Chirping For Chicken Chomping!

April 4, 2012 at 5:02 PM (current news, human life issues, legal issues, music and entertainment, social opinion, web gossip)

Munch on it!  Crunch on it!  Smack it and snack it, then sing for all joy!

Well, that is what seemed to be the message within a commercial advertisement from Burger King.  The fast food super chain had released advertisements for it’s Crispy Chicken Snack Wrap.  It likely is one of the latest quick meals aimed at suddenly satisfying the always on-the-run, while ever gut-stuffing U.S. consumer.  The televised display seemed to do more than just sing about the new mini-meal, as it may have had an underlying, yet possibly unintentional, message.

R&B superstar Mary J. Blige participated in a new commercial by Burger King, as the fast food chain celebrates it’s Crispy Chicken Snack Wrap.  There was immediate response to the commercial, as it depicted Blige singing nearly at her best levels about a chicken snack sandwich.  Some of those whom saw the ad felt that it fed into negative racial stereotypes about African-Americans (Black folks…).

Here, you have an African-American popular music superstar singing at her best levels about a chicken sandwich.  Yum!  Blige was depicted standing on top of a table, in front of a microphone, and in a Burger King restaurant.  She harmonized about the ingredients of the sandwich, putting the descriptions of the food into a melodic, rhythm and blues tune that was set for television.

Several of the people whom saw the commercial did take offense to it.  What better way to depict a Black woman at her best than to have her dressed in tight black pants that already show her not-so-slim hips, wearing sunglasses indoors, standing atop furniture, and singing in hunger-lust about a fried chicken sandwich?  She lubb hurr some chicken…..

Some believe that attacks on Blige and the ad are being too critical.  It is being stated that she is one of many celebrities whom have lended their talents to be paid for public advertisements.  Blige is not the first superstar to do public promotions for Burger King, or for any chain corporation, and she will not be the last.  The seeming intent was to promote an item that Burger King is trying to introduce into the popular segment, and to have it find fast footing in order to help it’s capacity for producing revenue.  Nevermind that it likely is yet another addition to the ever-expanding selections of food that is not good for the general health of the consumer, or even that the ad depicts Blige with her feet atop furniture where people are going to eat.

I was watching the afternoon news, preparing to get a snack-meal myself, when the commercial displayed on Inside Edition caught my attention.  The reporters were talking about the controversy surrounding the advertisement, and the possibly negative response that it could produce.  Indeed, Burger King has chosen to pull the ad from public airwaves because of the reverberating hullabaloo!

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