Are We STILL On This?

May 29, 2012 at 8:59 PM (current news, historic review, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

Indeed, money and mental aptitude do not go hand in hand.  You can be packed with piles of profits for miles and miles, yet it is possibly pointless without any actual, interior/intellectual fulfillment.  Take, for instance, the example of Donald Trump.  He has more money than necessary for the next ten lifetimes, yet there are times when his presentation of person, accompanied by intellect, can come into question.

President Barack H. Obama revealed his birth certificate to the nation, and to the world, during April 2011.  The document showed where he was born August 4, 1961 at Kapi’olani Hospital, located in Honolulu, Hawai’i.  His father, Barack H. Obama, Senior and his mother, Ann (Stanley) Obama, also U.S. citizens, completed the necessary paperwork and procedures for newborns.  The release of this information to the public allegedly settled the so-called query about the legitimacy of The President’s citizenship to The United States.

Now.  It was earlier today when Donald Trump was in attendance for an interview by Wolf Blitzer.  The CNN reporter was questioning Trump about his thoughts on the status of current situations within our nation.  Talks inevitably lead to Trump’s position about the upcoming 2012 Presidential Election.  Trump has said that he feels the facts about President Obama’s location of birth are actually matters of opinion!  The billionaire barfed verbal backlashes at Blitzer, telling him to stop defending President Obama, then proceeded to state that The President’s birth certificate was filed for an infant whom actually was born outside of The United States.

Donald Trump has no actual evidence to back up his claims.  At this point, anyone with any actual sense does not associate with his allegations, accepting the fact that The President was born in Hawai’i, during 1961, as an United States citizen.  As to why Trump continues to press the falsified allegations of Obama’s illegitimate nationality, one has to assume that it borders on some levels of political melodrama, with lingering issues and sentiments of racial impropriety.

It is somewhat frustrating because you sort of can get to a point where you want to like Donald Trump.  You see him on television constantly, allegedly using his surplus of monetary security to do things that are seeming to assist U.S. citizens, along with others in need around the world.  He supports worthy causes which include, yet are not limited to services like Wounded Warrior Project, Pediatric Epilepsy Project, Operation Smile, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Children With AIDS Charity.  Trump has done, and continues to do several outstanding actions of service for worthy causes worldwide.  Yet, he continues to press the false sentiment of President Obama not being an United States citizen by birth.  WHY?

Mr. Trump does not present himself as a racist, or at least I do not see that from his televised talks and reviews.  President Obama has made a point to present his birth certificate to the public, in the midst of doing what can be done to assist unsettled situations within our nation.  During his first term, President Obama has gotten our troops out of Iraq, he has signed off on an order to close the hostage station at Guantanamo Bay, he appointed Sonia Sotomayor to The Supreme Court, he has moved to have additional health care services for veterans, and he has worked to have Medicare more affordable to patients in need of less-costly medications.  These are some of the things that President Obama has done since his 2008 election to The U.S. Presidency.

The source behind Donald Trump’s continued pressing of the false statements about President Obama not being an U.S. citizen by birth is questionable.  I have to think, want to think, that the majority of rational voters will not take his allegations and statements into serious account when the time for the 2012 Presidential Election is held.  Also, I would want to believe that there are factors within the media, and within The Democratic Party, which will provide additional information to the voting U.S. public that will counter Trump’s claims, while exposing even further truthful evidence about our President’s citizenship, and his job well-done during his first term.

The official date for The 2012 Presidential Election is Tuesday, November 6, 2012.  All voters are encouraged to participate in the election.  All non-registered U.S. citizens are encouraged to register to vote!

File:President Barack Obama's long form birth certificate.jpg

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