A Zombie’s Horrific Last Act……?

May 31, 2012 at 11:01 PM (curious research, current news, human life issues, late night studies, legal issues, web gossip)

Perhaps it is due to it being 2012 that such weirdness and insanity is being allowed to make it into the mainstream media.  I actually had not heard anything about it until listening to some news commentators making jokes about it a few hours ago.  So, I decided to browse The Internet to find out what all of the hullaballoo was about.

OH NO!  A ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE!!!  It was this past weekend, Saturday, and somewhere in Miami, where a supposed zombie was spotted!  A man that was identified as being homeless was wandering the streets of the southern Florida metropolis, buck naked.  He actually was on a bridge, and he was in the process of chewing upon another man’s face!

Miami Police arrived at the scene after reports about this strange and startling man were made.  Calls were made to the police by a driver who saw this man, wearing no clothing, and getting his munch-on with the face of another man!  Yes, an act of cannibalism was occurring, leading some people to describe the event as the actions of a zombie!

One Miami policeman arrived at the street location, and he saw what was happening.  The officer approached this nude man, instructing him to move away from his victim.  However, the “zombie” ignored the officer, as he growled, then he continued with his oral assault.   When this naked and homeless man did not abide by the command of the policeman, he was shot and killed!

Examinations of the unfortunate man that was being eaten revealed that his face had been mutilated.  His eyes and his nose were eaten out of and off of his face!  He was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he remains in treatment for severe injuries.  The reports of the attack say that this man’s face now is damaged beyond recognition!

The zombie attacker was identified as Rudy Eugene, aged 31.  He was a suspected cocaine addict, likely which lead him to commit such an horrific action.  When he was approachead by the policemen, Eugene was growling, while continue to eat skin and human flesh!  One shot was fired at him, yet he was apparently unphased, as he continued to gnarl upon his victim, tearing skin and chewing body parts.  Following shots were made, and Eugene was eventually killed.

Eugene had been arrested several times before this incident.  Yet, reports reveal that this was Eugene’s only recorded episode of eating a person.  He had been arrested once before, on charges of battering his now ex-wife.    She stated that Rudy Eugene felt as if the world was against him!

Miami man, Rudy Eugene, who was shot dead after police found him eating another man’s face (Image Credit: Miami Police)

Zombie Rudy Eugene









zombie animation     zombie animation     zombie animation

Zombies groove, too!

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