Party Crashers From Another Planet?

July 30, 2012 at 7:26 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, human life issues, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

Talk about your special guests!  Tabloids, along with other various websites, have been reporting that The Opening Ceremony for The 2012 Summer Olympic Games had an uninvited guest to crash the party!  Several postings have gone on, saying that an unidenfied flying object made an appearance over The Olympic Stadium at London.

Now, I do not know exactly what happened.  I saw some of The Opening Ceremonies, yet I apparently missed the part where the aliens made a surprise appearance.  I think that I may have caught some brief blurbs about this alleged activity, yet I had not really focused on the topic until this evening.  I am seeing where several postings have been published that give links and looks at what might have occurred that evening.

Some sites are saying that this was one of the best chances for extraterrestrials to view humanity at large, and to be seen by humans with validity.  Obviously, it was a missed effort.  Much of the world likely has no idea that such an event took place at a major occasion like The 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremonies!

The Alien Disclosure Group, United Kingdom, released video images of a supposed flying saucer over Olympic Stadium at London.  People who claim to have seen it said that it was a disc-shaped object that entered the stadium airspace during one of the fireworks presentations.  It did not seem to be such a surprise, as there was so much hullabaloo occurring during the ceremony, and no one immediately saw it as an object from outer space!

There are several online postings that present the possibilities of what might have happened that evening.  It has been generally overlooked, as the ceremony was so intricate, with several captivating displays and pyrotechnic presentations occurring.  Those whom were involved with preparing to protect Olympic Stadium from surprise and unwarranted actions, along with any attempted terrorist activities, were ready to deal with almost all possible party crashes!

Of course, no official statements have been made to verify that any sort of extraterrestrial visitations were made during The Olympic Opening Ceremonies.  During June, Nick Pope, United Kingdom Ministry of Defence Desk Officer, stated that The London Olympics might be  a prime target for extraterrestrial visitors to arrive by their ships to make a globally-viewed presentation.  Alien Disclosure Group, United Kingdom made the video available to world viewers, as it has said that the taping was a confirmed extraterrestrial u.f.o. sighting, lest verifiable evidence can prove that it was something of this Earth!   




flagufo animated gif

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Life’s Start Processes at Eta Corvi?

July 29, 2012 at 9:14 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, late night studies, public debate, science and technology, web gossip)

Interesting information has been gathered from some recent images taken by The Spitzer Space Telescope.  While the search for details about what is happening in the galaxy, one focus was geared toward the star labeled as Eta Corvi.  It seems that it could be experiencing a similar setting as what occurred within our solar system, during it’s beginnnings.

Located within the constellation Corvus,  Eta Corvi is one of eleven stars within that group which is visible from Earth.  This star is the sixth brightest of this particular bunch, classified as F-type main sequence.  These stars range between 1 and 1.5 times the size of The Sun, and they are slightly hotter.  Eta Corvi is a main sequence, or dwarf star.

Recent images taken by Spitzer Space Telescope have shown where Eta Corvi has been under seige by a comet storm.  The comets are being pulled into the star by it’s gravity, and they are being incenerated.  Yet, these comets are crashing into any planets that could be orbiting Eta Corvi, also.  This is interesting because of the potential outcome that could occur.

It is widely believed, understood, that cometary bombardment to early Earth delivered the elements and materials necessary for the intial formations of life.  What is happening at Eta Corvi is comets have been identified within the inner orbital region of this star, and these comets could be impacting any planets that are within nearby orbits.  That sparks interest because of the possibilities that could occur due to such collisions.  The comets around Eta Corvi contain traces of ice, organic materials, and water, all of which are needed to initiate what may develop into something alive!

A widely accepted theory is that cometary impact with Earth during the early formation of our world and solar system brought the necessary elements to our planet. These are the elements that eventually would be needed to initiate the start of life. This star is estimated to be thirty percent the age of The Sun.  It is forty percent as massive as our star, with a debris disk rotating aroud it.

