Pondering Humanity’s Position to Plunder the Planet!

April 8, 2012 at 7:37 PM (climate studies, current news, environmental issues, historic review, human life issues, political atmosphere, science and technology, social opinion)

Current assessments are announcing that humanity has reached the point of living beyond it’s means.  The Earth is Full!  This is the statement being projected, with the hopes that people are listening, and actions will be taken to manage the situation before all is lost.

It has been announced at least for the past few decades that we as a species are in danger of losing our home world, as we know her.  Facts based on actual scientific studies have shown that human beings are gouging the resources of the planet at a rate that is at least fifty percent greater than the level at which the resources are being produced.  Plainly stated, we are using the available products of Earth at a far faster rate than the planet can produce what is needed to maintain our survival!

Organizations such as The International Energy Agency and The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development are announcing that humanity is in danger of moving to a point where it will have to attempt living beyond the boundaries of basic needs within the next forty years.  It has stated that by 2050, energy and resource consumption levels will have exceeded what is necessary for the base of human beings to survive upon, as there will be too many people on the planet to provide the needed supplies.

 An extreme shortage of  agriculatural supplies and basic food is projected.  A restricted access to fossil fuels, along with a reduction of their prodcution is projected.  If unchecked by 2050, carbon emissions and other greenhouse gas emissions are projected to reach a level extreme enough to create a suffocating atmosphere worldwide.  Levels of deforestation, global warming, and human overpopulation may have increased to points not only reducing habitats for animal life and plant life around the world, but creating a situation where the needed amounts of oxygen that should be emitted to continue with our safe survival no longer are available.

By the year 2050, India is projected to be the world’s greatest economy.  It will surpass China, which is currently the most populous nation, and the second-greatest world economy.  China is expected to be the greatest world economy by 2020.  The United States, currently the greatest economy, will rest in the comfortable position of third place.  Yet, as a state of overpopulation is expected to be in full swing by 2050, each of these nations, along with every other nation, will find that these accolades are without actual merit.   Our Earth will have reached a point where it no longer can sustain the currently expanding rate of human handling (or mishandling…).

Positive prognosticators are projecting that planetary handlings will be taken under control by a generally responsible society.  It is being stated that in a situation of crisis, the overall essence of humanity will emerge to present it’s better side, doing what is necessary to prevent disaster, and anything that might incite the idea of our species’ extinction.  Yet, the current question seems to ask where this aspect of human nature is at currently, while our comfortable Earth is swirling downward at a speed that could be faster than what is acceptable for a timespan that will allow any planetary saviors to emerge?

There is a great deal of information being presented on this topic.  Arguments from each side of the subject are being made, steadily.  Politicians globally are meeting to make pacts and plans about how to address these dangerous situations, yet they are making seemingly slow progress to put any plans into recognized action.  Meanwhile, an unjolted, unforgiving clock ticks……



Animated wall clock with moving hands     Moving Earth burning on Fire global warming animated gif     Animated wall clock with moving hands



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