As Six Remain, It Is Joshua’s Door That Glistens!

April 25, 2012 at 11:48 PM (current news, music and entertainment, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

As this season is winding down, these singers are finding that they have to sing it like they want to win it!  That was the general sensation expressed from the stage of American Idol, this evening.  The contestants indeed gave some of their better vocal performances, while presenting the songs of the durable and delivering rock band Queen in round one, then singing songs of their own chosing for the second round!

The show began with a group singing.  The Idol contestants shared the stage with Queen, singing some of the band’s hit songs.  Another One Bites The Dust, We Will Rock You, and We Are the Champions were presented in mini-form form by the celebrated singers before the show started!

Round One began with Jessica, as she sang Bohemian Rhapsody!  She was very lovely, with a surprisingly consistent sound and melody.  Steven Tyler commented first, telling Jessica that he loved her voice!  Jennifer Lopez, however, was disappointed by her lack of rock-styled performance.  Randy loved her voice, suggesting that Jessica should channel Tina Turner!

Skylar followed second, singing The Show Must Go On!  It seemed to have a somewhat immature sound, at first.  It seemed as if she was screaming, and that the song was too big for her voice!

However, the actual judges were please with Skylar’s sound!  Steven told her that she went over the top, and that she displayed beautiful pitch!  Jennifer “got goosies” from hearing Skylar, and Randy felt that it was Skylar’s best performance, thus far!

A consistently powerful sound was presented by Joshua!  He sang Crazy Little Thing Called Love.  He gave the usually energetic presentation that is expected from him.  Joshua seemed to blend well with background guitar melody, and his vocals were very strong!

The judges gave Joshua a standing ovation!  Randy compared him to a young Wilson Pickett, saying that he is “so ready”!  J. Lo admitted that Joshua is her favorite part of the show, while Steven told Joshua that he has a classic style that had the audience dancing!

The sounds of cymbals joined with the voice of Elise, as she sang I Want It All!  Her sound was highly energetic, as she had Jennifer clapping to the beat!  As Steven commented that Elise was over the top (a good thing…), Randy felt that her performance was unbelievable and one of her best.

A party performance and crowd-pleaser emerged from Phillip, who sang Fat Bottomed Girls!  It might have been dangerous for Phillip, as the sound of the band may have drowned out his sound.  Yet, the judges had mixed opinions.  Steven thought that Phillip made a great song choice (after some comment he (Steven) made about J. Lo’s ass…), while Jennifer was pleased that Phillip was displaying different sides of his singing capacity.  Randy liked Phillip’s song choice, but he said that he did not love it!

Hollie gave Save Me (I Can’t Face This Life Alone).  It was not an overly impressive song, though she did look nice, wearing a red pant suit.  Judge Tyler told Hollie that she did a good job, giving a strong melody.  However, Jennifer noted that Hollie went off-melody during mid-song.  Randy was not pleased, saying that she did not give the audience “a winning moment”!

The second round allowed the contestants to sing songs of their choosing.  Jessica started with the beautiful song Dance With My Father, by Luther Vandross.  She gave what I felt was a pure and strong sound, which was very lovely!

Jennifer was impressed, also!  She told Jessica that it may have been the best performance of that sound outside of Luther Vandross, himself (…a possibly over-the-top comment, but it was nice).  Steven pumped her up more, telling Jessica that she had a voice that “kind of touches on Whitney”!  Randy was amazed with her talent, telling Jessica that  she is a natural!

A guitar-playing Skylar returned with Tattoos On This Town!  The song by Jason Aldean was given with a “ginormous sound”, as stated Randy!  Jennifer felt that Skylar was comfortable, and that she slayed the song. Steven missed some of her flair, but he did enjoy the performance.

The power sounds from Joshua came next, when he sang the lovely Ready For Love, by India.Arie!  This is a very lovely song, which I adore, and I was very pleased to hear out of him!  Each of the judges was highly impressed with Joshua’s singing also, as they gave him a standing ovation! 

Randy told Joshua that he gave another unbelievable performance!  He felt that it was “crazy good”, and that Joshua sings beyond his years!  Jennifer was caught in the moment, giving Joshua an “mmph”!  Steven told him that he could smell Joshua nearing the finish line!  He had fellow contestant Skylar ranting on him out of faux-jealousy because he got another standing ovation!

The essence of Jimi Hendrix came through Elise, as she sang Bold As Love for her second selection!  I did not know the song, but it seemed that Elise put a little pizazz to the sound of it!  Two of the judges all concurred with that sentiment, with Jennifer saying that it was good with the song,and Steven liking the sound, too!  Yet, Tyler was not happy that Elise sang a song which was somewhat unfamiliar to the contemporary audience.  Randy felt that it was not the right song for Elise, commenting about how she over-sang it!

A guitar-playing Phillip graced the stage, after being teased by his fellow contestants.  Yet, with the accompaniment of saxophone and violin sounds, Mr. Phillips sang The Stone Lyrics (I Will Go Alone), by Dave Matthews  Band!  Steven was highly entertained, telling him that his performance was off-the-wall!  J. Lo was unsure about Phillip’s song choice because it was such an obscure song.  Yet, Randy disagreed with her, saying that he loved the sounds of the saxophone and violin with the singing!—what-did-you-think.html

Hollie concluded the evening, as she presented her sound of Miley CyrusThe Climb!  Her voice was very strong, as she had violin background, too.  It was a confident performance that earned a standing ovation!  Randy felt that Hollie was back (she did not know that she had left…), Jennifer thought that her singing was perfect, and Steven simply stated that Hollie sang beautifully!

The results will be tomorrow night!  The season is nearing it’s end, and the numbers are narrowing.  One will be voted off, leaving five others heading toward the finale.  It seems to be Joshua’s to win, yet it is the votes that will have the final say!




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