The disk contains materials that amount to sixty percent the mass of The Moon in orbit of it. These materials mainly are comets, which are believed to have the potential to deliver life-producing elements to the scene.  The comets may collide with any forming inner planets around Eta Corvi, possibly jumpstarting the processes that could begin life!

Discussions range back and forth about when life began to form on Earth.  A currently accepted belief is that it started nearly 3.4 billion years ago. That would mean that ample time remains for any planets to form around Eta Corvi, letting the materials settle, then begin to breakdown into the proper, life-producing elements that would be needed to allow for the formation of living things!

Eta Corvi is roughly 59.4 light years, or roughly 349,190,347,167,130 miles away!  Yes, that is trillion; not nearby!  The star is situated within what we see as within a grouping of constellations that include Centaurus, Orion, and Ursa Major.


comet2.gif (1536 bytes)


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A Seemingly Similar Solar System?

July 27, 2012 at 6:21 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, science and technology, web gossip)

As studies of outer space are continuing, possibly increasing, some current researchers have encountered images of a solar system that is similar to our own solar system!  That does seem to be exciting!  I am reading through the details to find out just how much like our nook of space this particular solar system actually is presented.

The system is situated in orbit of the star Kepler-30.  This is roughly 10,000 light years away from our system (no, NOT nearby….).  The star itself poses intrigue because it is so similar to The Sun.  We have observed, so far, that three planets are in orbit of the star.

  The planets have been labeled as Kepler 30b, Kepler 30c, and Kepler 30d.  Each of these worlds is larger than Earth.  Kepler 30b is estimated to be 0.33 times the radius of Jupiter, and 3.7 times the radius of Earth.  30c is 1.28 times the radius of Jupiter, and it is 14.4 times the radius of Earth.  30d is .95 times the radius of Jupiter and 10.7 times the radius of Earth.

These planets are not classified as hot Jupiters!  Worlds classified as such orbit their host stars at extremely rapid rates, and they are situated extremely close to the stars.  Hot Jupiters are referred to as roasters because of their extreme proximity to their stars.  Whereas our Jupiter fluctuates between 460,000,00 miles and 507,000,000 miles from The Sun, these worlds are squeezed within orbits of Kepler 30 at roughly the distances equivalent to the space between The Sun and Mars!   

As far as scientists are aware, this is a three-planet system.  It would be an unusual find to recognize that additional planets orbit at extended distances from this star, beyond those that have been located, currently.  Imagine if those worlds would be Earth-like, perhaps, due to their being just far enough away from Kepler-30 to develop life-supporting atmospheres and surfaces?  The gas giants within the inner orbits, and the terrestrial worlds situated outside.  Hmph…..

Three known exoplanets orbit the star Kepler-30 in a configuration that is similar to our solar system's.



Kepler space telescope. Credit: NASA

Animated pink flickering stars     Animated pink flickering stars     Animated pink flickering stars

The Kepler Space Telescope

      Animated sparkles            Animated sparkles       Animated sparkles        Animated sparkles          Animated sparkles                                                             Animated sparkles                Animated sparkles                                                           Animated sparkles

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An Image of Hell in Space!

July 25, 2012 at 11:30 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, late night studies, science and technology)

I was doing some more studying of astronomy topics, while watching a related television program.  How the Universe Works is on right now, with this episode entitled as Planets From Hell!  I got caught up in listening to the details about one world that seems to have been sparking the interest of astronomy and extraterrestrial researchers for many years.  The Science Channel is continuing to spark interest in what exists beyond what we know about our universe, and the possibilities of all that could be out there, beyond what we think that we know.

Details were given about an extrasolar planet that has been entitled COROT-7b.  It orbits the star COROT-7, which is found in what we have labeled as The Monoceros Constellation.  This constellation is not easily observable, though it has been recognized to contain stars that include V838 Monocerotis, along with the binary systems called Plaskett’s Star and Epsilon Monocerotis.  Corot-7b has been calculated to be 480 light years away from us!

