A Mad-Mad Madea & A Morsel of Magic!

June 30, 2012 at 1:53 AM (current news, human life issues, legal issues, movie reviews, music and entertainment, social opinion, web gossip)

Madea, Madea!  Girl, you remind me of a West Side Story!  Okay, maybe not all-that!  Yet, this latest release of your off-the-chain antics was well-worth the time and money spent! 

Madea’s Witness Protection begins with George Needleman (Eugene Levy) contacting his wife, Kate (Denise Richards) about family issues.  His mother, Barbara (Doris Roberts) does not like Kate, and George is trying to soothe family issues for his son’s upcoming birthday. 

While dealing with problems at home, George gets to work, only to learn that his corporation has collapsed because of business leaders investing in a Ponzi scheme!  George was a CFO of  Lookwise Industries, earning a seven-figure salary.  Topping it off, George’s boss is suing him for reporting the financial disarray to The Federal Government!

George’s wife, Kate (Denise Richards), helps him with recovery.  Meanwhile, outside of his building, a man attempts to carjack an unsuspecting Madea (Tyler Perry)Oh, NO!  Madea drives off with the thief, running him down, and getting away unscathed!

George is attempting to cope with his job situation, spending time with Kate.  His mother, Barbara (Doris Roberts), also tries helping her son to heal.  Yet, this is short-lived, as The F.B.I. arrests George, and all of his accounts are frozen!  Plus, members of the gangstrous (yes, damn it, gangstrous…) Malone Family are out to kill George because of possible testimony that he might give which could lead to their indictments for being factors in the business collapse.

A legal team gathers to assist George, lead by well-practiced lawyer Brian (Tyler Perry).  George works with Brian, as thet attempt to get the help of friendly neighborhood thug, Jake (Romeo Miller).  Jake has ways to come up with the needed $111,000 to pay off The Malones.  Meanwhile, to keep George in hiding, Brian has him to stay at the home of his parents, Madea and Joe!

The poster shows five people, four standing and one sitting in chair wearing black sunglasses in a white background. Text at the top of the poster reveals the title. Text at the bottom of the poster reveals the production credits, rating and release date.

We slipped into Magic Mike, second!  All of the uproar about the film and storyline made it seem as if it would be interesting.  It begins with a young Michael Lane (Channing Tatum) in Miami, trying to get a start to his life.  He does random work during the day, doing roofing jobs.  Yet,  he spends his nights working as an erotic dancer!

Mike gets acquainted with Adam (Alex Pettyfer) who is dating Mike’s sister, Brooke (Cody Horn).  It is Adam who gives Mike the moniker of The Kid, which Mike uses with his dirty dancing duties.  Adam gets Mike involved at the strip club called Xquisite Male review, where club owner and lead dancer Dallas (Matthew McConaughey) takes Mike under his…. wing.  Dallas works with Mike to show him some of the steps, and to pass along some of the rules of engagement when interacting with some of the wanton, wanting women admirers!

Mike becomes a sudden success at Xquisite.  He finds himself earning major tips, enough to help with giving financial security to Dallas.  Mike’s success as a stripper is seen by Adam, and he makes moves to become a male dancer, as well.  An accident on the stage with another stripper opens the door for Adam to fall into place as a spotlighted ass shaker.  Soon, Adam becomes “The Kid”, as he is showing it with the best of the rest, while showing arrogance to Mike and Dallas!

Adam knows that he can make big money as a stripper, enough to help Brooke with her financial needs.  He gets into a regular routine, which allows for one night alone to have him earn hundreds of dollars, and to get back payments owed to him from Dallas.  However, Brooke is not exactly receptive to the work that her brother is doing!

Later, Mike sees Dallas getting acquainted with Brooke.  Seeing Dallas close to his sister in a sexually suggestive nature does not set well with him.  After she is shocked to see Mike shaving his legs, he explains the purpose, then he proceeds to prepare for an upcoming night of naughty moves.  Brooke is not pleased that Mike is an erotic dancer, but Dallas proceeds to take Mike for show preparations.

Mike becomes a successful and demanded dancer, also. His earnings increase to the point that he can make substantial down payments on his and Brooke’s credit bills.  Mike’s money seems to provide financial stability, so much that he is able to take Brooke to a sandbar party off of the Tampa, Florida coast! 

Later, Tampa and the Florida coastline are threatened by the approach of Hurricane Elaine.  Mike now is a very successful dancer, to the point where he has been ignoring  Brooke.  His success has brought forth the inevitable approaches from wanton females, along with the accompanying allure of drug use. 

Mike later receives a package full of $10,000 at his apartment.   He struggles with the ideas of sharing it with Brooke, as well as with Adam.  Mike wants to move to Miami, and he recalls that he told Adam that he would give him a large sum out of gratitude for helping him to get his life moving. 

As Mike pays debts, Dallas goes to Tampa to open a club.  Mike now is a popular and successful stripper, gaining gobs of girls, and amassing an enormous ego.  He sets up a revitalization routine with other male dancers, including Dallas.  Yet, before it is Mike’s turn to appear on stage, he leaves the club!  Dallas puts an upcoming young dancer onto the stage, replacing Mike, without giving it a second thought! 

At Brooke’s apartment, she expresses anger and hurt toward Mike about his having given so much money away.  Yet, Mike states that he is ready to leave Miami, and that he wants to make amends with his displaced family and friends.  He gathers girlfriend Joanna, staying overnight with her, then waking up to breakfast and a hopeful lead into a new life!

