A Killer Wait to Be Dead, or Killed By The Dead: This Week’s Films!

June 23, 2012 at 1:08 AM (astronomy topics, climate studies, curious research, environmental issues, historic review, movie reviews, social opinion)

I had been looking forward to seeing this movie for weeks, as I have become an enormous fan of Steve Carell!  Furthermore, I figured that it would be alluring to get a grasp on the inner features of this film, considering the topic at hand.  The mixture of a serious topic, melded with the unavoidable humor, did allow for Seeking a Friend for the End of The World to be presented as an enjoyable, yet engaging film!

The story began with the storyline-presented Space Shuttle Deliverance being destroyed while it drifted within The Asteroid Belt.  All eyes on Earth are watching, as the asteroid called Matilda is twenty-one days away from striking our planet.  While the thought of the oncoming destroyer from space tantalizes, yet terrifies all Earthlings, Dodge (Steve Carell) finds that the best thing to do is to proceed with his regular work schedule!

Dodge returns to his job as a car salesman.  All others with whom he works are running to try finding the best possible places for safety!  Additionally, Dodge’s home maid, Elsa (Tonita Castro), can find nothing better than to proceed with her job to serve as a maid for Dodge’s home.   Meanwhile, all social structure, including legal rules and regulations, have collapsed!

Dodge opts to report to his job.  While heading there, Dodge witnesses one man committing suicide, as one woman leaps from a building into his car!  It is later that evening when his wife, Linda (Nancy Carell), recovers from a family mental collapse to take Dodge to an evening social.  There, friends and family prepare their final life intentions, while allowing the children to have full drinks of liquor!

A month remains before the asteroid is to strike.  Dodge is not interested in sex with an outside female whom finds him attractive.  As the days seem to meld, Dodge’s marriage seems to reach a point of calamity, and he tries committing suicide by trying to drink a full bottle of window cleaner!

A stray dog appears outside of Dodge’s home, and he decides to adopt the animal.  As news clips show nationwide riots, Dodge gets a note from a former girlfriend who proclaims him as the love of her life!  He finds that he has to leave his apartment, which is in the midst of riots, and he reaches the apartment of Penny (Keira Knightley).

Remaining neighbors of Penny’s immediately assume that she and Dodge are intimately bound.  They do become momentarily intimate, yet Dodge gets upset with Penny because she can not stop dwelling upon their prior relationships.  He opts to leave Penny alone, and he goes to find his neighbor, Glen.  Dodge is upset when he learns that Glen has been shot to death!

Dodge proceeds, stopping to have dinner at a restaurant.  There, a liberated waitress still works, wanting to do all tasks because she feels the need to be active.  After eating, Dodge opts to remove the clothing of his position as an insurance salesman, finally quitting the job!

Dodge then goes with his wife to the location of his last birthday celebration, at the home of a friend named Freddy.  Arriving at this home, he sees that Freddy’s wife is there.  The two of them realize that they had been attracted to each other, so they had sex in his truck!  He returns home to Linda, and he has sex with her, too!

Dodge and Linda opt to go out for dinner, afterward.  The restaurant workers tend to everyone there, regardless of necessity.  Once finished, Dodge proceeds to his former office, then he goes to pick up Penny.  They remain attracted to one another, and they make out in his truck!  The two drive to Dodge’s home, where he tells wife Olivia that he has fornicated with Penny, then he wants to make out with his wife!

Upon leaving the home, Dodge is pulled over by a cop.  He is arrested, then he is taken to jail.  Penny arrives to try freeing Dodge, as she believes that she has ruined his life.  Yet, Penny is incarcerated, also!  They talk, as Dodge reveals that he has not talked with his father in twenty-five years, and his wife now continously doubts him.

Dodge and Penny fall asleep while incarcerated.  Upon awakening, they learn that Dodge’s truck has been impounded.  They are released, and an officer drives them to Camden, New Jersey.  There, they reach the home of a friend, Corporal Jonas Speck (Derek Luke).  He used to date Penny, and he owns a safe house filled with supplies.  A working telephone is there as well, and Dodge uses it to contact his parents. 