This planet is being described as Earth-like.  However, it is not too much like Mom, as Corot-7b sits on top of it’s host star at a distance that is sixty times closer than Earth is to The Sun.  That acute proximity makes Corot-7b situated within a roasting, oven-like position.  The daylight temperature of the world is estimated to average near to 3,600º Fahrenheit! 

As Corot-7b is so close to Corot-7, it is believed that the day side of the planet is molten lava.  One studying scientist believes that this planet could have been larger, yet it was reduced in size because the hear of it’s star boiled off much of the planet!  An interaction between this planet and it’s star is being revealed through what is called tidal migration.  Corot-7b loses mass due to the heat of Corot-7.  Plus, the gravitational interaction between the planet and the star causes tidal migration, which increases solar tides of Corot-7, while slowing the orbital speed of Corot-7b. 

Again, something interesting I found while doing studies of recent online astonomy postings.  It is extremely fascinating to recongize that all of that is out there, and there is so much more that we do not know about!  One day, maybe even sooner than we think, we will be able to venture into further areas of The Milky Way, studying new objects, and boldy going where no one has gone before!


Animated Nature - Sun, Moon and Stars

Yes, they found a hot one!

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Reflecting On Need For Orca Liberation

July 25, 2012 at 1:22 AM (animal activism, curious research, current news, environmental issues, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, public debate, social opinion)

These animals are NOT our pets.  These animals were NOT put here for our pleasure.  I understand that they are fascinating, as I too want to see them, and to learn about them.  Yet, it seems that greater lines need to be drawn, regarding our handlings of other life of Earth.

Sea World is world-reknowned for it’s collection of orcas.  These aqautic animals have captured the fascination of society, and have been presented for public review through the efforts of these aquatic educational and entertainment facilities.  It always has seemed that the water wildlife park has done excellent levels of caring for it’s collection of creatures from the seas.  Yet again, the question must be posed, regarding where the line is to be drawn, regarding our fascinations with these animals, our capturing of them, and when we need to learn simply to leave them alone.

Sea World San Diego is like the rest of the Sea World Parks, famous for it’s orca presentations.  Shamu was the standout sea whale of the eighties and nineties, drawing massive crowds to see the animal in action. Millions of visitors viewed the spectacular shows, seeing the trained sea animals perfoming exotic and exciting presentations to well-paying crowds.  Yet, after all of the fun is said and done, these animals remain captive, serving at the will of human beings.

It was during a presentation in 2006 when an attack by an orca onto one of the Sea World trainers was taped.  Kasatka, the 6,000 pound orca at the San Diego park, was participating in one of the regular shows.  Something occurred, which apparently agitated the animal.  Before anyone knew what was happening, Kasatka grabbed hold of trainer Ken Peters, then dragged him beneath the pool water!

Kasatka actually kept Ken Peters beneath the water for an extended time.  The orca tossed the trainer back and forth, as other pool workers seemed inept in the face of this action.  Some of them did try to pull Peters away from Kasatka.  Yet, the orca kept hold of Peters by one of his feet, flailing him back and forth like a ragdoll!  Kasatka made one final move toward Peters, but the other trainers were able to rescue him before that could happen.  They likely saved Peters’ life!

Recalling 2010, a trainer at Sea World Orlando trainer was attacked and killed by an orca.  Dawn Brancheau had become well-acquainted with one of the aquatic mammals, which had been given the name Tillikum.  She had not suspecting that she ever would be harmed by it.  Yet, during one of the shows, the six-ton Tillikum suddenly grabbed hold of Dawn, dragging her beneath the pool water, where it held her until she drowned!

That entire incident was taped.  It is now that this tape is being presented to the public, as legal issues are stirring.  The United States Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis has stated that handlings of orcas at Sea World Parks create situations of danger for the parks’ staff.  Her statements have added fuel to reactions about having orcas removed from public captivity, and having increased levels of safety for humans handling aquatic wildlife that is being used for public entertainment.

