A Mad-Mad Madea & A Morsel of Magic!

June 30, 2012 at 1:53 AM (current news, human life issues, legal issues, movie reviews, music and entertainment, social opinion, web gossip)

Madea, Madea!  Girl, you remind me of a West Side Story!  Okay, maybe not all-that!  Yet, this latest release of your off-the-chain antics was well-worth the time and money spent! 

Madea’s Witness Protection begins with George Needleman (Eugene Levy) contacting his wife, Kate (Denise Richards) about family issues.  His mother, Barbara (Doris Roberts) does not like Kate, and George is trying to soothe family issues for his son’s upcoming birthday. 

While dealing with problems at home, George gets to work, only to learn that his corporation has collapsed because of business leaders investing in a Ponzi scheme!  George was a CFO of  Lookwise Industries, earning a seven-figure salary.  Topping it off, George’s boss is suing him for reporting the financial disarray to The Federal Government!

George’s wife, Kate (Denise Richards), helps him with recovery.  Meanwhile, outside of his building, a man attempts to carjack an unsuspecting Madea (Tyler Perry)Oh, NO!  Madea drives off with the thief, running him down, and getting away unscathed!

George is attempting to cope with his job situation, spending time with Kate.  His mother, Barbara (Doris Roberts), also tries helping her son to heal.  Yet, this is short-lived, as The F.B.I. arrests George, and all of his accounts are frozen!  Plus, members of the gangstrous (yes, damn it, gangstrous…) Malone Family are out to kill George because of possible testimony that he might give which could lead to their indictments for being factors in the business collapse.

A legal team gathers to assist George, lead by well-practiced lawyer Brian (Tyler Perry).  George works with Brian, as thet attempt to get the help of friendly neighborhood thug, Jake (Romeo Miller).  Jake has ways to come up with the needed $111,000 to pay off The Malones.  Meanwhile, to keep George in hiding, Brian has him to stay at the home of his parents, Madea and Joe!

The poster shows five people, four standing and one sitting in chair wearing black sunglasses in a white background. Text at the top of the poster reveals the title. Text at the bottom of the poster reveals the production credits, rating and release date.

We slipped into Magic Mike, second!  All of the uproar about the film and storyline made it seem as if it would be interesting.  It begins with a young Michael Lane (Channing Tatum) in Miami, trying to get a start to his life.  He does random work during the day, doing roofing jobs.  Yet,  he spends his nights working as an erotic dancer!

Mike gets acquainted with Adam (Alex Pettyfer) who is dating Mike’s sister, Brooke (Cody Horn).  It is Adam who gives Mike the moniker of The Kid, which Mike uses with his dirty dancing duties.  Adam gets Mike involved at the strip club called Xquisite Male review, where club owner and lead dancer Dallas (Matthew McConaughey) takes Mike under his…. wing.  Dallas works with Mike to show him some of the steps, and to pass along some of the rules of engagement when interacting with some of the wanton, wanting women admirers!

Mike becomes a sudden success at Xquisite.  He finds himself earning major tips, enough to help with giving financial security to Dallas.  Mike’s success as a stripper is seen by Adam, and he makes moves to become a male dancer, as well.  An accident on the stage with another stripper opens the door for Adam to fall into place as a spotlighted ass shaker.  Soon, Adam becomes “The Kid”, as he is showing it with the best of the rest, while showing arrogance to Mike and Dallas!

Adam knows that he can make big money as a stripper, enough to help Brooke with her financial needs.  He gets into a regular routine, which allows for one night alone to have him earn hundreds of dollars, and to get back payments owed to him from Dallas.  However, Brooke is not exactly receptive to the work that her brother is doing!

Later, Mike sees Dallas getting acquainted with Brooke.  Seeing Dallas close to his sister in a sexually suggestive nature does not set well with him.  After she is shocked to see Mike shaving his legs, he explains the purpose, then he proceeds to prepare for an upcoming night of naughty moves.  Brooke is not pleased that Mike is an erotic dancer, but Dallas proceeds to take Mike for show preparations.

Mike becomes a successful and demanded dancer, also. His earnings increase to the point that he can make substantial down payments on his and Brooke’s credit bills.  Mike’s money seems to provide financial stability, so much that he is able to take Brooke to a sandbar party off of the Tampa, Florida coast! 

Later, Tampa and the Florida coastline are threatened by the approach of Hurricane Elaine.  Mike now is a very successful dancer, to the point where he has been ignoring  Brooke.  His success has brought forth the inevitable approaches from wanton females, along with the accompanying allure of drug use. 

Mike later receives a package full of $10,000 at his apartment.   He struggles with the ideas of sharing it with Brooke, as well as with Adam.  Mike wants to move to Miami, and he recalls that he told Adam that he would give him a large sum out of gratitude for helping him to get his life moving. 

As Mike pays debts, Dallas goes to Tampa to open a club.  Mike now is a popular and successful stripper, gaining gobs of girls, and amassing an enormous ego.  He sets up a revitalization routine with other male dancers, including Dallas.  Yet, before it is Mike’s turn to appear on stage, he leaves the club!  Dallas puts an upcoming young dancer onto the stage, replacing Mike, without giving it a second thought! 

At Brooke’s apartment, she expresses anger and hurt toward Mike about his having given so much money away.  Yet, Mike states that he is ready to leave Miami, and that he wants to make amends with his displaced family and friends.  He gathers girlfriend Joanna, staying overnight with her, then waking up to breakfast and a hopeful lead into a new life!

Ted premiered this week, also!  I still want to see it, as it features Mark Wahlberg as a boy named John who had a teddy bear that came to life during his childhood.  The bear stays with John into his adulthood, while growing bitter and sarcastic.  Sounds like fun!

Next weekend has the excitement of The Amazing Spider-Man!  It is an updated version of the start of the Spider-Man story, telling how Peter Parker came to live with his Aunt May, and how he means to avenge the murder of his Uncle Ben.  This release also delves into how the radioactive spider bite gave him his mutated powers. 

More of July includes The Dark Knight Rises, Ice Age:  Continental Drift,  Killer Joe, The Magic of Belle Isle, Red Lights, Savages, Step Up:  Revolution, and The Watch!  Movies to anticipate for August are 360The Awakening, The Bourne Legacy, The Campaign, Hit and RunHope Springs, LawlessRobot and Frank, Side By SideSinister, Soldiers of FortuneSparkle, and Total Recall!  Summer 2012 is NOT over!

Oh, it’s NOT Madea-Madea!!!!     

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