Let The Kids Play!

April 3, 2012 at 10:05 PM (childcare and child protection, curious research, current news, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

Reading about this topic was disturbing, at least, as I can see how it is happening.  Again, it could be another one of these situations where the effects will be allowed to come into play because no one is going to make any public stances against it.  Hopefully, the information is being spread, and active people are making plans to protest!

Parents from across the nation have been vocal in their efforts to denounce the plans to cut recess from the schedules of their childrens’ schooldays.  It seems that several schools are making attempts to systematically shorten the lengths of time doing things that do not involve spending time with textbooks.  The supposed reasoning is to make more time for classroom teaching and textbook learning.  Some of the rationale from school board leaders across the nation includes reducing the time spent by student that involves doing anything other than learning, as well as preparing for examinations.

One example has come from Peoria, Arizona.  There, students have been punished in the name of increasing educational intake.  The children had forgotten to bring some supplies to their classes, and the teachers opted to eliminate their recess time as a reprimand.  Also, in New Jersey, elementary-aged students were about to lose recess privileges to make time for more test preparation.  However, parents their stood against this attempt, protesting to their area board of education, while presenting signed petitions to have their childrens’ recess privileges restored.

“No recess policies” are being encouraged at several school districts across the nation.  A reasoning behind this effort is that recess reduces needed time for students to attend schools for the actual purposes of learning.  Yet, it seems that such pressure is being applied to have students achieve high scores on standardized tests, and any measures that can be applied to achieve this goal are being considered, then implemented.

Actual reports are being provided, stating that recess wastes time, which should be used for learning time, instead.  School districts from several states across the nation are choosing to remove recess time from schedules, upon the basis of creating more time for academic enhancement.  It has been stated that recess wastes time that could be, should be used to have students improving learning capabilities while in classrooms.

Yet, there are many legitimate studies that have been made, which show where recess is an important activity for school-aged children.  One professor from The University of Georgia has stated that studies are revealing where children pay more attention while in class, after having taken part in recess activities.  Also, further studies show where recess time gives young students the needed time for learning social cooperation skills, including interpersonal interaction, conversation, and group sharing.

It does seem where too much effort is being placed upon having school-aged students to do all that can be done to pass standardized tests.  One underlying goal could be to show how United States’ students are keeping up with the rest of the world, regarding the school capacity to produce results which show how U.S. students are learning, and are capable of displaying intellectual intake levels that equal, or surpass, those of other nations.

Meanwhile, it does seem that an obvious, yet underlying factor is being ignored.  So much is being done for test preparation to where information is being crammed upon students.  The children are intaking excessive amounts of knowledge within relatively short amounts of time, simply to show that they can do well on tests.  Yet, once the tests have been completed, all of the knowledge achieved by the students is lost, after having been mentally regurgitated upon notepads and scantrons to display momentary levels of academic achievement.

It would seem that concerned parents, all parents, should pay attention to the manners in which their school-aged children are learning at school.  Are they gaining knowledge to the point that it will be remembered during future years?  Are they learning information that will be capable for adequate mental recollection after tests have been taken, and after semesters have passed?

These reports are revealing where school districts across the nation seem to be succeeding in actions to eliminate recess activities for elementary-level students.  Increasing amounts of pressure are being applied onto them to have students display exceeding levels on national tests and overall school reports.  The efforts to have school-aged children performing at advanced levels are being pressed to the points where anything outside of classroom sitting time is being viewed in a negative light, and any feasible forms of functioning to eliminate all that could be presented as against learning time, test preparation time, are being installed.  Will this be allowed without continuous rebuttal, or meaningful efforts to reverse the plans?










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