I only can reiterate that these animals were not placed here for our amusement.  I truly believe that it is a mere matter of time before something bad happens when so-called trainers think that they have control over wildlife, and something happens that causes one of the animals to snap.  It has happened before, and it WILL happen again.  At some point, we need to recognize that these animals are to be left alone!

Dawn Brancheau and Tillikum

SEE THESE SITES!!!,8599,1968071,00.html–85241147.html
Killer whale graphics     Killer whale graphics

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Disorder at Neverland!

July 25, 2012 at 12:14 AM (childcare and child protection, current news, human life issues, legal issues, music and entertainment, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

OOH!  The gossip is juicy, and it is not stopping!  Right now, The Jackson clan is incensed, dealing with the continued media fuss about alleged in-fighting over Michael‘s money, the false report about mother Katherine missing, and now, Paris is vocal!  Plus, some levels of fisticuffs seem to have been exchanged between some of the Jackson fellas!

It seems that Jermaine, Randy, and Tito are having issues about how Michael’s will is being negotiated.  These three Jackson brothers have written and signed a formal protest to the will’s executors.  They have demanded that those whom are responsible for how the will is being handled resign immediately!

Yes, Jackson Matriarch Katherine was falsely reported missing!  It turned out that the eighty-two year-old Jackson mother is at an Arizona vacation spot, resting.  Paris Jackson, a source of recent controversy for the family, is the one who reported her grandmother as missing.  Apparently, the young daughter of Michael has not been privvy to the idea that she does not have to know where all of her family is at, at all times!

Furthermore, Paris seems to have gotten into a verbal conflict with her aunt, Janet!  It seemed that lil’ miss P.J. was prepared to go out on a date with a young suitor, and Aunt Janet was not exactly happy with that action.  The story is that Janet is trying to keep the family members, especially Michael’s children, out of the spotlight at all possible times.  Yet, Paris is a teenager, and in the midst of boy fever!  She was attempting to call her current boy toy, ignoring Janet’s demands that she stay at the Jackson compound.  When Paris refused to comply, Janet tried taking the cell phone from Paris, but Paris snatched it back!

She had a date planned, and was about to contact her male suitor by cell phone. Before the call could occur, Janet supposedly snatched the phone from Paris.  She proceeded to tell Michael’s daughter that she is spoiled and disrespectful.  Then, some postings have reported that Paris went onto drop the F-bomb on Aunt Janet, just before she yanked back the cell phone!  Paris means to be the new Miss Nasty!   Hmph!

Prince Jackson was at the scene also, along with Jermaine and Randy.  Prince, Prince II (Blanket), and sister Paris were exiting a vehicle, returning to the family compound.  This is when Paris was reported to have been talking on her cell phone, also, while in the S.U.V..  She had her cell phone taken abruptly by Janet, then she apparently called Paris “a spoiled little bitch”, and she slapped her niece!  Some of the other Jackson brothers witnessed this, as they did not approve of Paris’ possible transmission of information to the public at-large!

It seems that rules and regulations need to be reviewed among the Jackson clan.  Michael’s teenaged children are being typical teenagers, likely amplified because of their wealth and celebrity statuses.  If the elder Jacksons mean to have order, along with control over the spreading of information about their family activities, then they likely will need to rearrange their methods of conversation and interaction with Michael’s teens.

The King of Pop had an attorney arranged for his children.  This lawyer now is trying to have custody of Blanket, Paris, and Prince taken from mother Katherine.  One report is that a Jackson cousin named T.J., the thirty-four year-old son of Tito, is trying to obtain temporary guardianship of Michael’s three children.  Certainly, there will be more gossip about that area of the story!

                                      (L-R) Prince Michael, Prince Michael Ii, Paris, picture

SEE THESE SITES!!!,,20613963,00.html

Michael Jackson moonwalking

Rest in Peace, Michael…..