Ted premiered this week, also!  I still want to see it, as it features Mark Wahlberg as a boy named John who had a teddy bear that came to life during his childhood.  The bear stays with John into his adulthood, while growing bitter and sarcastic.  Sounds like fun!

Next weekend has the excitement of The Amazing Spider-Man!  It is an updated version of the start of the Spider-Man story, telling how Peter Parker came to live with his Aunt May, and how he means to avenge the murder of his Uncle Ben.  This release also delves into how the radioactive spider bite gave him his mutated powers. 

More of July includes The Dark Knight Rises, Ice Age:  Continental Drift,  Killer Joe, The Magic of Belle Isle, Red Lights, Savages, Step Up:  Revolution, and The Watch!  Movies to anticipate for August are 360The Awakening, The Bourne Legacy, The Campaign, Hit and RunHope Springs, LawlessRobot and Frank, Side By SideSinister, Soldiers of FortuneSparkle, and Total Recall!  Summer 2012 is NOT over!

Oh, it’s NOT Madea-Madea!!!!     

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U.S. Supreme Court PASSES Health Care Legislation!

June 28, 2012 at 8:23 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

An historic governmnent decision was made today, as The Supreme Court passed a decision to support our nation’s health care law.  A five to four ruling was made, as The Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act did pass the judges’ votes.  The success of this legislation being passed is being viewed as a victory for President Obama and The Democratic Party.  It will allow for the national government to gain control over how health care benefits are regulated throughout the medical setting of The United States, while allowing for the setting of an unified presentation of medical benefits, and setting a nationally-lead financing of these benefits to needing patients.

Upon the passing of this legislation, eligibility for Medicaid must be required for all U.S. citizens.  Each state must accept the expansion of Medicaid into their individual legislations, or the states could lose national funding for Medicaid.  This decision has made it mandatory for health care to be provided, which allows for a needed level of assistance to U.S. citizens who would not be able to afford the necessity without government help.

Chief Justice John Roberts, along with Justices Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Elena Kagan, and Sonia Sotomayor all voted in favor of The Healthcare Act.  The remaining four Justices, Samuel Alito, Anthony Kennedy, Antonin Scalia, and Clarence Thomas, gave dissenting votes.  Their opinions stated that this act will serve as an imposition upon U.S. tax payers, and that it will allow the government to gain power over taxing U.S. citizens while they will not be accountable for how the taxes affect U.S. citizens.

Polls taken by The Wall Street Journal indicated that twenty-eight percent of U.S. citizens would like to have seen The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act found constitutional.  This particular poll stated that an additional thirty-seven percent of U.S. citizens would have been pleased if the bill was declared unconstitutional, with the remaining amount of polled citizens being undecided.  Additional sentiments from an estimated 1,000 polled U.S. citizens stated that four out of ten of them would have had mixed feelings if the bill had been stricken completely!

The upholding of this legislation will allow for the individual mandate, which requires U.S. citizens to purchase, or to maintain, health insurance by the start of 2014.  Several U.S. citizens will not have to submit to this legal demand because of previous financial obligations.  Yet, citizens who do not abide by these legal changes will face a one-percent tax increase to family incomes by 2014, and an increase to 2.5% by 2016!

Some public health organizations have expressed mixed sentiments on this ruling.  The American Cancer Society, through commentary from it’s C.E.O. John Seffrin, stated concern for how the passed legislation might limit the quality of health care to some of the country’s most needy citizens.  Health Care For America Now was “disappointed” by the decision, stating that it would be active in seeing that states do not act with measures to exclude U.S. citizens with the lowest incomes and insurance levels from receiving health care services through programs like Medicaid.

Young adult U.S. citizens whom have health insurance by law already will be allowed to keep the insurance.  Citizens with pre-existing conditions will have their insurance policies to remain active.  The law will require that limitations, exclusions, and unaffordable rates can not be imposed upon these U.S. citizens, as any such action will become illegal by 2014.  Also, youths at ages under 19 will not have health benefits limited, nor will these benefits be denied to them, if they have situations of depleted health already.

There surely will be continued debate to how this all has been presented.  From the base, it does seem that the passing of this bill will provide needed assistance to the medically needy and the financially incapable.  However, those opposed to the legislation are stating that it will cut back the levels of needed insurance for U.S. citizens.  Some statements are being made to indicate that many U.S. citizens will lose half of the money that they had been saving for health insurance in order to pay for the taxes that will be created by this newly-passed health care law.  Yet, an overwhelming sentiment is that the passing of this legislation will provide needed health care protection to U.S. citizens who could not afford it otherwise.

Obamacare supporters and protesters gather in front of the U.S. Supreme Court to find out the ruling on the Affordable Health Act June 28, 2012 in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, DC. The Supreme Court has upheld the whole healthcare law of the Obama Administration. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)




Judge job graphics

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Louisiana: Lacking the Learning, but Lovin’ Loch Ness!

June 26, 2012 at 12:58 AM (childcare and child protection, curious research, current news, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

It is embarrassing to find oneself seemingly coming to terms with some of the negative commentary that surrounds your place of residence.  The South, the southern region of the continental United States, is not always recognized as being the home to great amounts of geniuses.  That is an ugly stereotype, with it’s origins deeply rooted in ignorance, life differences, social misunderstandings, and yes, racism.

