New Worlds Found With Low-Scale Methods!

June 14, 2012 at 7:51 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, science and technology, web gossip)

I was reading another posting about recent discoveries of extrasolar planets, and this particular revelation was interesting.  It is amazing to learn about how many new and fascinating things are being discovered from our current studies of the universe.  Indeed, I really want to believe that it only is a short matter of time before someone, something responds to our searches!

A recent observation of outer space has given information about a planet that is racing around it’s host star, and being highly irradiated in the process.  This world is KELT-1b, named for The Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope – North that is at The Winer Observatory, outside of Sonoita, Arizona.  This is one of a pair of telescopes, with the other situated at South African Astronomical ObservatorySutherland, South Africa

It is the KELT North telescope at Sonoita, Arizona that has located two planets which are challenging to the current concepts of how worlds form within solar systems.  The first planet is KELT-1b, and it is in orbit of KELT-1.  This is a star situated within the constellation Andromeda (NOT the galaxy….).  KELT-1b is described as a gas giant which is so massive that it could be called a “failed star”!  It orbits KELT-1 at an incredibly rapid rate of a little more than one Earth-length day!

The second world, KELT-2Ab, was found within the constellation Auriga.  This is situated some 360 light years away from us!  It is a gas giant, akin to Jupiter.  The planet orbits the main star of the HD 42176 binary system.  It has been labeled as a hot Jupiter, which is a gas giant equivalent in size to our Jupiter, yet in orbit of it’s host star at an unusually, uncomfortably close distance.

An astronomy research team from Ohio State University is being given some credit for the discoveries of KELT-1b and KELT-2ab.  They work with The American Astronomical Society, which held a convention in Anchorage, Alaska, yesterday.  Their observations were made with a telescope that does not have the viewing capacity greater than a top-tier digital camera! 

I am regularly fascinated, amazed, by all that is being discovered within various regions of outer space.  There is just so much out there, as new worlds are being discovered nearly every day!  Again, with all that is being found, and with so much more that has yet to be seen, it seems impossible, impractical, that our Earth is the only planet of it’s type within the universe, or even within our galaxy.  It seems that it is just a matter of time before that another world with life is discovered.  Maybe it has been already, and those “in charge” feel that the acknowledgement of it’s presence is a little bit too much for the general human psyche.  Just a thought…..


                                         Animated moving shooting star at right        PurplePlanet-01-june.gif (42184 bytes)        Animated moving shooting star at right


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