Louisiana: Lacking the Learning, but Lovin’ Loch Ness!

June 26, 2012 at 12:58 AM (childcare and child protection, curious research, current news, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

It is embarrassing to find oneself seemingly coming to terms with some of the negative commentary that surrounds your place of residence.  The South, the southern region of the continental United States, is not always recognized as being the home to great amounts of geniuses.  That is an ugly stereotype, with it’s origins deeply rooted in ignorance, life differences, social misunderstandings, and yes, racism.

It is very difficult to try transcending these stereotypes when there are places within The South that promote the proliferation of overall obtusity.  Let us leap over to Louisiana.  Various rankings actually have The Pelican State with it’s students at or slightly below the national average for education levels. 

Ratings by The National Assessment of Educational Progress show that Louisiana students are below the national average for math, reading, science, and writing scores, based on 2011 tests.  Related assessments by The Science and Engineering Readiness Index show Louisiana far below the national average.  Only seven other states rated lower:  Alabama, Arizona, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and West Virginia. 

The National Education Association places Louisiana at 21 out of 50 for the total amount of instructional staff within it’s schools.  These educational institutions paid their teachers at a 28 out of 50 ranking among the pay rate for teachers throughout the nation for the 2010-2011 school year.  That school year had Louisiana ranked at 29 out of 50 for it’s monetary funds allocated to students during 2010-2011, while government financial sources placed Louisiana at fifth out of fifty for the money that it allocated to the states to be used for public school financing.  The State of Louisiana itself is operating through legislation passed by Governor Bobby Jindal to take money from the state’s public schools to be used for private school resources.  

So, Louisiana is a slightly below average state when it comes to government assistance for educational progress.  That could be pushed as a slightly valid excuse for the reason why such blatant stupidity (…and a seemingly out of touch Jimmy Walker is on Letterman…???) is prevailing throughout The Pelican State.  One example comes from reports that Louisiana private schools are trying to pass off myths and monster stories as actual facts!

So stuck on attempts to hang onto the closed-mindedness and idiotic reasonings of prior times, Louisiana private schools of religious bases mean to continue pressing blatant stupidity as information given to students.  Curriculum coordinators within these educational facilities have agendas that are ready to spread false stories and outright erroneous details in efforts to prepare their learning students for competition within the real world.  Private schools of Christian bases mean to educate their students with textbook-based information that provides them with so-called facts about topics that include The Loch Ness Monster actually was a surviving dinosaur which lived into the age of humanity!  This at least outrageous educational tidbit to be shared includes information about Nessie’s existence in conjunction with the reign of humanity on Earth contadicts actual facts about dinosaurs having gone extinct millions of years before the first human being emerged.    Let them tell it, the fabled Loch Ness Monster of Scottish lore actually is a surviving plesiosaur that has managed to make it for an extended, yet ultimately unknown length of time, without actual visual recognition, and without any levels of possibly necessary interactions with other members of it’s own species!

I guess that people will believe whatever they want to believe, despite actual facts, and opposed to any actual knowledge that is presented as contrary to their comfort zone ideas of what is real versus what is not real.  Adverse to the multitudes of solidified, verified facts about topics, it seems to be a fact that minds are difficult to sway, if not altogether impossible to convert, into places of actual reality, and into points of legitimate understanding.  I would try to figure out why someone would want to press stories about topics that the generally cognizant public is aware are not true.  I would want to believe that these sidelined storytellers really do not believe these stories that they are telling, and merely mean to force various fabrications as means of hanging onto tales of lore that are meant to highlight some manners of cultural mirth.

I called myself trying to get some level of grip on what is happening within the educational base of Louisiana.  Granted, what is occurring is taking place within private schools, only (hopefully…).  Yet, the fact that it is happening at all is disturbing, as it does press the notion that this kind of calamity is managing to make it into other areas of the nation.  Indeed, the states immediately surrounding Louisiana are not all known for their levels of intellectual prowess, either.  The stupidity manages to sludge outward, allowing for a slow, yet steady increase of dumb asses and dipsticks to make it from lower, hidden levels of society into the light of the national public.



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