It is very difficult to try transcending these stereotypes when there are places within The South that promote the proliferation of overall obtusity.  Let us leap over to Louisiana.  Various rankings actually have The Pelican State with it’s students at or slightly below the national average for education levels. 

Ratings by The National Assessment of Educational Progress show that Louisiana students are below the national average for math, reading, science, and writing scores, based on 2011 tests.  Related assessments by The Science and Engineering Readiness Index show Louisiana far below the national average.  Only seven other states rated lower:  Alabama, Arizona, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and West Virginia. 

The National Education Association places Louisiana at 21 out of 50 for the total amount of instructional staff within it’s schools.  These educational institutions paid their teachers at a 28 out of 50 ranking among the pay rate for teachers throughout the nation for the 2010-2011 school year.  That school year had Louisiana ranked at 29 out of 50 for it’s monetary funds allocated to students during 2010-2011, while government financial sources placed Louisiana at fifth out of fifty for the money that it allocated to the states to be used for public school financing.  The State of Louisiana itself is operating through legislation passed by Governor Bobby Jindal to take money from the state’s public schools to be used for private school resources.  

So, Louisiana is a slightly below average state when it comes to government assistance for educational progress.  That could be pushed as a slightly valid excuse for the reason why such blatant stupidity (…and a seemingly out of touch Jimmy Walker is on Letterman…???) is prevailing throughout The Pelican State.  One example comes from reports that Louisiana private schools are trying to pass off myths and monster stories as actual facts!

So stuck on attempts to hang onto the closed-mindedness and idiotic reasonings of prior times, Louisiana private schools of religious bases mean to continue pressing blatant stupidity as information given to students.  Curriculum coordinators within these educational facilities have agendas that are ready to spread false stories and outright erroneous details in efforts to prepare their learning students for competition within the real world.  Private schools of Christian bases mean to educate their students with textbook-based information that provides them with so-called facts about topics that include The Loch Ness Monster actually was a surviving dinosaur which lived into the age of humanity!  This at least outrageous educational tidbit to be shared includes information about Nessie’s existence in conjunction with the reign of humanity on Earth contadicts actual facts about dinosaurs having gone extinct millions of years before the first human being emerged.    Let them tell it, the fabled Loch Ness Monster of Scottish lore actually is a surviving plesiosaur that has managed to make it for an extended, yet ultimately unknown length of time, without actual visual recognition, and without any levels of possibly necessary interactions with other members of it’s own species!

I guess that people will believe whatever they want to believe, despite actual facts, and opposed to any actual knowledge that is presented as contrary to their comfort zone ideas of what is real versus what is not real.  Adverse to the multitudes of solidified, verified facts about topics, it seems to be a fact that minds are difficult to sway, if not altogether impossible to convert, into places of actual reality, and into points of legitimate understanding.  I would try to figure out why someone would want to press stories about topics that the generally cognizant public is aware are not true.  I would want to believe that these sidelined storytellers really do not believe these stories that they are telling, and merely mean to force various fabrications as means of hanging onto tales of lore that are meant to highlight some manners of cultural mirth.

I called myself trying to get some level of grip on what is happening within the educational base of Louisiana.  Granted, what is occurring is taking place within private schools, only (hopefully…).  Yet, the fact that it is happening at all is disturbing, as it does press the notion that this kind of calamity is managing to make it into other areas of the nation.  Indeed, the states immediately surrounding Louisiana are not all known for their levels of intellectual prowess, either.  The stupidity manages to sludge outward, allowing for a slow, yet steady increase of dumb asses and dipsticks to make it from lower, hidden levels of society into the light of the national public.



Loch Ness Monster Animated Emoticon Gif

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Can We Prevent Mass Extinction Six?

June 25, 2012 at 1:16 AM (animal activism, climate studies, curious research, current news, environmental issues, historic review, human life issues, late night studies, science and technology)

Every so often, throughout the existence of our planet, something similar to a cleansing event takes place.  There have been documented episodes within the history of Earth when the majority of species around the planet have gone extinct at seemingly same points of time.  These identified periods of planetary purification have come to be called extinction events.

Ther have been five mass extinction events throughout the course of Earth’s existence.  The first mass extinction event occurred at an estimated 440 million years ago.  The Ordovician-Silurian Extinction happened when ice levels rose around the planet, trapping areas of fresh water from the access of living creatures.  The increase of ice caused sea levels to drop, leading to losses of life throughout many usually oceanic regions of Earth.

The Late Devonian Extinction happened at an estimate of 360 million years passed, when nearly seventy percent of marine life was eliminated.  This was alleged to have happened over a course of twenty million years.  An extended portion of this extinction period extended to areas between 100,000 years and 300,000 years, eliminating extreme amounts of sea life.

The Permian-Triassic Extinction is being labeled as the greatest of the Earth’s most devastating dying episodes.  This was 250 million years in Earth’s past.  Ninety percent of all life died at that time.  Speculations include theories of an asteroid impact, extreme volcanic eruptions, and a combinaton of both of these deadly occurrences.  Over ninety percent of life on Earth died within this extinction event.

It was 200 million years in the past when The Triassic-Jurassic Extinction Event took place.  Here, roughly twenty percent of marine life vanished, along with most extreme-sized amphibians, most near-mammals, and all of the pre-dinosaurs that are called archosaurs.  It is speculated that this extinction event occurred because of an asteroid impact to Earth, yet no underground evidence has been excavated to prove this theory.

