Examining Earth’s Evil Twin!

April 29, 2012 at 11:31 PM (astronomy topics, climate studies, curious research, extraterrestrial studies, science and technology)

From initial and arbitrary glances, it may indeed seem as if Venus is the twin sister planet to Earth.  Both worlds are about the same sizes.  They are in the generally same region of the solar system.  Yet, the truth is that may be where all similarities end.  She is a bad girl!

As the second orbiting world from The Sun, Venus is at an average of sixty-seven million miles away from our host star.  It is the closest planet to our Earth.  This planet’s proximity, and it’s heavy cloud covering, allow it to operate as a reflective object.  Sunlight that glistens upon Venus shines off of the world, making it appear as a star in the night sky.

Some scientists speculate that Venus harbored life during it’s early ages.  Whereas this world currently can have temperatures that reach up to 400° Fahrenheit, there are some speculations that depict Venus as being a much cooler planet.  Studies are occurring currently, through the use of The Venus Express space orbiter.  These examinations are attempting to show that Venus was once a world that held liquid water.

It was roughly four billion years ago when the worlds of our solar system cooled to assume their current states of being.  It is at that time when astronomers and exobiologists are speculating that Venus was a world that harbored some forms of life.  It is being suggested that this world was a more temperate place that even may have had water, which allowed for spme existence of prehistoric life forms.

Of course, this kind of life likely was microbial, and possibly some forms of plants.  This thought stems from the suggestion that an early Venus was more Earth-like.  It is speculated that Venus did have water in it’s early history.  Water is the prime conduit for the creation and proliferation of life, as we recognize it, and an early Venus may have used it’s water to jumpstart initial forms of primitive organisms.

Any water that may have existed on Venus was boiled off of the planet very early in it’s history.  This left the planet barren, and it thickened the world’s atmosphere.  The increased pressure of the Venusian atmosphere lead to the world’s current state of runaway greenhouse effect.  Now, the planet has a primarily carbon dioxide atmosphere, with an average surface temperature at roughly 900º Fahrenheit!

The atmospheric pressure on Venus is roughly 13,230 pounds per square inch.  This is not a place where living things currently could stand up and move about, let alone live.  Furthermore, the heat exerted by The Sun, interacting with Venus’ atmospheric pressure, is hot enough to melt lead!

So, if Venus is to be called Earth’s twin, then she is the evil twin.  NOTHING can survive there, under the current conditions on the world.  The cold truth about this excessively hot planet is that it’s true beauty may be only viewing it from an excessive distance, as it glistens in the night skies!


Images of the surface of Venus from Soviet Venera Space Probes.



animated venus


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