Same-Sex Marriage, The President, and African-Americans

May 15, 2012 at 7:43 PM (current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

I read an interesting article which discussed the possible positioning of the African-American community, and it’s stance on the current same-sex marriage controversy.  The article presented a theory on why homosexuality is such a hot topic among African-Americans, specifically focusing on this issue in relation to the community’s support of President Obama, come November. 

Last Wednesday, The President made the public announcement that he does endorse marriage between members of the same sex.  He made a clear statement that revealed his thoughts on the topic, and how his sentiments have evolved over time of contemplation about it.  President Obama did clearly state that he was against gay marriages initially, yet continous thought on the topic did allow his opinion to evolve. 

The media seems to be quick to jump on the suggestion that President Obama’s endorsement of gay marriages could be harmful to his 2012 campaign.  Independent voters, and so-called socially conservative African-Americans, may be hesitant to endorse The President after his gay-friendly announcement.  Some speculators are stating that President Obama’s siding with this issue could bring a cut to his support from conservative African-American Democratic voters. 

Online reports are showing that Black church leaders remain opposed to gay marriage, despite having the first Black President showing public support for the concept.  The totality of Black church leaders are not against gay marriage, as it is an acceptable way of life among certain nooks of this particular religious community.  However, the overwhelmingly greater portion of the settings within Black churches present the notion of homosexuality equating with sin.

A report reveals where an African-American pastor from Charlotte, North Carolina has stated that Old Testament and New Testament scriptures seem to speak clearly in opposition of homosexual lifestyle.  He has said that due to the stern manner in which African-American Christians follow the word of The Bible, the rejection of gay manner is bound to be obvious and clearly expressed within the greater portion of the African-American community.

As to how this will affect the community’s support of President Obama for the 2012 Presidential Election has not been defined, fully.  Many believe that The President will maintain the overwhelming endorsement from African-American voters.  Yet, there will be some from this segment of United States voting citizens who could look to this topic as a reason to lose faith in President Obama, and his capacity to continue as United States President.

Keeping that in mind, it again would behoove this segment of voters with potential doubts to view the options.  Whereas President Obama has taken a stance on a subject that is seemingly controversial to those whom do not get out much, what would be the result of having his opponent to gain his position?  Is it truly such a bad thing to have a President who is making an effort to display stronger efforts at unifying all citizens of our nation?  Do we not want to live in a place where communities can coexist, despite differences, lead by a President who is willing to stand publicly for the rights of all citizens?

It is something to think about, seriously.  I would have to believe that, when weighing the options, the majority of  African-Americans will remain in support of President Obama.  Gay marriage only is one of several issues that press upon The United States’ overall social psyche.  Surely, there are other issues, including employment, the national deficit, corporate corruption, and rising costs of college tuitions, which will make headlines to snag at which candidate will emerge as the best option for United States voters.




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