Possibly the most recognized of all of the extinction events is The Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction, also called the K/T Extinction Event.  This is the extinction event that occurred sixty-five million years ago, leading to the disappearance of the dinosaurs.  The Chixulub impact site off of The Yucatán Peninsula is where an asteroid crater currently exists, dating back to the general time when all dinosaurs, along with half of all other species on Earth, were eliminated.

Some scientists are speculating that we are on the verge of entering a sixth extinction period.  There remains the underground chatter of asteroid impact within the next six to twelve months.  Yet, as that seems unlikely, it remains necessary to examine the actual causes that could lead to such extreme  life erasure and overall devastation to our Earth.

Much evidence is pointing toward humanity as the prime perpetrator of this point of planetary life privation.  It is being stated with much scientific evidence, that the actions of human beings will have driven Earth to a point where she/it can no longer sustain life on a major scale.  Warning signs are appearing blatantly, which include the depletion of the ozone layer, global warming, and currently excessive losses of animal and plant species.  A poll that was given to biologists around the planet revealed that seventy percent of them believe that Earth currently is in the initial throes of a mass extinction period. 

What do we do?  What can we do?  Suggestions, demands are being made that point toward the needs to handle the most obvious problems, first.  This does include putting a handle on human-inflicted damages to Earth, along with creating restrictions to currently unchecked human activities that continue to ravage the planet.  If actions are not made to correct contaminations, to patch the problems caused by pollution, and to stop our singular mindset of being the only items of significance to Earth, then we will fall easily into this sixth mass extinction period.  Yet, beliefs must stand that we can transcend what is being projected, showing that we can put a stop to the actions that are wrecking our world, and that we can reverse all which can be reversed, so that our Earth will remain for generations of species that may exist within eons to come! 


Sumatran Tiger Hyacinth Macaw Mountain Gorilla 

White Lion  Ladybird spider

Bald Eagle Timber Rattlesnake picture, Crotalus horridus Grizzly Bear

Desert Tortoise orca whale Picture of an Ant



                                        animated gifs             

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A Killer Wait to Be Dead, or Killed By The Dead: This Week’s Films!

June 23, 2012 at 1:08 AM (astronomy topics, climate studies, curious research, environmental issues, historic review, movie reviews, social opinion)

I had been looking forward to seeing this movie for weeks, as I have become an enormous fan of Steve Carell!  Furthermore, I figured that it would be alluring to get a grasp on the inner features of this film, considering the topic at hand.  The mixture of a serious topic, melded with the unavoidable humor, did allow for Seeking a Friend for the End of The World to be presented as an enjoyable, yet engaging film!

The story began with the storyline-presented Space Shuttle Deliverance being destroyed while it drifted within The Asteroid Belt.  All eyes on Earth are watching, as the asteroid called Matilda is twenty-one days away from striking our planet.  While the thought of the oncoming destroyer from space tantalizes, yet terrifies all Earthlings, Dodge (Steve Carell) finds that the best thing to do is to proceed with his regular work schedule!

Dodge returns to his job as a car salesman.  All others with whom he works are running to try finding the best possible places for safety!  Additionally, Dodge’s home maid, Elsa (Tonita Castro), can find nothing better than to proceed with her job to serve as a maid for Dodge’s home.   Meanwhile, all social structure, including legal rules and regulations, have collapsed!

Dodge opts to report to his job.  While heading there, Dodge witnesses one man committing suicide, as one woman leaps from a building into his car!  It is later that evening when his wife, Linda (Nancy Carell), recovers from a family mental collapse to take Dodge to an evening social.  There, friends and family prepare their final life intentions, while allowing the children to have full drinks of liquor!

A month remains before the asteroid is to strike.  Dodge is not interested in sex with an outside female whom finds him attractive.  As the days seem to meld, Dodge’s marriage seems to reach a point of calamity, and he tries committing suicide by trying to drink a full bottle of window cleaner!

A stray dog appears outside of Dodge’s home, and he decides to adopt the animal.  As news clips show nationwide riots, Dodge gets a note from a former girlfriend who proclaims him as the love of her life!  He finds that he has to leave his apartment, which is in the midst of riots, and he reaches the apartment of Penny (Keira Knightley).

Remaining neighbors of Penny’s immediately assume that she and Dodge are intimately bound.  They do become momentarily intimate, yet Dodge gets upset with Penny because she can not stop dwelling upon their prior relationships.  He opts to leave Penny alone, and he goes to find his neighbor, Glen.  Dodge is upset when he learns that Glen has been shot to death!

Dodge proceeds, stopping to have dinner at a restaurant.  There, a liberated waitress still works, wanting to do all tasks because she feels the need to be active.  After eating, Dodge opts to remove the clothing of his position as an insurance salesman, finally quitting the job!

Dodge then goes with his wife to the location of his last birthday celebration, at the home of a friend named Freddy.  Arriving at this home, he sees that Freddy’s wife is there.  The two of them realize that they had been attracted to each other, so they had sex in his truck!  He returns home to Linda, and he has sex with her, too!

Dodge and Linda opt to go out for dinner, afterward.  The restaurant workers tend to everyone there, regardless of necessity.  Once finished, Dodge proceeds to his former office, then he goes to pick up Penny.  They remain attracted to one another, and they make out in his truck!  The two drive to Dodge’s home, where he tells wife Olivia that he has fornicated with Penny, then he wants to make out with his wife!

