Idol Winding Down With Some Top-Tier Sounds!

April 19, 2012 at 12:03 AM (current news, human life issues, music and entertainment, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

They are gittin’ down to the git-down!  American Idol was exciting this evening, as the seven remaining contestants pressed forth to present performances which they meant to show proof that they want to win!  It was an attention-capturing concert, with each singer releasing sounds that were intended to excite an eager and ready crowd! 

Hollie opened round one of this evening’s show with Rolling in the Deep, by Adele!  I thought that she gave a nice introduction, and that she did have a good sound.  Yet, she possibly could have been too soft with the song.

Steven Tyler commented first, saying that Hollie was perfect and beautiful!  Jennifer Lopez was excited, as she told Hollie that it was what they were waiting to hear!  Randy called her sound close to perfect and well done, yet she was slightly pitchy! 

Her second performance was Son Of A Preacher Man, by Dusty Springfield!  She released a very strong sound, which captured all whom listened!  Although she may have seemed nervous at first, Steven Tyler told Hollie to let go!

Colton Dixon performed second!  He brought a presentation of Bad Romance, by Lady Gaga!  Colton had a steady sound, which lead Randy to tell him that he was in the zone with a song well-done!  Jennifer was excited, and she felt that Colton displayed character.  Steven simply stated that Colton did really well!

September, a classic jam by Earth, Wind & Fire, was sung as Colton’s second song!  He put a smooth touch to his effort, playing the piano, and slowing the tune!  Yet, the judges were not fully impressed, with Jennifer telling Colton that he sounded good, but it was not his best performance.  Randy agreed with her!

The vocal talents of Alicia Keys came through Elise, as she sang No One for her first song tonight!  It was a steady sound, with Jennifer stating that Elise was natural and beautiful.  Steven told Elise that she sang her tooshie off!!  Randy thought it was very good, as Elise stayed with the melody!–676093/1

She bravely attempted Let’s Get It On, a classic jam by the legendary Marvin Gaye!  No one was certain that Elise would have what it took to sing that song, yet she did have a seemingly decent sound.  Jennifer wanted Elise to show more, Steven expressed that she should try to take it up a notch, and Randy felt that she oversang the song!

You Got It Bad, by Usher, came as Phillip Phillip’s first song.  He had a raspy vocal presentation, which was nice.  Steven Tyler seemed to agree with that sentiment, telling Phillip that he was great.  As Randy told him that he is “a true artist”, and that he is “the bomb”, Jennifer got caught up, telling Phillip that it was sexy!

His second song was In the Midnight Hour, by Wilson Pickett.  Randy loved that Phillip showed his true singing capacity with this song.  Jennifer felt that Phillip was spontaneous, and that he came from his soul!  Steven gave an unusual assessment, telling Phillip that he was “brilliantly awkward”!   Phillip may or may not have been impressive.

A sexy sound emerged from Jessica, with Alicia KeysFallin’!  She looked hot, and her voice did capture the audience.  Each of the judges was pleased, with Randy stating that Jessica had otherworldly talent, Steven telling her that she released passion, and Jennifer was crazy over the way that Jessica plays with songs!

Try A Little Tenderness by Otis Redding came second from Jessica!   Again, she was very lovely, while displaying confidence with strong vocals!  Steven told her that she stepped out and that she has done it again!  Jennifer wanted Jessica to show a little more of her vocal strength, and Randy wanted her to connect more between her emotions and her vocal presentation.

As a guitar sound filled the background, Skylar gave the audience a country&western rendition of Born This Way!  Skylar had a very strong sound, with Jennifer loving her version of the song.  Steven told her that she gave the other girls a run for their money!  Randy liked Skylar’s crossover appeal, saying that Skylar was “beyond ready”!

Her second song was the classic I Heard It Through The Grapevine, by the legendary Marvin Gaye!  Skylar’s introduction may have been somewhat flat, yet she went into the song with energy.  She definitely connected with Randy, and Jennifer was impressed that Skylar was “spunky”!  Steven expressed that Skylar was “a wild horse that refuses to be tamed” tonight!

I Believe, a current song from former Idol champion Fantasia Barrino, was delivered through Joshua!  The way that Joshua presented himself on stage showed that he felt the song.  The judges all concurred with that sentiment, as Randy told Joshua that he is one of Idol’s most gifted singers, Jennifer told him that he was amazing, and Steven stated that Joshua could sing the phone book!

His second song was the all-time great A Change Is Gonna Come, by Sam Cooke!  Joshua had a terrific vocal delivery, which showed smoothness in conjunction with timely placed bursts of voluminous energy.  Plus, his exit from the song was dramatically delivered with savor!

The judges were highly satisfied!  Steven applauded, telling Joshua “that’s what it’s all about”!  Jennifer was excited, as she wanted to hear more of him.  Randy told Joshua that he made the perfect song choice!

The results will be seen tomorrow night!  One of the contestants will have to go!  It likely will be difficult because each of them gave tantalizing musical deliveries.  I would dare to say that Elise is in the most trouble, while Joshua seems to be at the top.  We will see what tomorrow night delivers!

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