…..Rest in Peace, Sherman Hemsley.

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Mrs. Jackson, Lost and Found?!?!

July 23, 2012 at 9:22 PM (childcare and child protection, current news, human life issues, legal issues, music and entertainment, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

This is a bit upsetting to watch.  Many of us grew up as fans of The Jacksons, not just Michael.  Much of that entire family has provided entertainment and excitement to the world for generations.  Michael Jackson himself was a mega-star, giving so much of himself to the enjoyment of a global scene, while spending much of his time and money dedicated to working towards various efforts of worldwide improvement.  Janet Jackson developed into a performing powerhouse, as well, making millions in album sales, concerts, appearances, and the whole gamut.  The other Jacksons did not go without attention, with La Toya Jackson going on with her varied endeavors, and some of the brothers likely hanging onto accolades from days with The Jackson Five

Now, this latest issue of drama surrounding the Jackson clan is at least disturbing!  News reports have it seeming as if the family matriarch, Katherine Jackson, is missing!  Before anyone jumps to conclusions, it does seem as if that is a false statement.  Following reports state that Mrs. Jackson is in Arizona, with her daughter, Rebbie.

It was Paris Jackson, the daughter of Michael, who gave a missing person report about her grandmother.  She left a posting on Twitter, stating that Katherine was not able to be contacted by telephone.  She followed that with Tweets to get help with locating her grandmother!  Paris asked for the police be contacted, if anyone saw Mrs. Jackson!

Jermaine Jackson came back with a statement, saying that their mother was under medical orders to refrain from excessive public contact, and that she simply was listening to medical instructions by not being overly active.  The eldest of the Jackson brothers insisted Mrs. Jackson was not in any trouble, yet Paris Jackson continued with Tweets about her grandmother missing, and that she needed help to find her!

Sandra Ribera, an attorney for Katherine Jackson, has called upon The F.B.I. to locate Mrs. Jackson!  Ribera said that Randy Jackson (not the Idol judge…) would not allow deputies with Los Angeles County to access Mrs. Jackson.  However, a spokesman with Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department stated that she is alright, while she is staying with family members. 

Ribera went on, suggesting that The F.B.I. proceed with an investigation.  As Mrs. Jackson may have crossed state lines, her absence might be labeled as a disappearance.  Yet, Jermaine Jackson continued in his statement that their mother simply was resting in Arizona, as by medical advising.  A report stated that Mrs. Jackson flew  to visit with a doctor in Arizona, by the direction of Janet.  Now, she is supposed to have gone with eldest daughter Rebbie to Albuquerque, to view a concert by her sons, with both of them returning safely to Arizona, afterward.   Paris Jackson stated that her grandmother never arrived at that concert!

Michael Jackson's mom, Katherine Jackson

Jackson Family Matriarch, Katherine Jackson

SEE THESE SITES!!!…jackson-mom-missing-person/index.html…/2908348/found-katherine-jackson.html…/Katherine-Jackson…Found-163447676.html…/Michael-Jackson-s-Kids-Pay…Death

Mrs. Jackson’s boys, back in the day!

animated gifs

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Small, Hot World Spotted Around Nearby Red Dwarf!

July 21, 2012 at 5:53 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, science and technology, web gossip)

Yet another alluring announcement has been made, regarding revelations of what is being seen through studies of outer space.  Exoplanets are seeming to be discovered regularly, and one of the latest finds is sparking interest because of it’s size.  It has not been often that small planets outside of the solar system are spotted!

This world is recognized as being two-thirds as large as our Earth.  Titled UCF-1.01, this planet is situated thirty-three light years from our world.  It orbits a red dwarf star, GJ 436 (Gliese 436).  Scientists working with Spitzer Space Telescope were able to locate this world through observations made of that area of our galaxy. 

UCF 1.01, was found while astronomers at The University of Central Florida were observing the exoplanet GJ 436b with The Spitzer Space Telescope.  The planets both belong to the same solar system.  It was stumbled upon when the researchers were reviewing Gliese 436, getting information about the levels of carbon monoxide and methane on that extrasolar planet. 