Upon leaving the home, Dodge is pulled over by a cop.  He is arrested, then he is taken to jail.  Penny arrives to try freeing Dodge, as she believes that she has ruined his life.  Yet, Penny is incarcerated, also!  They talk, as Dodge reveals that he has not talked with his father in twenty-five years, and his wife now continously doubts him.

Dodge and Penny fall asleep while incarcerated.  Upon awakening, they learn that Dodge’s truck has been impounded.  They are released, and an officer drives them to Camden, New Jersey.  There, they reach the home of a friend, Corporal Jonas Speck (Derek Luke).  He used to date Penny, and he owns a safe house filled with supplies.  A working telephone is there as well, and Dodge uses it to contact his parents. 

Afterward, Dodge is with Penny, and they drive to Dodge’s childhood, New Jersey home.  They go inside, looking over wallpaper and stored food.  Dodge gets hold of an old record player, and he plays a prior record.  Penny later cooks, and she reflects on childhood memories.  She then gets hold of a childhood letter which has an address to which she decides to take Dodge.

They arrive at the home, and no one seems there.  He leaves a note, then they leave, while seeing people being baptized in a river, and others gathering at the shores.  Dodge and Penny drive to Somerset, New Jersey, reaching the home of  Dodge’s dad, Frank (Martin Sheen), who greets his son happily!

Dodge and Frank attempt to make amends for past family disruptions.  Father and son proceed to have dinner with Penny.  Afterward, she drinks herself to death, and Frank pilots a jet, flying himself into a building!

As Dodge returns home, he finds that maid Elsa is still there!  He is adamant that Elsa leave, yet she knows nothing else for her active life, and she plans to return next week!  They learn that the asteroid, called Matilda, is arriving next week, also!

Dodge gets back to his home, where he plays old records, and he reflects.  Suddenly, the power is shut off.  Penny shows up, revealing that she had not died, but that she was in a deep sleep.  She proceeds to confess her affection toward Dodge, as an explosive sound is heard.  The asteroid has pierced the atmosphere, and it flames toward the ground!  Dodge and Penny profess their love for each other, as the world as they know it comes to an end!

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World Movie Poster

We saw Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter, second.  It actually was an interesting story!  The 16th President of The United States has a secret role as a vampire hunter.  He learns that the undead blood drinkers have amassed with a sinister plot to take over the young nation.

Abraham Lincoln (Benjamin Walker) knows that vampires do exist.  It was his father who told him that his grandfather had been murdered by ruthless blood suckers, and that his mother was killed by drinking vampire blood.  This knowledge lead Abraham Lincoln to devote his life to capturing and killing vampires!

At the age of sixteen, Abraham Lincoln learns that vampires have gathered to attack people at a section of The Ohio River. Lincoln attempts to stop one vampire, yet he is almost killed by trying to attack the more powerful undead.  One momentarily benevolent vampire named Henry Sturges (Dominic Cooper) saves Abraham, and he teaches Abraham the difference between good and bad bloodsuckers. 

Sturges takes in Abraham, teaching him how to battle vampires.  He learns how to attack them physically, and he learns how to use silver to kill them.  Lincoln proceeds to travel, making it down The Mississippi River to New Orleans.  He arrives there, seeing a slave auction, and he follows one slave buyer to his home.  Upon arriving at the residence of this immoral individual, he learns more of the man’s malevolence in that he is using the purchased slaves as food for vampires!

Lincoln reflects on the wicked ways of vampires, equating it to how slavery exists within The United States.  He surmises that as long as vampires exist, slavery will continue to exist.  It is from this inner revelation at President Lincoln decides that he must kill all vampires, as his first step in the necessary act toward ending the evil of slavery within his nation!

     Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Movie Poster

 Next week actually has a three-pack of great films to see!  Magic Mike premieres next Friday, featuring Matthew Mac Conaughey and Channing Tatum as go-gettum gigolos!  The merry madness of Madea is back next week also, as she returns for Madea’s Witness Protection!  Then, Mark Wahlberg premieres as a now grown man, still hanging onto his now alive teddy bear with the opening of Ted!

July starts with a blast for films opening at The Fourth of July weekend!  The Amazing Spiderman and Katy Perry:  Part of Me premiere on July 3rd and July 5th, respectively.  More of July includes The Dark Knight Rises, Ice Age:  Continental Drift, Killer Joe, Neighborhood WatchThe Pact, Red Lights, and The Watch!  The mid-summer will be HOT!


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The Abortion Debate Heats Up Michigan!

June 21, 2012 at 11:45 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

Oh, get over it!  Every so often, you will read about an incident of outrage that has occurred someplace within the nation, and it will be highly irritating!  There seems to be a possible increase of actions that are geared toward silencing, shutting down all that is meant to deliver links toward the realities of life in today’s world.  This particular story gives information about how social organizations and government officials are striving toward silencing citizens due to an increasingly heated debate.

It was last week when The Michigan House of Representatives was working with legislation that meant to create regulatory set backs toward abortion within that state.  The Michigan Representatives have composed a 45-page bill, and two addendum bills, which present proposals to restrict the availability of abortions within that state.  The main bill was meant to create legislation to require that insurance and licenses are mandatory for Michigan abortion clinics to function.

