Idol Winding Down With This Season’s Last Three!

May 16, 2012 at 11:14 PM (current news, human life issues, music and entertainment, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

Again, there is no actual question as to who should be this season’s winner.  Only one of the remaining contestants has a voice which is that powerful.  Only one of the remaining contestants brings a presentation that is so alluring and entertaining. 

This evening’s American Idol show presented the final three contestants, singing toward the season championship!  Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips, and Jessica Sanchez are “in it to win it”, as Judge Jackson so often states!  Indeed, I feel that tonight’s concert did reveal which of these championship-craving vocalists should be the winner.

Round One began with the contestants singing songs chosen by the judges.  Joshua began, singing the classic I’d Rather Go Blind, by the legendary Etta James!  His performance was enhanced by the sounds of background horns and vocalists!

Joshua’s voice is tremendous!  He took on this time-honored tune with power, even adding a little scatting to the end of his performance.  It was quite enjoyable, as the judges concurred with that sentiment.

Steven Tyler commented first, telling Joshua that it “was another Joshua moment”, and that his singing was “surreal”!  Jennifer Lopez followed, stating that Joshua brought down the house, again!  Randy Jackson was pleased that Joshua took his uplifting singing skills, transmuting them into very presentable, modern music performances!

The lovely song, My All, from Mariah Carey, was given through Jessica Sanchez!  It is a very beautiful song, and it might have seemed as if Jessica stumbled through her presentation of it.  However, the judges thought that she did well, with Randy telling her that it was “the best performance of a Mariah song on tv” (huh??), Jennifer telling her that she did beautifully, and Steven stating that Jessica was over the top!

The song Beggin’, by Madcon was performed by Phillip Phillips!  He gave an energetic and audience-inviting performance!  Phillip played guitar in addition to his singing, which had Jennifer Lopez wiggling in her seat!  The song was fun, yet his voice may not have been all that strong.

Watch Phillip HERE!

Jennifer rated Phillip first, saying that “he caught a groove and rode it home”!  Steven told him that he is a “new-age Bruce Springsteen”!  Randy felt as if he was at a Phillip Phillips concert!  Indeed, the judges loved his performance!

Round Two began with Joshua singing the classic Imagine, by John Lennon!  He came with his usual strong vocals.  Steven commented first, saying that it was “another Thank You God moment”!  Jennifer was conservatively expressive, saying that Joshua delivered “a controlled performance”.  Randy asked Joshua why he chose that song, and he was happy that Joshua felt passion within the song, which he delivered to the audience.

See Joshua here!

A bold Jessica followed, singing I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing, in front of Steven Tyler!  She was good with it, too!  Jessica had violin background sounds, which brought greater presence to her smooth sound.  Also, she gave an extended ending, which was impressive in it’s vocal reflexiveness.

Steven was pleased, saying that Jessica did well with his song!  Jennifer enjoyed the extended sound that Jessica gave at the end of the performance.  Randy commented that Jessica was bold with the song choice, yet she delivered it, successfully!

See Jessica here!

After seeing Phillip returning to his hometown, where he was congratulated and encouraged by his loving friends and family, he was shown on stage.  Phillip sang Disease, by Matchbox Twenty, while playing guitar, and having the sounds of congo drums and saxophone to his background!  It was a great musical presentation, though Phillip might have been boring!

Jennifer immediately stated that Phillip did not give a “wow” performance, though he did well.  Steven agreed, saying that it was not “over the top”, yet it was Phillip Phillips (hint-hint…).  Randy plainly stated that he did not like Phillip’s performance, as he found it to be subdued!

See Phillip HERE!

Joshua began Round Three with a blast!  He put passion and power into his vocal presentation of No More Drama, by Mary J.Blige!  Joshua has a consistently strong sound, which he seemed to amplify, while singing this song.

After Joshua’s performance, Randy urged viewers and fans to vote for Joshua!  Jennifer was seemingly in awe, as she told Joshua that he has a blend of knowing what to do, then letting go!  She felt that Joshua took the audience to church!  Steven needed only to state that it was an over the top performance!

See Joshua HERE!

A trip back to the 1970’s was delivered by Jessica, who sang The Jackson Five classic song I’ll Be There!  It was a lovely soprano sound that was very smooth!  Jessica had the accompanying sound of a piano with her song.

Steven Tyler judged first, telling Jessica that she chose the perfect song, and that she presented the perfect voice.  J.Lo followed, agreeing that Jessica made a good song choice, while saying that Jessica had the perfect vocal tone.  Randy, however, did not love Jessica’s singing, as he told her that, while stating that she needed a stronger song for this point of the contest!

See Jessica HERE!

Phillip gave the evening’s last performance, singing We’ve Got Tonight, by Kenny Rogers (with Sheena Easton…).  He was accompanied by piano playing, along with violin sound.  He had a slow and melodic introduction, which seemed to go well with his voice.  The actual song did seem to have a dull start, with Phillip possibly not moving into any levels of excitement.

Randy, as the judge, disagreed, feeling that Phillip sang well.  He told Phillips that it was his best performance ever (?)!  Jennifer calmly stated that the song was like a sweet lullaby.  Steven Tyler told Phillip that it was a beautiful song, with which he displayed passion!

Watch Phillip here!

The results will be given tomorrow night!  One person will be eliminated, preparing the final two for next week’s singing showdown!  Next Tuesday will be the last singings from the contestants, and next Wednesday will have the presentation of the season’s champion! 



Ryan Seacrest when not at Idol…….

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