When A Teacher’s Fed Up!

April 23, 2012 at 9:41 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

I am sure that there are several teachers who may have pondered the thought of presenting a gun in the faces of their absolutely adorable students, then pulling the trigger to release a random spread.  Everybody has a bad day, even our highly dedicated and devoted deliverers of public education.  The vast majority of public school teachers do have the good sense to subdue their bad moods, and any possibly adverse notions that they might harbor about their students, so that they can proceed with the noble task of teaching our children.  However, as with anything, there are bad apples, every now and then.

We go to Abindon, Virginia, where one teacher apparently had enough of the madness.  The reports do not say that the children were unruly, yet anyone whom has been within an average classroom knows the story.   This particular incident occurred when a vocational high school teacher apparently had taken too much terrorizing from his collection of likely calamitous class subjects. 

During last week, Manuel Dillow, age 60,  taught a welding elective class at William H. Neff Center for Science and Technology, a technical and vocational school at Abingdon, Virginia.  The reports did not delve into what the setting was like at the time of the incident.  Yet, reports were released that told of Dillow having retrieved a handgun from his belongings, then firing blanks upon his students!  It was said that he fired multiple shots after having arranged the students up in a seeming firing squad line!

There were twelve students in the class.  Dillow reportedly called the attention of his students, then he left the shop room.  It was upon returning to his class that Dillow was able to get his students into a line.  He pulled the gun on them, and he fired roughly ten blank shots in the general direction of the kids. The reports do not say it, yet I am sure that many of them ran out of the class, possibly out of the building, screaming!

It did not say what may have occurred to have incited this unexpected and unthinkable action from Dillow.  Surely, there is nothing that would provoke such an action from a responsible and dedicated educator.  Yet, this particular teacher had reached his limit, and something within him snapped to a point that allowed him to move into such an horrifying movement.  Dillon was able to borrow the weapon from a fellow educator who teaches criminal justice, then take it back to his class. 

Now, legal officials of Abingdon, Virginia have arrested and placed criminal charges upon Dillow.  He has been charged with publicly brandishing a firearm without provocation while in a public facility.  There are twelve charges, each of which is a class six felony.  It is possible that Dillow can receive five years of jail time, and he can be fine up to $2,500.

Again, the vast majority of teachers are noble and dedicated individuals.  They obviously have high levels of tolerance, allowing them to put up with any and all manners of hullaballoo from the often out-of-control school child.  The actions of this Manuel Dillow should not be used to incite judgements upon and actions against the general public school system, which is dedicated overwhelmingly to providing the highest levels of education to enrolled students.  It is, however, another revelation of the times in which we live, and a reminder that guards need not be dropped, as anything could happen these days!

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