Activists against abortions are saying that these legislative requirements will make certain that abortion clinics within Michigan all meet with the needed standards that will protect women whom mean to have abortions.  Time limits would be activated, making abortions illegal, unless the procedure is necessary to save the female’s life.  These requirements would make it illegal to dupe a female into having an abortion, to demand that aborted fetuses must be placed within specific locations, and to obstruct any use of the pill RU-486 by webcam instruction from a medical professional.

People within Michigan whom have been following along with this proposal are against it because they say that it will be difficult for the regulations to be understood by women seeking to have abortions.  Representatives with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan are saying that such legislation would create a situation of uncertainty when viewed by females who wish to follow through with abortions.  Furthermore, they are stating that the legislative proposal has been put into motion too quickly, without allowing time for it to be reviewed by any whom may see it as a possible obstacle to Michigan women wanting to have, needing to have abortions.

Representatives with Right to Life Michigan are stating that it is good for the main segment of this three-bill package to have passed legislation within The Wolverine State.  It is their sentiment that human life is a gift to be protected, which should include allowing births to occur that are not detimental to the lives of the mother, or of the unborn child.   This organization has been amply vocal in expressing that pregnancies of Michigan females should be allowed to continue to full term, while they avidly support state and national legislation which will protect mothers and unborn babies from being required to have abortions.

This initial part of the Michigan abortion bill passed with a 70 to 39 victory vote.  All Michican Republicans voted in favor of the bill, and six Michigan Democrats voted to pass it, also.  Most Michigan Democrats expressed that this legislative package will shut down abortion availabilities within that state, with female legislators referring to it as “a war on women”!  One Michigan Democratic Representative, Rashida Tlaib of Detroit, made statements to express that Michigan women should stop having sex with Michigan men until all efforts to have this pro-abortion legislation are stopped!

abortion legal



Freaky cartoon

….and Letterman just bashed The Beibs after his Top Ten presentation!  He went on, performing If I Was Your Boyfriend!

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Find Another Name!

June 19, 2012 at 7:35 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, historic review, science and technology, social opinion) (, )

The more that I view information about some of the latest studies regarding discoveries within outer space, the more I find myself upset with this particular term for a classification of extrasolar planets.  I have to admit to a growing disdain for the term Super Earth.  I find it to be highly misleading, accompanied by disappointing, after reaching an understanding about that to which the term refers.

You may find yourself studying information about some of the recent discoveries within outer space, and you might run across this term that is being used to label a group of worlds beyond our solar system.  The term itself teases with the suggestion that planets in various locations of spacetime have been found, and that they have intriguing similarities to our Earth.  Well, that is not the case.

Super Earths are defined as such because they have masses which are near to that of our Earth.  A Super Earth might be a world that is anywhere between twice as massive, up to ten times as massive as our planet.  The world could be a gas giant, or an ice giant, yet it is nothing actually akin to Earth.  There are no trees, no rivers, no animals, and certainly no people.  Due to that glaring omission of necessary ingredients, I believe that the term “Super Earth is at least inaccurate!

When astronomers and scientific researchers are describing newly identified worlds as Super Earths, they are not talking about these worlds having any immediate similarities to our home planet.  Nothing has been discovered on these distant planets that would seem to equate them physically to Earth.  Such a world could be capable of sustaining water, and it could exist within the orbital habitable zone of it’s solar system.  Yet, it is not a planet that harbors any super-sized San Franciscos, colossal Cairos, or titanic Tokyos, and certainly, nothing is alive there!

The first Super Earth worlds were identified in 1992.  Two astronomers, Dale Frail and Aleksander Wolszczan, identified planets that orbited a pulsar labeled as PSR B1257+12.  These worlds actually exist in the remnants of a solar system, as their star went supernova.  They are situated within our Milky Way, as remaining residents of a planetary system that contains at least four planets.

This system is located roughly 1,000 light years from our solar system.  It is situated within the constellation Virgo.  Researchers have discerned that the system is roughly 800 million years old.  The star PSR B1257+12 was discovered in 1990 by European astronomer and Pennsylvania State University professor, Dr. Aleksander Wolszczan.  The radio telescope at Arecibo Observatory was used to identify the star, and it’s surrounding planets.

The pulsar planets PSR B1257+12 b, c, and d are all that remains of a dead solar system. They are constantly beamed with intense radiation.



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Rodney King Dies

June 18, 2012 at 1:08 AM (current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, social opinion, web gossip)

I can recall that it was during my time in high school when the incident involving Rodney King incensed the social setting of the nation.  The underlying racial discomfort and disparities between Blacks and Whites throughout The United States was brought to a heated point.  A greater focus was placed upon how police throughout the nation had and continue to have distinct differences in their methods of dealing with citizens and suspects of different ethnic origins.  The arrest and treatment of Rodney King by Los Angeles Police placed an immediate spotlight on the frequency of these methods by police within that California metropolis, as well as within cities across the country.

The arrest and the abuse of Rodney King by L.A.P.D. officers seemed to put a spotlight on how members of communities that are not wealth-based are viewed and handled by public officials.  It gave greater light to how African-American males in specific were found to face consistently negative opinions and treatments by police, and by legal officials that have control of how public settings are managed.  King’s arrest, followed by his filmed mistreatment by police officers brought light to a seemingly ongoing practice of public officials interacting with minorities on a level that was less than equivalent to how citizens of the ethnic majority were treated.  The subsequent 1992 riots of Los Angeles because of King’s abuse by L.A.P.D. reignited a worldwide focus on the continued racial disparities that exist solidly within The United States.