Reviews of UCF 1.01 show that it is a rocky planet, seemingly similar to Mars.  This world is roughly thirty-three light years away from us.  It is not likely that this world can support life, as it orbits GJ 436 at a distance that is closer to that star than Mercury is to The Sun!  The heat is far too extreme, and the planet is covered in piping-hot magma!

UCF-1.01 rushes around GJ 436 at a rate of once every 1.4 Earth-length days.  It is so close to it’s host star that it’s surface temperature is estimated to be near to an average of 1,000 degrees, Fahrenheit!  It can not support an atmosphere because of this close range to GJ 436.  Yet, additonal observations are occurring currently, to verify the existence of the neighbor world to UCF-1.01, currently being dubbed UCF 1.02!


Artistic depiction of UCF-1.01



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What A Knight!

July 20, 2012 at 9:35 PM (comic book characters, current news, human life issues, movie reviews, music and entertainment, social opinion, web gossip)

Firstly, this entry needs to be prefaced with thoughts for the families and the people coping with this latest tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.  I just arrived at my home from viewing this latest Batman movie, excited, and ready to blog about what I saw.  Then, turning on my television immediately exposed me to this horrific occurrence!

Batman, this film franchise, and any of the things related to those particular topics should NOT be blamed for what has happened today!  This is a sick young man who was able to get hold of weapons, while not being under any levels of adequate observation.  I am sure that this outburst of today was not the first warning sign that something was wrong with 24 year-old James E. Holmes!  I do hope that everyone is taking the time to realize what has happened here, to provide any levels of possible assistance to the Aurora, Colorado families and community, as well as to review everyone else’s home situations to check for warning signs that might prevent any further actions like this one. 

While this horrific situation was happening, I was at my nearby movie theater, watching The Dark Knight Rises.  The film was fantastic!  It started with the funeral of Harvey Dent, the Gotham City district attorney who had been killed at the end of the last film.  Then, three men with bags over their heads are taken to an airplane.  Yet, as one of the men speaks, his bag is removed, and he is revealed to be Bane (Tom Hardy)!

As this plane flies, another jet flies to it’s side, and men on wires are released.  They attach to the smaller plane, get into it, start shooting, and Bane kidnaps a doctor on board.  This is happening while the ceremony to remember Harvey Dent is taking place.  Batman is being chastised as the alleged murderer of the Gotham City District Attorney.  Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) spoke, reminding attendees that Dent is responsible for jailing 1,000 Gotham City criminals.

Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is at Wayne Manor is hosting another party.  All of Gotham’s top citizens are attending, and Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) is posing as a waitress.  She manages to get into a private area upstairs, where she means to break into a safe to get hold of a pearl necklace that belonged to Bruce Wayne’s mother.  Bruce knew only that a maid stole the necklace.

Commissioner Gordon is there, and he finds himself being questioned about Batman.  At that time, Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Caine) enters the subterranean Batcave, seeing that Bruce is using the fingerprints of Selina Kyle to track her stealing of this necklace.  Alfred starts to lecture Bruce about reorganizing his life, saying that there is more to come.

Selina goes to an evening bar, where she gives the fingerprints of Bruce Wayne to some guy.  This man proceeds to have a man to try shooting her, but she rapidly moves, getting hold of the gun, then shooting the man before police arrive!  When the cops do get there, Selina fakes injury, then she quicky escapes.  More gunfire erupts!

Commissioner Gordon and Gotham Police arrive.  They start to investigate, but shooting continues.  Gordon is shot, knocked out by thugs, abducted, and he is taken to a secret chamber.  It is the hidden location of BaneAfter Gordon regains consciousness, he manages to slip out, secretly.

After Bruce is visited by Gotham P.D. on the shooting of Commissioner Gordon, an officer that was a child/orphan recognizes Bruce, knowing that he is Batman!  He questions Bruce about this latest crimewave that has beset Gotham City.  The officer mentions that Wayne Enterprises has stopped funding for a Gotham orphanage, also!

