As November Approaches, Recognizing The UNITED States of America!

May 9, 2012 at 5:32 PM (current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

Way to go, Mr. Prez!  I mean, why should straight folks be the only ones to have the pleasure of enjoying unified swirls down the comode of life?  This is The United States of America, the self-proclaimed greatest nation on Earth, where all citizens are supposed to enjoy equal rights to the provided pleasures….

ABC News Reporter Robin Roberts interviewed President Barack H. Obama this morning.  His statements were provocative, yet powerful.  After much controversy on the topic, The President went forward with the announcement of his support for same-sex marriages.  He stated that much thought had gone into his decision to favor the rights of marriage to gay and lesbian couples. 

President Obama previously stated that his views on same-sex marriages had been “evolving”.  He had been interviewed by reporters from wide ranges about this topic for months, placing it as a focal point of his efforts at 2012 re-election.  Yet, during his interview with Robin Roberts, President Obama clarified that he has had extensive thought on the topic of same-sex marriage.  He announced that his time of contemplation lead him to reach a sentiment of support for gay and lesbian couples to wed.

Presumptive 2012 Republican Presidential nominee, former Massachussetts Governor Mitt Romney, remains opposed to same-sex marriages.  Romney has announced that his thoughts on the topic remain firm, as he views that marriages are supposed to be between a man and a woman, only.  It was during a campaign ceremony in Oklahoma City where Romney stated that he has firm sentiments behind this feeling, highlighting this thought with his disapproval of civil unions to same-sex couples, if they mirror marriages.

This topic likely will be a highlight of the upcoming 2012 Presidential Election Campaign.  President Obama has stated that he has put much thought into his ideas on the subject of same-sex marriage.  Could it be possible that further moments of mental mustering are ahead for Mitt Romney?  The topic is sure to be a strong portion of the outline of each candidate’s efforts at capturing, or retaining, The White House during this coming fall election season! 

Reports are revealing that more U.S. citizens are in favor of same-sex marriages than there are those whom stand opposed to the topic.  Yet, an obvious gap in age difference is revealed, when this is examined within those polled for their opinions.  Studies are showing that more youths, specifically U.S. citizens born after 1981, support gay marriages at a rate of sixty-three percent of individuals surveyed.  Additional reports reveal that a mere thirty percent of citizens polled, born before 1945, favor the concept of same-sex marriage.

The differences on the topic are being divided among political identification, race, and age, as well.  Citizens whom identify as Democrats are more likely to support same-sex marriage, wheras Republican voters are typically against the idea.  Tallies have been taken, showing that fifty-six percent of Democrats favor legalizing marriages of gay couples, whereas merely twenty-seven percent of Republicans support the issue.

There are larger proportions of White U.S. citizens whom support gay marriage, opposed to lesser numbers of Black U.S. citizens.  Polls show that forty-nine percent of polled White U.S. citizens support gay marriage, while the lesser amount of thirty-six percent of Black U.S. citizens support gay marriage.  On the table, nearly half of White folks are in favor of the topic, while most of Black folks ain’t!  Nevermind the opinions of of other ethnicities across the nation….

Surely, there will be more said about this topic as the 2012 Presidential Election approaches.  Polls are showing that fifty-eight percent of U.S. citizens, a majority, are in favor of accepting homosexuality within our national perspective.  Furthermore, it is being reiterated that more younger citizens favor the issue than older citizens favor it.  The Gallop Poll shows that half of U.S. citizens believe that same-sex marriages should be made legal, as there were forty-eight percent of those polled who stand against it, with two percent undecided.  The issue will be a hot one, this November!




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