warnock (Maggie Grace), who is the daughter of the man set to become the next United States President.  She is at the low-orbit prison to protect the rights of the inmates.  Yet, while she is there, one prisoner named Shaw (Lennie James) manages to get hold of a gun.  Shaw is able to take control of the prison by getting to the main control system, which allows him to release all of the other convicts!

Emily is taken hostage, and The U.S. President is informed of this, immediately.  Government agents get hold of Snow, telling him of the situation, and making a deal with him.  Snow is asked to infiltrate the low-orbit penetentiary to rescue Emily, and he will be made a free man upon succeeding!


Film number two was Woman Thou Art Loosed:  On the 7th Day!  David Ames (Blair Underwood) and Kari Ames (Sharon Leal) have a seemingly perfect life.  David is a successful businessman, providing happy lives for his wife, and their six-year-old daughter, Mikayla (Zoe Carter).  All seems well, as The Ames have prepared an afternoon cookout to celebrate Mikayla’s birthday.

It is that evening, as The Ames are sleeping, when someone breaks into their home.  Mikayla had awakened to go to the bathroom after a bad dream.  Without the knowledge of David and Kari, Mikayla is abducted by this intruder!

The Ames awaken in the morning, and they are desperate to find Mikayla.  They seek the assistance of Detective Barrick (Pam Grier).  While in the process of working with Detective Barrick, search parties are formed, and all needed information is retrieved from The Ames.  Now, facing the fear of what may have happened to their daughter, they learn about a suspect called MK, who has abducted and murdered children before!

Kari reveals that she has been hiding a secret past, when she was known as Mikayla.  It was then when Kari stated that she had a criminal history, she was raped by her father, and she was a  prostitute entangled with drugs.  Stunned by as story that his wife was a former dope fiend ho, David does not believe Kari.  He goes to consort with a friend about this shocking information.

Mikayla was shown, kidnapped by a seemingly demented man who was on drugs.  She tried to escape him by hitting him, but the man slapped Mikayla, and he taped her mouth shut.  Meanwhile, Detective Barrick (Pam Grier) had begun the case to find Mikayla, as she worked with The F.B.I. to open the case.

It is the next day when David works with investigators to give more information about Mikayla.  He is dismayed to learn that seventeen sex offenders live within miles of their home.  Also, David is upset that Mikayla strayed from their home, alone, after all that he believed his daughter knew about going out alone and talking to strangers.  Yet, Detective Barrick proceeds to put out postings about Mikayla, and to have other officers assigned to the case.

Kari is completely distraught, and she drives to New Orleans.  There, Kari smokes, and she gets drunk.  Yet, she sees a television ad about her missing daughter.  Kari leaves the bar, seeing something on her car’s windshield, and she turns to see a pimp slapping a prostitute.  This leads Kari into a flashback to a time when she was a whore for money, and how she longed for the better life which she thought that she has, currently.

The next morning, David asks Kari where she was at the night before.  Kari apologizes for being out all night, and they begin with heart-to-heart talking.  As he tells Kari that he does not trust her, they begin arguing, then fighting.  As they yell, Kari threatens to cut David while she is angry!

David proceeds to post missing signs for Mikayla.  He finds assistance from a former friend named Joye (Ameer Baraka).  Meanwhile, a nearby pimp is seen attacking a whore, as Detective Barrick arrives to ask about Mikayla.  She gets details, as she returns to other officers, who believe that Mikayla could be in the hands of a serial killer!

As searches for Mikayla continue, David and Kari talk.  They reveal that their anger over their missing daughter has grown, and another agent interrogates David.  He arrives at The Ames’ home, where David and Kari provide additional details about Mikayla.  While talking, this agent reveals himself to be Mikayla’s first boyfriend!

Kari and David fall into drinking binges.  Kari starts to speak with her friend Lamont (Clyde Jones), who stops her from excessive drinking.  Also, while talking to Kari, he exposes that her name used to be Mikayla, and that she had her name changed!  Lamont attempts to kiss Kari, yet she pulls away.

After five days pass, Kari’s friend Will (Nicoye Banks) takes her to an abuse center.  There, Kari encounters a woman whom she knew during her past.  More details about Kari’s days of abuse are revealed, and details about her true name not being Kari come to light. 

Kari winds up being assaulted by a perverted male who tries to strangle her.  He has a perverse plan for Kari, who manages to escape, and to tell Detective Barrick about what happened.  So, they set a trap for this man, which is meant to lead to information about finding Mikayla.  Yet, another man interferes, as this pervert ends up escaping the trap!

Six days have passed, and the search for Mikayla continues.  Police get details on one man who may know where Mikayla is located.  He is arrested, yet David gets in a punch to the man’s face, first!  Officers proceed to question this man about Mikayla, and a van is found. The arrested man is questioned about missing children, including Mikayla.  He says he knows nothing of the daughter, yet it is revealed that this man has abducted and killed children as offerings to God for mercy upon the planet!

This demented man did not have Mikayla, but David talks more with police.   He wants to go easier on Kari in this situation, as detectives spend more time studying Mikayla’s footprints.  Clues lead agents to search the former students of David, along with his teaching assistants.  Meanwhile, David gets in touch with a former student with whom he had an affair!

Kari learns of a letter written by Mikayla’s abductor.  She finds that this letter was written by Beth, a former associate of David’s, and a woman named with whom he had a romantic relationship.  After confronting David, Kari drives to Beth’s home.  She is pondering the thought given to her by Mikayla to murder Beth!

Kari ends up driving to the home of a male friend.  A point becomes momentarily intense, yet Kari leaves to return to David.  They discuss their relationship, admitting to one another that their bonds of love remain strong.  Kari proceeds to speak with her pastor for encouragement and spiritual healing.  Her talks with the minister lead Kari to work toward a better relationship with David for the sake of Mikayla.

Poster art for "Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day."

These trailers for The Avengers are looking more and more exciting!  I am ready to see the fantastic Marvel Comics adventure, premiering May 4.  Other exciting films to come include Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter,  The Amazing Spiderman, BattleshipThe Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel, Men in Black 3, Prometheus, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Ted!




I agree!  Let’s get down!!!

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