Selina Kyle finds herself in the streets, helping a young woman who is being robbed.  She proceeds to attend the party that is hosted by Bruce Wayne.  They dance, while talking about her secret activities, and discussing whether or not her actions are justified.  As they interact, Bruce gets back a necklace that Selina stole from one of his safes.  Yet, she steals one of his cars after the party!

Bruce visits Lucious Fox (Morgan Freeman), with whom he discusses financial issues, and a young lady who he has been eying.  He proceeds to tell Lucious that he has retired as Batman, yet Lucious shows Bruce some updated Bat technology.  Bruce opts to prepare for a return as Batman!

Alfred talks with Bruce, telling him that Bane has been hired by Ra’s al Ghul (Liam Neeson).  Alfred wants to dissuade Bruce from a return as Batman, yet Bruce means to stand for justice of Gotham City.  At this time, Bane has gathered with armed men to attack Gotham Stock Exchange.  They enter the building, as Bane accesses the computer systems.  Gotham Police arrive, surrounding the building!

Bane’s associates have taken people inside hostage.  Bane manages to escape on motorcycle, carrying one of the hostages with him.  He is followed by his criminal associates, and they have hostages, too!  Batman appears on his Batpod, guns aimed that the crooks.  He successfully frees the trapped citizens.

News has spread about Batman being a possibly dangerous vigilante, and Gotham Police are being urged to act.  A new commissioner has been assigned, and he plans to capture Batman.  Yet, Selina now is amok as Catwoman, and she is prowling through downtown Gotham.  She sees where additional hostages have been taken by Ra’s al Ghul.  An alert was sent for Batman, and Catwoman winds up assisting The Dark Knight with releasing these prisoners.  She slyly gets details about secret information that can give her an edge on other criminals, but she is stopped by some of them who are after her!

A chase ensues, and they all wind up atop a building.  There, Batman winds up assisting Catwoman in a fight.  They both escape, with Bane watching from the shadows.  Catwoman tells Batman that she believes he is assisting Roland Daggett (Ben Mendelsohn), which he denies.  Bruce returns to The Batcave, where he is lectured by Alfred  because of possible carelessness with his understandings of the dangers of Ra’s al Ghul, and his beliefs that Bruce can not stop being Batman.  Alfred opts to leave Wayne Manor!

Lucious Fox arrives at Wayne Manor, telling Bruce that Wayne Enterprises is out of money!  Fox tells Wayne that Roland Daggett is about to take over his finances.  A meeting is called for the business officials, and they are mad that Bruce is present.  He is dismissed from the session, and he is told that he no longer is the chairman of Wayne Enterprises!

Bane appears, talking with a business man who is with Wayne Enterprises.  He tells Bane that he has authority over Bane, yet the enhanced criminal kills the man!  Bane proceeds to get details about Batman, and details about Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter, Talia (Marion Cotillard).  He learns of a meeting to happen that night, which will gather others who mean to catch him.

Bruce learns more bad news, as the funds for Wayne Enterprises have been taken!  Bane is the thief, so Bruce goes as Batman to attempt a recovery.  A fight ensues, and Bane manages to cripple Batman, then to trap him in a prison cell. 

Commissioner Gordon and Gotham P.D. follow after Bane to an underground hideout.  Yet, they are trapped when a massive explosion happens.  It is revealed that all of Gotham is rigged to a bomb that will detonate if anyone tries to exit the city!  Bane proceeds to announce that he knows about recent political schemes, as he sets loose all incarcerated criminals in the city!  As chaos ensues, national forces are called into set up a blockade around all of Gotham City!