Rodney King himself may have gained the distinction of something similar to an anti-hero after all that occurred, surrounding his abuse by Los Angeles Police.  As the subsequent Los Angeles riots aroused public attention to how law officials handled minority citizens in manners less than equivalent to the methods used with majority citizens, King himself was the prime focus because of his attack by L.A.P.D. having been videotaped.  This was used as a focal point for protests by activists against racial disparity.  All of the attention placed on his assault, followed by the worldwide sight that was given to Los Angeles, as well as the continued issue of racial inequality throughout The United States, placed global focus on how racism and social disparities continue to exist despite many efforts made to equalize these settings.

One would think that Rodney King, being at the center of this particular social scene, would have made it into a life where he reached some levels of safety and protection from future harm.  Indeed, King may have actually gotten to some points of such security.  Yet, all of those things were not enough to protect him from his greatest enemy, which seemed to be himself.

The fact that Rodney King was found dead at the bottom of a pool was disturbing in itself.  Had he no one whom maintained continuous sight of him, protecting him from possible situations of harm?  Furthermore, the manner in which he died, drowning due to an overdose of alcohol and marijuana abuse, indicates that he was unable to escape the depleted setting that seemed to engulf his life initially.  Mr. King was unable to learn from the errors of his earlier life, and/or he was forced into a return of lesser living because the traps of such a lifestyle were more powerful than anything offered as methods of improvement and escape into better, higher living.

Rodney King was 47 years old, and he was engaged for the third time in his life.  It was his fiancee, Cynthia Kelly, who called 9-1-1 at 5:25 a.m. to report him being at the bottom of his pool.  Paramedics and police got to his house, but they were unable to revive him.  King’s body was taken to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, where doctors pronounced him dead at 6:11 a.m., June 17, 2012.

Perhaps a way to look at this is that individuals living in situations where their lives are unstable due to past problems should continue to be reviewed, monitored, by people whom have the capacities to provide stability to them.  It could be said that Rodney King was in no position to go onto live a lavish and seemingly unchecked lifestyle, laden with some levels of celebrity.  It is not the manner of life to which he was accustomed during the majority of his time alive.  He seemed not to know how to deal with it, likely leading him into lesser forms of living, to which he was accustomed and comfortable.

I have to hope that the story of Rodney King will be filtered into society, especially spread to youth, and anyone on the verge of immediate success after coming from settings drastically opposite to luxury.  It is a classic example of how going from nothing to something can be overwhelming, and indeed deadly.  Be it over twenty years, twenty months, or twenty minutes, I would have to say that sudden shifts of social placement can be dangerous without an understanding of the need for change on several personal levels, and without a capacity to recognize that some things need to be left behind for a true intent to move into a more stable and more secure setting of life.

PHOTO: Rodney King poses for a portrait in Los Angeles, in this April 13, 2012 photo.



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Music and The Movies Mixed Well!

June 16, 2012 at 1:35 AM (current news, human life issues, movie reviews, music and entertainment, social opinion, web gossip)

Tonight’s feature actually was fun!  I knew that it was a musical, and I like musicals.  Yet, for some reason, I had not taken in the fact that it was going to be a good story!  I am just old enough (ahem…) to recall the music for this movie.  I knew that some heavy-weight stars took part in the script, yet I had to sit in the cinema to get a true grasp on how good Rock of Ages turned out to be!

It begins with a bus leaving Oklahoma, as Sherrie (Julianne Hough) is on her way to Los Angeles.  She arrives in the active city streets at night.  At the same time, a club concert is being held, where Lonny (Russell Brand) is managing the club as a concert is happening.  Sherrie enters this club, The Bourbon Room, seeing the show, with bar owner Dennis Dupree (Alec Baldwin) walking past her.  The evening seems to go well.  Yet, when Sherrie leaves The Bourbon Room, she gets robbed!

Bourbon Room worker Drew Boley (Diego Boneta) comes to help Sherrie.  As they talk, he takes in her story, then he offers her a job at the club.  Sherrie proceeds to meet club owner Dennis Dupree, who allows her to serve as a waitress.   Dennis is in the midst of working a deal to have famous rock star Stacee Jaxx (Tom Cruise) to perform at his club. 

Meanwhile, Mike Whitmore (Bryan Cranston) is running for L.A. Mayor, with the assistance of his wife, Patricia (Catherine Zeta-Jones).  Whitmore’s platform is to clean up the streets of L.A., which includes closing The Bourbon Room.  Dennis Dupree gets wind of this, and he gets help from friend and business associate Paul Gill (Paul Giamatti).

Paul plans to make The Bourbon Room become more of an attractive location.  He plans to have the famous Stacee Jaxx to perform at the club.  However, Patricia means to stop this, as she has a long-standing vendetta against Jaxx from a failed college relationship between them.  Patricia arranges public protests with her church to have plans for closing The Bourbon Room to remain in place!

The night that Jaxx is to perform at The Bourbon Room is when Jaxx is interviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine reporter Constance Sack (Malin Akerman).  This lady gets details from Jaxx about rumors that he is a problem to other members of his band, and that he had been kicked out because of his attitude problems.  Their conversation develops into a deeper interaction, but she stops it when Jaxx makes a snide comment that offends her!

