Idol Spring 2012 Winding Down With Obvious Leaders!

May 10, 2012 at 12:16 AM (current news, human life issues, music and entertainment, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

Okay.  Joshua huffed.  He puffed.  He blew the whole damned house DOWN!

This season of American Idol is Joshua Ledet’s to take!  His sound has been phenomenal, consistently.  He has been known for presenting a power voice throughout the season.  His performances tonight, to me, should have solidified his position as this season’s champion!

Well, the show began with Phillip Phillips singing Have You Ever Seen The Rain, by Credence Clearwater Revival.  It was a raspy sound, with guitar background.  As the crowd enjoyed him, the judges more or less felt that he sang well, also.  As Steven told Phillip that his road to success is under construction, Jennifer told him that he was a perfect start to the show, and Randy said that Phillip started pitchy, but he fell into place!

The crowd enjoyed Phillips, as the judges seemed to be pleased, more or less. Steven commented first, crypticly stating that “the road to success is always under construction”! Jennifer told him that he had a Joe Cocker quality, which provided a perfect start! Randy felt that Phillip was pitchy at first, yet he did fall into place.

See Phillip singing here:

His second performance was Volcano, by Damian Rice. Like the song’s namesake, it started with a slow power, then it exploded into brilliance! He played guitar, while having violin sound and female voice as background. It was a great presentation!

See Phillip with Volcano here:

Hollie sang second, giving the crowd Faithfully, by Journey!  She had guitar and piano accompaniments, which highlighted her strong voice!  Randy let her know that her sound has evolved, and Jennifer was glad that Hollie shared the “beautiful gift” of her sound!  Steven told Hollie that she has bloomed with creativity!

Watch Hollie here:

Hollie’s following song was I Can’t Make You Love Me, from Bonnie Raitt! She had a strong sound, and I was happy that she pronounced patronize correctly! Yet, the judges were not so pleased. Steven told Hollie that she fell short on her range and dynamics, while Jennifer felt that she did not present enough expression within her vocals. Randy flat-out told her that it was the wrong song choice!

Hollie’s second performance, here:

Getting back to Joshua!  First, he sang You Raise Me Up, by Josh Groban! It started as a dull song. but he came forth with a very raspy sound to his voice on this song. It was somewhat sexy?!?!? J. Lo seemed to concur with that feeling, asking Joshua who taught him how to growl! It was “crazy”, as J. Lo put it, meaning good!  Randy and Steven agreed!

Joshua is here!

Joshua’s second song blew the whole friggin’ house down, and really should have solidified his position as this season’s champion! Even if he does not win, he certainly has record contracts waiting for him!  Mr. Ledet delivered It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World, the classic song by the legendary James BrownMan!  Did he blow that one up, or what?!?!

More Joshua:

After an extremely powerful performance, the judges had to sit for a moment, as the audience roared!  Judge Tyler critiqued first, saying that no one has ever sung on the show with that level of compassion!  Señora Lopez rated him next, telling the audience that Joshua’s sound had her speaking in Spanish!  Randy agreed with the other judges that Joshua was terrific, as he said that Joshua delivered one of his best performances!

A shockingly seductive Jessica gave a surprisingly pleasant imitation of the raspy sound of Etta James, as she sang her Steal Away!  It was somewhat sexy, with J. Lo even asking her who taught her how to growl?!?!  Randy and Steven agreed that she was amazing!

See Jessica Here:

Next, she attempted taking on And I Am Telling You, the classic song by Jennifer Holliday, which was recently reinvigorated by Jennifer Hudson!  Those are two extremely powerful voices, and Jessica seemed to be treading on very thin ice, as she attempted to sing that song at this point of the contest.  Yet, Jessica did hold her own, while dressed in a very pretty, tight black dress that had a tight, blue top, and a single sleeve that was a semi-tranparent, fuschia balloon spread!

The judges were happy with her sound presentation!  Jessica’s sound was consistent and strong.  Steven immediately admitted that she had given yet another winning performance!  J. Lo, however, relayed that she did not know who would win!  She said that Jessica has strong vocal ability, which is not heard, usuallly.  Randy wanted to ease on the immediate announcement of Jessica as this season’s champion, as well, while he reiterated that Joshua and Phillip gave great performances, too!

See Jessica singing And I Am Telling You!

This week’s results are tomorrow evening!  It looks to be Joshua’s show to win, with Jessica following him!  His voice indeed was phenomenal tonight!  Jessica was admittedly powerful with her sound, too.  Yet, it really sounded as if Joshua seemed incredible, while being unstoppable!  Again, it is all about the votes.  Tomorrow night’s show will reveal which contestant survives to the next round, and closer to this season’s championship!

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