Racism and Hatred Terrorize Tulsa!

April 7, 2012 at 8:10 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

It is 2012, and we still have not escaped it.  Hate crimes, racism, and an atmosphere of malice all are being presented just as plainly as they would have been during times past.  Yet, there is good being presented in the fact that theses actions are receiving responses from law officials and concerned community members.

It began in the early hours of Friday morning, within Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Reports state that shortly after 1 a.m., a forty-nine year-old Black man was shot outside of his home.   Minutes later, two African-Americans were shot not far from the first shooting.  The first victim died from being shot, but the second two victims are in critical condition, but healing, at a Tulsa hospital.

It was shortly after 2 a.m. when another Tulsa-area citizen was shot.  This fourth attack was fatal, as well.  The third young man was reprted to bewalking in an area nearby a Tulsa funeral home, like an earlier shooting victim. 

The assessments of the incidents show that each of the victims was out during the evening, either walking in the neighborhood, or near to their homes.  Each of the victims was a Black male, and at least three of the men were attacked by their front lawns. 

Current investigators are attempting to assess whether or not these attacks were hate crimes.  A Tulsa-area pastor, Reverend Warren Blakney, stated that the shootings may be hate crimes because each of them occurred within African-American communities.  Reverend Blakney stated to CNN reporters that it is likely to have been a hate crime because  White men entered into a central area of a predominantly African-American neighborhood, and they began shooting Black men.

Tulsa Police Captain Warren Brooks stated that one of the victims was asked by the attacker about directions to a location before he was shot.  Captain Brooks said that the victim stated that there was no initial indication that a hate crime was about to occur.  Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan got the descriptions of one attacker being a White male who was driving a pickup truck, yet no exact descriptions of the other man had been provided.

These attacks are being labeled as hate crimes.  Each of the men whom were shot are and were Black, and the shooters are White.  The shootings happened in an African-American community, and this is leading investigators to propose that a racially-motivated hate crime occurred.  Suspects Jake England (19), and Alvin Watts (32), were identified as the attackers, and they were arrested. 

 Tulsa Police Captain Johnathan Brooks stated that one of the surviving victims told investigators that he was asked by the attacker about directions to a location, yet no racial slurs were used.  It is being suggested that a racially-motivated hate crime occurred because of the shooters being  White men, and all of the victims being Black men.

Indeed, it would be sad, on top of repugnant, to realize that these heinous actions occurred because of racial insensitivity.  Again, nothing has been revealed fully about these attacks being racially motivated, other than the victims happening to be Black, and the assailant happening to be White.  No racially demeaning statements were found, no indications of the attacker being a racist were seen, and nothing which may have shown outright that the shooter was involved with cultural bigotry was revealed. 

Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett announced that police had been patrolling the area to find additional clues about what had occurred.  Neighbors within the general area of the shooting had been questioned, and the general area was searched for any further details.  Community spokespersons are referring to the shootings as hate crimes because each of the victims is/was a Black man, and the attackers are White men.  As Tulsa Police and The F.B.I. continue to investigate, Tulsa-area community officials, religious leaders, and NAACP members all are denouncing the shootings as hate crimes.

Click to enlarge map    Jake England, 19, and Alvin Watts, 32, were arrested Sunday in connection with shootings in Tulsa, Oklahoma.











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