Fine Fun and Fascination With Films This Week!

April 21, 2012 at 1:44 AM (animal activism, childcare and child protection, curious research, environmental issues, human life issues, legal issues, movie reviews, music and entertainment, social opinion, web gossip)

This evening’s theatrical features were fabulous!  I had been anticipating our first film eagerly, and I was excited about seeing the second one, also.  I was glad to have gotten out to the movies, with both of them having been placed on the list of need-to-see / must-see for the season!

Our first film was the highly awaited Chimpanzee!  This actually is a very fascinating film, narrated by Tim Allen, which highlights the life of a chimpanzee living within the jungles of Ivory Coast.  A male chimpanzee is born to the mother of a thriving troupe, and he is named Oscar.  The introduction displays Oscar learning to forage and to move throughout his jungle home.  He is a growing member of this group, lead by the alpha male, Freddy.

By the time Oscar reaches the age of three, his troupe is attacked by a rival troupe of chimpanzees.  The leader of the enemies is called Scar, and he leads a brutal battle, as several are killed, including Oscar’s mother.  Afterward, a remarkable event that has never been witnessed before occurs.  Oscar finds himself adopted by Freddie.

Oscar follows Freddie’s lead, he is taught how to forage and to defend himself.  He joins with Freddy, who directs this group of chimpanzees in attacking other troupes, as well as raiding the territories of monkeys.  The chimpanzees are seen as predatory raiders, attacking other chimps, and other mammals, then killing them to be used as food. 

Freddy’s troupe reaches an apex battle point, where they have to fight against their immediate rivals.  These chimpanzees are lead by their alpha male, called Scar.  Oscar watches as the enemies approach, and he seeks the shelter of Freddy.  A brutal battle occurs, yet Freddy’s troupe wins the fight! 

During following months, this chimpanzee troupe foreages for nuts within a nearby forest area.  These animals have been able to settle within this territory, despite adversity from outside invaders.  Oscar has managed to find a secure home with Scar as his gaurdian and teacher, as a promising future seems possible for a this young chimpanzee!


We went to see Think Like A Man, second!  This movie begins with the recollections of a group of friends, focusing on the supposed entrance to manhood by Dominic (Michael Ealy).  He is known as The Dreamer, as his friends each have their so-called monikers.  Ezekiel (Romany Malco) is The Player, Michael (Terrence Jenkins) is The Mama’s Boy, and Cedric (Kevin Hart) is The Happy Non-Divider!

Cedric is recently separated from his wife.  He goes out with his fellas one evening, and they happen to catch a talk show hosted by Vicki (Sherri Shepherd), which has author Steve Harvey as a guest.  It is on the show that Harvey gets the attention of the cast, while discussing his love life.  The show’s topics catch the attention of Cedric, as well as those of the women in his life.

Cedric is planning to file for divorce from his wife.  He is in a book store when he happens upon the girl who was his high school crush.  She is Kristen (Gabrielle Union), and Ced talks with her while they are out during the afternoon.  He learns that Kristen is in an unhappy relationship to a guy with whom she has had children.

Ced returns to his boys, as they continue to talk about dating women.  The topic of conflicting interests arises, as Ced mentions that Kristen has children, and dating women with children is a no-no!  Kristen is bothered as well, and she seeks advice from actor/author Steve Harvey, who has written an advisory novel called Act Like A Woman, Think Like A Man!

Think Like a Man

The end of the month has  The Pirates:  Band of Misfits and The Raven.  May brings the excitement of  A Little Bit of Heaven, The Avengers, Battleship, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Dark Shadows, Death of A Superhero, The DictatorHysteria, Men in Black III, and What to Expect When You’re Expecting.  June will have Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire HunterMadagascar 3:  Europe’s Most Wanted, Madea’s Witness Protection, Magic MikePrometheus, Rock Of Ages, and That’s My BoyLet’s go to the movies!

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