Patricia continues to make efforts toward her husband’s re-election.  She contacts Dennis to get ideas on what needs to be done, prompting Dennis to contact Paul.  They manage to get Stacee to commit to performing, yet an antagonistic faction forms to prevent Stacee from making an appearance.  They have church-lead functions to build support rallies against Stacee.

As all of this is occurring, Sherrie is having trouble getting a job.  While looking for work, she gains an ally and a friend in Justice Charlier (Mary J. Blige).  Justice is the owner of a strip club, and she give a job to Sherrie as a waitress.  Yet, personal issues between her and Drew lead Sherrie to plan a return to her Oklahoma home.  She has reached a point where she feels she will be better off away from Los Angeles. 

Sherrie goes to reflect while sitting atop The Hollywood Sign.  Drew meets her at the sign, where they have time for personal expression to each other, under the tune of  the Foreigner hit song, Waiting For A Girl Like You.  Drew is not able to keep Sherrie from returning to Oklahoma, and he feels the agony of knowing that she is leaving (Every Rose Has It’s Thorn…).

It is later that evening when a show is going to be held at The Bourbon Room.  Stacee’s fans are ready to protest against Patricia, who has a group of her followers prepared to see that the club is closed.  Yet, Lonny sees Patricia outside of the club, and he realizes that he has seen her before.  Lonny realizes that Patricia had appeared nude on the cover of a magazine some years prior, and he makes that known to everyone else! 

Stacee winds up reading a magazine clip that was written by Constance.  His browsing of the artciles leads him to reflect upon time spent with Constance, and Stacee comes to the conclusion that he loves her.  He immediately goes to find her, declaring his love for her.  While seeking Constance.  Stacee learns that money from an earlier concert performance had been stolen by Paul, so Stacee fires him!  Stacee gets the money back to Dennis, who is able to use the funds to save The Bourbon Room.

A celebratory concert is held the next evening.  Constance arrives at the club, and she encounters Paul.  As they talk, Stacee walks near to them, and Paul introduces him to Constance.  She proceeds to interview Stacee, getting details about how he has behaved irrationally recently, and asking about why he is performing solo.  Their interview slowly shifts toward personal conversation, where they realize that they are in love with each other!

Later, Stacee, Drew, and Sherrie collaborate to form a new band.  Their combination leads to a spectacular performance for a massive crowd.  Patricia is in the audience, along with Constance, Denny, and Lonny.  The friends take the stage with their friends’ band, altogether singing Don’t Stop Believin’!

Rock of Ages

Next week has the 2012 alert-comedy of Seeking A Friend For The End of The World, the entertaining animation Brave, and the interesting, historical-horror fantasy of Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter!  The hilarious humor of Tyler Perry returns the following week with Madea’s Witness Protection, along with hot boys Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum in Magic Mike, and the comedic story of a come-to-life teddy bear with Mark Wahlberg in Ted!  Movies to anticipate for July include The Amazing Spiderman, The Dark Knight RisesIce Age:  Continental Drift, Killer Joe, The Pact, Red Lights, Savages, Union Square, and The Watch!


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Some of the music had me reflecting and rocking to the beats!

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New Worlds Found With Low-Scale Methods!

June 14, 2012 at 7:51 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, science and technology, web gossip)

I was reading another posting about recent discoveries of extrasolar planets, and this particular revelation was interesting.  It is amazing to learn about how many new and fascinating things are being discovered from our current studies of the universe.  Indeed, I really want to believe that it only is a short matter of time before someone, something responds to our searches!

A recent observation of outer space has given information about a planet that is racing around it’s host star, and being highly irradiated in the process.  This world is KELT-1b, named for The Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope – North that is at The Winer Observatory, outside of Sonoita, Arizona.  This is one of a pair of telescopes, with the other situated at South African Astronomical ObservatorySutherland, South Africa

It is the KELT North telescope at Sonoita, Arizona that has located two planets which are challenging to the current concepts of how worlds form within solar systems.  The first planet is KELT-1b, and it is in orbit of KELT-1.  This is a star situated within the constellation Andromeda (NOT the galaxy….).  KELT-1b is described as a gas giant which is so massive that it could be called a “failed star”!  It orbits KELT-1 at an incredibly rapid rate of a little more than one Earth-length day!

The second world, KELT-2Ab, was found within the constellation Auriga.  This is situated some 360 light years away from us!  It is a gas giant, akin to Jupiter.  The planet orbits the main star of the HD 42176 binary system.  It has been labeled as a hot Jupiter, which is a gas giant equivalent in size to our Jupiter, yet in orbit of it’s host star at an unusually, uncomfortably close distance.

An astronomy research team from Ohio State University is being given some credit for the discoveries of KELT-1b and KELT-2ab.  They work with The American Astronomical Society, which held a convention in Anchorage, Alaska, yesterday.  Their observations were made with a telescope that does not have the viewing capacity greater than a top-tier digital camera! 

I am regularly fascinated, amazed, by all that is being discovered within various regions of outer space.  There is just so much out there, as new worlds are being discovered nearly every day!  Again, with all that is being found, and with so much more that has yet to be seen, it seems impossible, impractical, that our Earth is the only planet of it’s type within the universe, or even within our galaxy.  It seems that it is just a matter of time before that another world with life is discovered.  Maybe it has been already, and those “in charge” feel that the acknowledgement of it’s presence is a little bit too much for the general human psyche.  Just a thought…..



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