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April 28, 2012 at 12:41 AM (childcare and child protection, curious research, current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, movie reviews, social opinion, web gossip)

This evening came with the selection of two enjoyable movies!  The first one was a movie to which I had been looking forward, as I wanted to view how this updated presentation would turn out!  The second film was one that I would not have been in a hurry to watch, yet it did turn out to be surprisingly entertaining.  Let me get to these summaries.

Our evening outing begin with this 2012 rendition of The Raven.  This version relays a story of the last days of reknowned author Edgar Allan Poe.  It starts on October 7, 1849, as Poe (John Cusack) was found near death at his Baltimore home.  A woman had been found murdered, dangling outside, as the killer escaped through the chimney!

Poe writes poetry for the local newspaper.  He lives an unchecked life, drinking at night, and fighting constantly.  Poe ends up investigating a murder where the killer escaped, mysteriously.  Investigating leads him to stumble upon mysterious clues about how the killing happened.

His social life has Poe in a situation where he would like to date a young lady,  However, her father does not approve of him.  Meanwhile, murders continue, as one man is found in a basement, bound and gagged.  The incident is reported publicly, and it seems to mirror writings of Poe’s.   

As murders continue, a Baltimore detective named Emmett Fields (Luke Evans) gets involved with the investigations.  His findings at the crime scenes lead him to recognize that the killings are similar to the details in the writings of Poe.  Fields announces that a serial killer is loose within the Baltimore area, and he turns to Poe to find any clues within the author’s works that will help with catching the criminal.

Meanwhile, Poe is in the process of having his later works published.  He is having them printed within the local newspaper, The Baltimore Patriot.  There, the editor wants Poe to resume writing the horrific fantasies of his glory days.  However, as Poe is recovering from the death of his first wife, he now is more into the efforts of trying to marry his new love, Emily (Alice Eve), while trying to reclaim his place as a prime author.

Poe finds himself slipping in and out of depression.  He has problems because Emily’s father has scorn for him, not wanting his daughter to be involved with a poor man.  Yet, Poe will not allow himself to be recognized publicly as poor, as he proclaims himself as a well-to-do gentleman, successful due to his literary works. 

It is a curious situation where Poe has a pet racoon named Karl.  Karl has a fetish for feasting upon human hearts.  Poe gets hearts that are stolen by an associate whom works at an area mortuary, then he takes them home as food for Karl. 

Meanwhile, killings are continuing.  A rival writer of Poe’s is kidnapped, and it is recognized that he was killed by the murder named Ivan (Sam Hazeldine).  A critic of Poe’s writings is killed as well, and it is seen that the murder is based on Poe’s work, The Pit and The Pendulum.  This action frightens Poe, as he turns to Detective Fields to assist with capturing the murderer.

Both men trace clues that lead them to a woman named Emily (Alice Eve).  Emily winds up being tracked by the killer, and eventually kidnapped.  She was gagged, chloroformed, then buried within a casket.  Upon awakening, Emily is able to escape the casket, but the killer captures her, again. 

This time, Emily is buried beneath the home of the killer.  Unbeknownst to Poe and investigators, the killer is Ivan, who is the typesetter for Poe’s literary works.  It is when he and Poe come to a final confrontation, Ivan is revealed as the murderer, and as Emily’s abductor. 

Poe is in the process of writing his famed work The Tell-Tale Heart, when he finds that Emily is buried beneath the cellar floor of the very building in which he has spent time.  Poe digs Emily out of the floor, and police arrive to take her to a hospital.  Poe admits his love for her, and a strange man approaches him.

At this point,  Poe has been poisoned.  He is able to talk to the approaching stranger, who knows that Poe is a famous author.  The stranger is Inspector Fields (Luke Evans), who watches as Poe collapses.  He has Poe taken to a hospital, where he dies.  Yet, details obtained from Poe lead Fields to realize that the killer is Ivan.  Fields travels to Paris, chasing Ivan, who has traveled to France to kill author Jules Verne.  Fields is able to locate Ivan as he is entering a cab, and he shoots Ivan to death!




Safe was the second movie that we saw!  Luke Wright (Jason Statham) no longer works for The C.I.A., and he is training to be a sport fighter.  He has been going through extensive practices and preparati0ns, getting ready to punch through a fight that has already been pre-rigged by Russian mafia bosses!

Chinese Triads have aligned with Russian mafia bosses, all of whom are after a young girl named Mei (Catherine Chan).  Mei has the ability to memorize numbers of great sizes at will.  The Russian mob bosses want Mei to recall numbers that will allow them to get into a safe, acquiring great amounts of money.  They are vicious in their handlings of Mei, murdering people in front of her to show that they have no mercy!

After having taken Mei from her school in China, the Russian gangsters travel to New York City.  There, they mean to have Mei recall the access numbers to a safe that has extreme amounts of money.  However, Luke, who now has stopped sport fighting due to losing a contest rigged in his favor, has begun wandering the streets of New York City.  He sees that Mei is being chased by the gangsters, who mean to kill her because she knows too much about their activities!

Luke is able to rescue Mei before the gangsters reach her.  Yet, he finds that his new task is to protect her from the heavily-armed Russian mob bosses before they can find Mei.  In the midst of protecting her, Luke finds himself in the midst of a Russian mafia drug war.  Luke has to protect himself, as well as Mei, while doing what is the safest thing to do in order to return her to her Chinese family.

Safe Poster

The Avengers premieres next week!  Black Widow, Captain AmericaHawkeyeThe Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Nick Fury, and Thor unite to create the team of power heroes. Their task is to stop criminals, lead by the supervillain Loki, from creating a situation of devastation around the planet!

As always, more great films are on the way!  The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel opens next week, also, along with Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore in LOL, plus Kathy Bates and Kate Hudson in A Little Bit of Heaven!  May 11 has Johnny Depp and Michelle Pheiffer in Dark Shadows.  The following week presents Battleship and What to Expect When You’re Expecting.  The rest of May includes The Dictator and Men in Black III!

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