Idols Visited The 80’s!

April 5, 2012 at 12:55 AM (current news, human life issues, music and entertainment, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

American Idol was enterataining, as The Idols took it back to the 80’s tonight!  The contestants gave dual performances, singing individually, and singing in duos.  Each of the performances was enjoyable, with the usually hyper crowd feeling the rhythyms!

Mr. Smooth Singer, DeAndre, started the show with I Like It, by Debarge!  His presentation was a smooth sound with his steady soprano presentation.  Steven told him that he owned the stage!  Jennifer felt that DeAndre wasw brilliant, with Randy saying that he liked DeAndre’s natural sound. 

Elise followed second, singing I Want to Know What Love Is, by Foreigner!  Her performance was curious, as opinions of it were up and down.   Steven immediately admitted that he was not sure that it was the right song for Elise.  Randy told her that she was pitchy and out of tune, yet Jennifer thought that Elise sounded beautiful!

Skylar and Colton performed a duet, Islands in the Stream.  The two of them performed this song by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers to a decent level.  Each of the judges thought that they sounded nice, with Randy stating that he got past initial worry to enjoy their unified harmony!

That’s All by Genesis was delivered by Phillip Phillips!  P.P. played the guitar while singing this song, which did help his so-so sound.  Yet, the judges gave Phillip decent ratings, with Steven appreciating his individuality, and Randy commenting on the brilliance of his guitar playing.  Jennifer told Phillip that he was not in his comfort zone at the start, yet he did bring it home!

DeAndre and Holly really impressed the audience tonight, giving a duet singing of I’m So Exited, a hit song by The Pointer Sisters!  They displayed energy and volume with power, as he seemed to wield the microphone with such ease.  Steven expressed that they were beautiful, appreciating how Holly “let go”!  Jennifer agreed with Mr. Tyler, as Randy thought that it was nice from “two youngins”!

If You Don’t Know Me By Now, as presented by Simply Red, was given to the crowd by Joshua!  It was a fantastic sound, and all who heard him seemed to agree with that sentiment!  Steven said Joshua was over the top (in a good way…), Randy told Joshua that he was in his zone, and Jennifer expressed that a powerhouse performance had been given!

Jessica brought more tribute to Whitney Houston, presenting her dazzling performance of How Will I Know!  She did sound amazing, singing the Whitney classic hit, and the judges felt that way, too!  Jennifer rated Jessica first, revealing her sentiment of another powerhouse performance having been displayed!  While Randy told Jessica that her sound was mature, Steven felt that her voice was fantastic!

A duet presentation came from Elise and Phillip, as they sang Stop Draggin’ My Heart AroundThe song by Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty did seem somewhat raspy from both of them, yet the judges were happy with their sound.  Randy told Elise and Phillip that they were amazing, as Jennifer felt it was “sick” (in a good way)!  Steven simply stated that they were outstanding and beautiful!

After receiving mentoring from Gwen Stefani, Hollie was presented to sing What A Feeling, by Irene Cara, and from the hit film Flashdance!  She appeared very lovely on stage, wearing a light-blue dress that was laced with shimmering strings!  Yet, her sound did not seem to concur with the beauty of her wardrobe!

Steven Tyler commented first, stating that Hollie was great at the end of her performance!  Mr. Tyler said that Hollie was pitchy and all over the place!  Jennifer was easier on her, saying that Hollie’s sound did not have feeling, and that she did not release herself.  Randy agreed with both of his fellow judges, as he expressed that Hollie thought about the song too much.

Jessica and Joshua returned to present a duet, singing I Knew You Were Waiting.  This 80’s rock hit duo by Aretha Franklin and George Michael was a hit during it’s time on the airwaves.  Jessica and Joshua did bring life back to the song!

As Joshua presented a steady tone with flair to his performance, Jessica seemed to fall behind him.  Yet she did give a good ending, with the judges celebrating their overall show. Randy felt that it was one of Idol’s greatest perfromances!  Jennifer called Jessica and Joshua a dream pairing, as Steven thought that their singing was “over the top” and “so fine”!

Colton came to the stage with a surprisingly satisfying show, as he gave the audience the Quiet Drive version of the Cyndi Lauper hit song, Time After Time!  Colton had a guitar player and percussionists in his background, adding highlight to an exciting performance.  Each of the judges liked what they heard, with Steven approving, Jennifer stating that it was amazing, and Randy commenting that the drums “were sick”!

Skylar ended the night’s concert with an excellent stage presentation.  She sang the timeless hit Wind Beneath My Wings, the classic song, with a popular version sung by cinema and stage diva Bette Midler.  It was a slow start, yet Skylar picked up her tempo toward the end.  Her singing concluded with such seeming excellences that the judges gave her a standing ovation!

Randy gave Skylar a WOW, saying that it was her best performance!  Jennifer felt that Skylar is capable of singing with the best of stage singers.  Steven told her that she showed the beginnings of a great singing career!

The results will be announced tomorrow night!  Right now, it seems that Joshua, De Andre, Jessica, and Skylar are at the top of this season’s singers.  Yet, it will fall down to which of them has the greater fan base, and who got the most votes.  We will see who presses onto the next week!

The Top 9 are introduced to the audience at the start of the performance show.


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