Why Not, If They Can Get Away With It?!?!

May 21, 2012 at 11:13 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

This is absolutely disgusting!  I am watching Nancy Grace now, getting the latest details about the legal results from this particular case that surrounds what amounts to the horrific end to a sadistic hate crime.  Nancy Grace is clearly angry at what has been revealed, and I imagine that several others concur with her sentiments.

It was September of 2010 when eighteen-year-old Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi committed suicide.  He shared a dorm room with Dharun Ravi, a twenty-year-old Rutgers student.  The evening of September 19, 2010 was when Clementi asked Ravi if he could have their dormroom to himself for that evening.  Ravi agreed, seemingly allowing Clementi to be alone within the room for the night.

As Ravi was absent, Clementi invited a male companion to accompany him within the dormroom.  Both of them were romantic companions, and they engaged in intimate actions with one another that evening.  Yet, unbeknownst to Clementi, Ravi was hiding in the closet, along with another student, Molly Wei.  Both of them were recording the entire evening! 

Ravi and Wei had plotted to capture the evening’s events by using Wei’s webcam, and Ravi’s computer.  Their recording of that time between Clementi and his male partner captured them kissing each other.  It was two days later, September 21, 2010, when this recording was made public by Ravi through Twitter.  The next day, September 22, 2010, an embarrased, humiliated, and forcibly outed Tyler Clementi committed suicide by leaping off of The George Washington Bridge, over The Hudson River.

Ravi was charged with the crimes of intimidation, invasion of privacy, tampering with evidence, and twelve other related crimes.  Yet, to the outrage of several whom kept up with this incident, and related events, Ravi was sentenced to a mere thirty days of incarceration.  He will be free to proceed with his life, ready to engage in a summer vacation, while Clementi remains dead!

Wei was charged with two invasion of privacy counts.  Her lawyers reached a deal with the prosecutors, where she is participating in a pre-trial intervention program.  She has to do 300 community service hours.  She must participate in counseling that involves understanding cyberbullying, along with knowing how to interact with people whom lead lifestyles different from her own.  Wei’s actions in this counseling program may lead to the charges against her being dropped!


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