Afterward, Dodge is with Penny, and they drive to Dodge’s childhood, New Jersey home.  They go inside, looking over wallpaper and stored food.  Dodge gets hold of an old record player, and he plays a prior record.  Penny later cooks, and she reflects on childhood memories.  She then gets hold of a childhood letter which has an address to which she decides to take Dodge.

They arrive at the home, and no one seems there.  He leaves a note, then they leave, while seeing people being baptized in a river, and others gathering at the shores.  Dodge and Penny drive to Somerset, New Jersey, reaching the home of  Dodge’s dad, Frank (Martin Sheen), who greets his son happily!

Dodge and Frank attempt to make amends for past family disruptions.  Father and son proceed to have dinner with Penny.  Afterward, she drinks herself to death, and Frank pilots a jet, flying himself into a building!

As Dodge returns home, he finds that maid Elsa is still there!  He is adamant that Elsa leave, yet she knows nothing else for her active life, and she plans to return next week!  They learn that the asteroid, called Matilda, is arriving next week, also!

Dodge gets back to his home, where he plays old records, and he reflects.  Suddenly, the power is shut off.  Penny shows up, revealing that she had not died, but that she was in a deep sleep.  She proceeds to confess her affection toward Dodge, as an explosive sound is heard.  The asteroid has pierced the atmosphere, and it flames toward the ground!  Dodge and Penny profess their love for each other, as the world as they know it comes to an end!

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World Movie Poster

We saw Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter, second.  It actually was an interesting story!  The 16th President of The United States has a secret role as a vampire hunter.  He learns that the undead blood drinkers have amassed with a sinister plot to take over the young nation.

Abraham Lincoln (Benjamin Walker) knows that vampires do exist.  It was his father who told him that his grandfather had been murdered by ruthless blood suckers, and that his mother was killed by drinking vampire blood.  This knowledge lead Abraham Lincoln to devote his life to capturing and killing vampires!

At the age of sixteen, Abraham Lincoln learns that vampires have gathered to attack people at a section of The Ohio River. Lincoln attempts to stop one vampire, yet he is almost killed by trying to attack the more powerful undead.  One momentarily benevolent vampire named Henry Sturges (Dominic Cooper) saves Abraham, and he teaches Abraham the difference between good and bad bloodsuckers. 

Sturges takes in Abraham, teaching him how to battle vampires.  He learns how to attack them physically, and he learns how to use silver to kill them.  Lincoln proceeds to travel, making it down The Mississippi River to New Orleans.  He arrives there, seeing a slave auction, and he follows one slave buyer to his home.  Upon arriving at the residence of this immoral individual, he learns more of the man’s malevolence in that he is using the purchased slaves as food for vampires!

Lincoln reflects on the wicked ways of vampires, equating it to how slavery exists within The United States.  He surmises that as long as vampires exist, slavery will continue to exist.  It is from this inner revelation at President Lincoln decides that he must kill all vampires, as his first step in the necessary act toward ending the evil of slavery within his nation!

     Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Movie Poster

 Next week actually has a three-pack of great films to see!  Magic Mike premieres next Friday, featuring Matthew Mac Conaughey and Channing Tatum as go-gettum gigolos!  The merry madness of Madea is back next week also, as she returns for Madea’s Witness Protection!  Then, Mark Wahlberg premieres as a now grown man, still hanging onto his now alive teddy bear with the opening of Ted!

July starts with a blast for films opening at The Fourth of July weekend!  The Amazing Spiderman and Katy Perry:  Part of Me premiere on July 3rd and July 5th, respectively.  More of July includes The Dark Knight Rises, Ice Age:  Continental Drift, Killer Joe, Neighborhood WatchThe Pact, Red Lights, and The Watch!  The mid-summer will be HOT!


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