Peek-A-Boo, The Hero You Thought You Knew!

May 23, 2012 at 5:28 PM (comic book characters, curious research, current news, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

I am figuring that it is Bruce Wayne.  Albeit several of the grown men are running around in tights, he is the one who is an older man with a younger male companion, constantly at his side.  That is just an off-the-bat guess….

D.C. Comics is about to make a public announcement, regarding one of it’s more prominent characters.  The progressive animated publication is going to reveal that one of the famous figures within the set is homosexual.  This is in an attempt to keep the already popular franchise up to date with the ever-evolving world.

The theme of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender stories has become something of a stylish way to present items that are meant to gain the attention and the sales of the current pop culture.  It does look as if D.C. Comics is on board with this sentiment, as it is making such a move like adding the theme of same sex relations to it’s animated presentations.  Indeed, it could be a manner of increasing popularity and sales!

Adding the issues of same-sex relationships to comic book tales has become something of a way to pander to a more hip, while hard-reading public.  Yet, it was during the 1970s when Underground Comix began with contemporary topics that were geared to a younger, yet mature audience.  This series continued from the late 1960s to the middle of the 1970s, when it had a greater focus within the hip to the era location of San Francisco.  At that time, many comic writers and animators lived within the city’s Ashbury Heights neighborhood, where they were able to collaborate and produce publications that presented popular themes.

I said Bruce Wayne, as a first thought.  He is the character who is notorious for being a ladies man, yet he never married any of them.  He deals with the constant nightmare of having witnessed the murders of his parents, which certainly put some psychological trauma to his general psyche.  Plus, he constantly consorts with a possibly under-aged male, whom he calls his partner

However, several of the other tightly-clad heroes could stand out as suspects.  Aquaman does not mind being fish.  Superman has the constant cover of Lois Lane, yet he has never married her  (oh, they did marry…).  Several men and characters have been Green Lantern, so it could be any of them!  Wonder Woman, with that take-no-shit attitude, can be SO BUTCH!!!

Well, for all whom actually care, DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio announced that the gay character will be revealed within one of the upcoming issues.  An actual date was not given.  DiDio was at The Kapow! Comic Convention, held in London, when he told the audience.  His statement reflected was stated during his interview with The Advocate, a reknowned U.S. magazine that highlights gay and lesbian topics.  Brucey, is that you???

Who is it? An existing DC Comics character - who was previously assumed to be straight - will become openly-gay



 Gay pride / Rainbow Flag 096x096 Pixel

Oh!  It is the Alan Scott depiction of Green Lantern who is gay!



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