Bruce is slowly attempting to recover himself.  He puts himself through intense training, while getting assitance from Lucius.  Bruce’s efforts to free Gotham City lead him to seek the help of Catwoman and Gotham Police Officer John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), along with additional advisings from Lucius.  As Batman, he prepares to battle Bane.  Yet, Talia al Ghul shows that she is the force that has been behind plots to bring down Gotham City.  As she attempts activating a bomb that had been set by Bane, Commissioner Gordon is able to stop it. 

A fight begins between Bane and Catwoman.  The clawed contender is able to defeat, then to kill Bane.  As he is no longer in the scene, Batman is able to track down Talia al Ghul.  She is found in an underground lair, which is set as a bomb chamber.  Talia manages to flood the chamber, then to escape.  Batman gets loose also, as he follows Talia, and he shoots at the truck in which she escaped.

Before Talia escaped, she set the bomb to detonate.  Batman had to return to the chamber to get hold of the bomb before it could explode, destoying all of Gotham City.  Now, flying in a prototype batcopter, Batman takes the bomb over ocean waters, and releases it to explode without harm.  It seems that Batman was killed in this explosion, as Commissioner Gordon hails him as a fallen hero.  At the end, Bruce is seen alive, in Italy, and with Selina Kyle!

Next week has the adventurous and alien humor of Richard Ayoade, Jonah Hill, Ben Stiller, and Vince Vaughn with Neighborhood Watch!  The same day has Thomas Haden Church, Gina Gershon, and Matthew McConaughey in Killer Joe!  August will open with 360, Celeste and Jesse ForeverSoldiers of Fortune, and You’ve Been Trumped!


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The Oldest Galaxy to Be Found, Yet!

July 20, 2012 at 12:30 AM (astronomy topics, comic book characters, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, historic review, late night studies, political atmosphere, public debate, science and technology, web gossip)

Reading about the discoveries and the work of astronomers continues to be fascinating!  A recent posting has given information about the discovery of a spiral galaxy which is supposed to be the oldest spiral galaxy that has been discovered, thus far!  Telescopic views and studies have identified this particular galaxy as being around 10.7 billion years old!

The universe itself is estimated to be 13.7 billion years old, give or take a couple of billion.  Scientists have reached this conclusion through studies of images captured by telescopic viewings, especially through the use of The Hubble Space Telescope.  The Hubble constant is used also, where researchers factor in things like the recognized amounts of matter and dark energy, and the levels of density with these items of the universe.

The galaxy has been labeled as BX442.  The discovery of this ancient galaxy puts a drastic level of pressure to the currently recognized ideas about how the age of the universe.  It’s presence as a completely in-tact structure, having a full spiral shape that can be easily identified, indicates that more time must have been available for this galaxy to reach a stable form.  Astonomers did not believe that galaxies were fully-shaped and indentifiable at such an ancient point of time.

I had read somewhere that our Milky Way is supposed to be a middle-aged galaxy.  Yet, with the current estimates of it being around 13.6 billion years old, that would make our home galaxy pretty ancient!  It would have to have begun forming shortly after The Big Bang.  I will need to review more details, to work out the facts about ages of the universe, and of our galaxy.

The observations and recordings of beryllium that are used to estimate the age of the universe.  This element is found within the oldest stars of the galaxy.  It was formed as cosmic rays within the young universe interacted with, collided with heavier elements that were present.  The isotope Beryllium-9, in particular, was formed through this method, and this element is being identified in studies of older stars that can provide information about the age of the universe.

It is all pretty interesting!  As an actual lamen, in regard to how all of this astronomy stuff works, I was looking at some of the recent online postings, while trying to make sense of it all.  I will likely proceed to read other related sites that give information about the age of the universe, and how things like stars first began to take shape.  It is fascinating to recognize how long that all of what is known is supposed to have existed!

An artist's rendering of galaxy BX442, which is 10.7 billion light-years from Earth, and its companion dwarf galaxy (upper left).

SEE THESE SITES!!!;-galaxy…sn-spiral-galaxy-20120718,0,4789994.story…/2012/07/18/…oldest-spiral-galaxy-ever-seen

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