Sci-Fi Fantasy and Real-Life Fears Taken to Film!

April 14, 2012 at 2:59 AM (astronomy topics, childcare and child protection, extraterrestrial studies, human life issues, movie reviews, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

I got back to the two film Friday routine this evening, seeing movies that did capture the attention.  A few movies premiered this week, and the two that we saw did seem to be at the better end of the list!  I can say that I enjoyed each picture, being pleased upon leaving the theater!

We began with Lockout!  This science-fiction adventure starts during the year 2079.  A man called Snow (Guy Pearce) has been captured by The Secret Service.  He is being interrogated and beaten by the officials.  The officers caught Snow at a hotel where someone was killed, and he is a suspect.  They wanted to know about information that Snow had on the night that he attended a government function, and where Snow was at on the night that a government official was killed.

It is revealed that Snow was a former C.I.A. agent.  He is being questioned by Shaw (Lennie James), an C.I.A. agent who wants the details of where Snow was at on the night another agent was killed, and about the materials within a briefcase that was taken by him.  The agent goes on, telling Shaw that he is being charged with spying against The United States.

A proposal is presented to Snow, which gives him the option to gain his freedom.  He is told that he must recover a briefcase that contains government information, yet it is currently in the hands of violent criminals.  The government wants this briefcase back at all costs, and they are demanding that Snow proceed with a deadly task to capture it!

Snow reaches the low-Earth orbit jail called SuperMax Prison Planet MS:  One.  There, he finds Mace (Tim Plester), from whom he needs assistance.  He needs Mace to help with transporting the briefcase, getting it from the criminals, and having it taken back to Secret Service officials.  Snow gets a briefcase from Mace, but Snow gets arrested by Secret Service Agent Langral (Peter Stormare).

During his interrogation, Snow encounters Emily Warnock (Maggie Grace), who is the daughter of the man set to become the next United States President.  She is at the low-orbit prison to protect the rights of the inmates.  Yet, while she is there, one prisoner named Shaw (Lennie James) manages to get hold of a gun.  Shaw is able to take control of the prison by getting to the main control system, which allows him to release all of the other convicts!

Emily is taken hostage, and The U.S. President is informed of this, immediately.  Government agents get hold of Snow, telling him of the situation, and making a deal with him.  Snow is asked to infiltrate the low-orbit penetentiary to rescue Emily, and he will be made a free man upon succeeding!


Film number two was Woman Thou Art Loosed:  On the 7th Day!  David Ames (Blair Underwood) and Kari Ames (Sharon Leal) have a seemingly perfect life.  David is a successful businessman, providing happy lives for his wife, and their six-year-old daughter, Mikayla (Zoe Carter).  All seems well, as The Ames have prepared an afternoon cookout to celebrate Mikayla’s birthday.

It is that evening, as The Ames are sleeping, when someone breaks into their home.  Mikayla had awakened to go to the bathroom after a bad dream.  Without the knowledge of David and Kari, Mikayla is abducted by this intruder!

The Ames awaken in the morning, and they are desperate to find Mikayla.  They seek the assistance of Detective Barrick (Pam Grier).  While in the process of working with Detective Barrick, search parties are formed, and all needed information is retrieved from The Ames.  Now, facing the fear of what may have happened to their daughter, they learn about a suspect called MK, who has abducted and murdered children before!

Kari reveals that she has been hiding a secret past, when she was known as Mikayla.  It was then when Kari stated that she had a criminal history, she was raped by her father, and she was a  prostitute entangled with drugs.  Stunned by as story that his wife was a former dope fiend ho, David does not believe Kari.  He goes to consort with a friend about this shocking information.

Mikayla was shown, kidnapped by a seemingly demented man who was on drugs.  She tried to escape him by hitting him, but the man slapped Mikayla, and he taped her mouth shut.  Meanwhile, Detective Barrick (Pam Grier) had begun the case to find Mikayla, as she worked with The F.B.I. to open the case.

