When Kissing Crosses the Line!

May 21, 2012 at 7:33 PM (current news, human life issues, legal issues, music and entertainment, social opinion, web gossip)

You really can not be, should not be mad at Will Smith.  After all, he surely was shocked and stunned at what happened.  I am sure that his reaction was instant/instinctive, without his having thought of the consequences, immediately.

It was this past Friday, May 18, when Mr. Smith was in Moscow, making promotions for the premiere of Men in Black III in Russia.  Of course, several fans and media were on hand to catch sights of the movie, as well as Will Smith.  Surely, there was excitement and eager attitudes from those in attendance.  A level of over-zealous nature happened to be expressed by one reporter who seemed to be a bit too excited about seeing this celebrity!

Vitalii Sediuk, a reporter from Channel 1+1 of Ukraine, walked up to Will Smith after the public premiere of Men in Black III.  Smith was walking on the red carpet from the Moscow theater where the film was being shown.  Sediuk approached Smith, greeted him, attempted to hug him, then attempted to kiss him, open-mouthed!

An obviously stunned Will Smith had a gut reaction to this unwanted approach.  Likely without giving too much thought to it, Smith lifted his right hand to push Sediuk off of him, quickly!  Smith was disturbed by what happened, certainly not expecting a mouth-to-mouth encounter from anyone at a movie premiere event!  He had comments for reporters soon after the incident.  “Lucky I didn’t sucker punch him”, Big Willie said!

Men in Black III opens in The United States this Friday!  Smith stars in this third episode to the science-fiction adventure/comedy, along with Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin.  The premise of the movie deals with Agent J (Smith) time travelling back to the 1960’s.  His mission is to prevent an alien assassin from killing a young Agent K (Brolin), thus changing the course of history, and posssibly allowing for a greater level of access to Earth from malevolent extraterrestrial beings!

So, everybody get ready to enjoy this film, which is premiering this weekend.  Keep in mind that you are NOT to get jiggy with Will Smith anywhere near to his mouth if your name is NOT Jada!  Mr. Smith is NOT beyond sucker punching and pimp slapping! 

Will Smith Slaps Affectionate Reporter



Will Gettin’ Jiggy……


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