The Abortion Debate Heats Up Michigan!

June 21, 2012 at 11:45 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

Oh, get over it!  Every so often, you will read about an incident of outrage that has occurred someplace within the nation, and it will be highly irritating!  There seems to be a possible increase of actions that are geared toward silencing, shutting down all that is meant to deliver links toward the realities of life in today’s world.  This particular story gives information about how social organizations and government officials are striving toward silencing citizens due to an increasingly heated debate.

It was last week when The Michigan House of Representatives was working with legislation that meant to create regulatory set backs toward abortion within that state.  The Michigan Representatives have composed a 45-page bill, and two addendum bills, which present proposals to restrict the availability of abortions within that state.  The main bill was meant to create legislation to require that insurance and licenses are mandatory for Michigan abortion clinics to function.

Activists against abortions are saying that these legislative requirements will make certain that abortion clinics within Michigan all meet with the needed standards that will protect women whom mean to have abortions.  Time limits would be activated, making abortions illegal, unless the procedure is necessary to save the female’s life.  These requirements would make it illegal to dupe a female into having an abortion, to demand that aborted fetuses must be placed within specific locations, and to obstruct any use of the pill RU-486 by webcam instruction from a medical professional.

People within Michigan whom have been following along with this proposal are against it because they say that it will be difficult for the regulations to be understood by women seeking to have abortions.  Representatives with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan are saying that such legislation would create a situation of uncertainty when viewed by females who wish to follow through with abortions.  Furthermore, they are stating that the legislative proposal has been put into motion too quickly, without allowing time for it to be reviewed by any whom may see it as a possible obstacle to Michigan women wanting to have, needing to have abortions.

Representatives with Right to Life Michigan are stating that it is good for the main segment of this three-bill package to have passed legislation within The Wolverine State.  It is their sentiment that human life is a gift to be protected, which should include allowing births to occur that are not detimental to the lives of the mother, or of the unborn child.   This organization has been amply vocal in expressing that pregnancies of Michigan females should be allowed to continue to full term, while they avidly support state and national legislation which will protect mothers and unborn babies from being required to have abortions.

This initial part of the Michigan abortion bill passed with a 70 to 39 victory vote.  All Michican Republicans voted in favor of the bill, and six Michigan Democrats voted to pass it, also.  Most Michigan Democrats expressed that this legislative package will shut down abortion availabilities within that state, with female legislators referring to it as “a war on women”!  One Michigan Democratic Representative, Rashida Tlaib of Detroit, made statements to express that Michigan women should stop having sex with Michigan men until all efforts to have this pro-abortion legislation are stopped!

abortion legal

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