It is the next day when David works with investigators to give more information about Mikayla.  He is dismayed to learn that seventeen sex offenders live within miles of their home.  Also, David is upset that Mikayla strayed from their home, alone, after all that he believed his daughter knew about going out alone and talking to strangers.  Yet, Detective Barrick proceeds to put out postings about Mikayla, and to have other officers assigned to the case.

Kari is completely distraught, and she drives to New Orleans.  There, Kari smokes, and she gets drunk.  Yet, she sees a television ad about her missing daughter.  Kari leaves the bar, seeing something on her car’s windshield, and she turns to see a pimp slapping a prostitute.  This leads Kari into a flashback to a time when she was a whore for money, and how she longed for the better life which she thought that she has, currently.

The next morning, David asks Kari where she was at the night before.  Kari apologizes for being out all night, and they begin with heart-to-heart talking.  As he tells Kari that he does not trust her, they begin arguing, then fighting.  As they yell, Kari threatens to cut David while she is angry!

David proceeds to post missing signs for Mikayla.  He finds assistance from a former friend named Joye (Ameer Baraka).  Meanwhile, a nearby pimp is seen attacking a whore, as Detective Barrick arrives to ask about Mikayla.  She gets details, as she returns to other officers, who believe that Mikayla could be in the hands of a serial killer!

As searches for Mikayla continue, David and Kari talk.  They reveal that their anger over their missing daughter has grown, and another agent interrogates David.  He arrives at The Ames’ home, where David and Kari provide additional details about Mikayla.  While talking, this agent reveals himself to be Mikayla’s first boyfriend!

Kari and David fall into drinking binges.  Kari starts to speak with her friend Lamont (Clyde Jones), who stops her from excessive drinking.  Also, while talking to Kari, he exposes that her name used to be Mikayla, and that she had her name changed!  Lamont attempts to kiss Kari, yet she pulls away.

After five days pass, Kari’s friend Will (Nicoye Banks) takes her to an abuse center.  There, Kari encounters a woman whom she knew during her past.  More details about Kari’s days of abuse are revealed, and details about her true name not being Kari come to light. 

Kari winds up being assaulted by a perverted male who tries to strangle her.  He has a perverse plan for Kari, who manages to escape, and to tell Detective Barrick about what happened.  So, they set a trap for this man, which is meant to lead to information about finding Mikayla.  Yet, another man interferes, as this pervert ends up escaping the trap!

Six days have passed, and the search for Mikayla continues.  Police get details on one man who may know where Mikayla is located.  He is arrested, yet David gets in a punch to the man’s face, first!  Officers proceed to question this man about Mikayla, and a van is found. The arrested man is questioned about missing children, including Mikayla.  He says he knows nothing of the daughter, yet it is revealed that this man has abducted and killed children as offerings to God for mercy upon the planet!

This demented man did not have Mikayla, but David talks more with police.   He wants to go easier on Kari in this situation, as detectives spend more time studying Mikayla’s footprints.  Clues lead agents to search the former students of David, along with his teaching assistants.  Meanwhile, David gets in touch with a former student with whom he had an affair!

Kari learns of a letter written by Mikayla’s abductor.  She finds that this letter was written by Beth, a former associate of David’s, and a woman named with whom he had a romantic relationship.  After confronting David, Kari drives to Beth’s home.  She is pondering the thought given to her by Mikayla to murder Beth!

Kari ends up driving to the home of a male friend.  A point becomes momentarily intense, yet Kari leaves to return to David.  They discuss their relationship, admitting to one another that their bonds of love remain strong.  Kari proceeds to speak with her pastor for encouragement and spiritual healing.  Her talks with the minister lead Kari to work toward a better relationship with David for the sake of Mikayla.

Poster art for "Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day."

These trailers for The Avengers are looking more and more exciting!  I am ready to see the fantastic Marvel Comics adventure, premiering May 4.  Other exciting films to come include Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter,  The Amazing Spiderman, BattleshipThe Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel, Men in Black 3, Prometheus, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Ted!




I agree!  Let’s get down!!!


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