Why Play? It’s Rigged Anyway…(he-he-he…)!

July 3, 2012 at 12:21 AM (current news, human life issues, late night studies, legal issues, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

It seems that some areas that are drawing citizens to lottery playing currently are attempting to expose it for what it truly may be; more of a money drain than a money gain.  That seems to be the sentiment coming out of Dallas, Texas.  An established social and public service organization is making efforts to put a stop to Lone Star lottery lapses!

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has a Dallas-based chapter that is speaking out against The Texas Lottery.  This branch of the respected civil rights organization is calling for The Lone Star State’s lottery to be ended altogether.  They are stating that the game currently is little more than a financial drain upon the impoverished of Texas.  Some are even going as far as to call it racist!

It is being observed tha financially needy individuals within Texas often spend excessive amounts of money on lottery tickets, hoping that greater levels of money directed towards these purchases will increase their chances of winning.  Lottery players often buy these tickets, putting aside the needs to spend money on important items (food, clothing, bills….), while holding onto a falsified belief that they might actually win, and that all of their financial woes will be erased!

The N.A.A.C.P. is stating that minorities, with focuses on African-Americans, regularly are duped into playing the lottery.  Dallas Chapter President Juanita Wallace has said that African-American lottery players within her area are disbursing excessive funds in the beliefs that winning will lead them to situations of economic stability.  She has mentioned the sentiment to which many agree that over-playing of the lottery simply leads into a poorer state of being, and that the actual chances of winning never truly increase.

Texas Lottery Spokeswoman Kelly Cripe has said that the state’s lottery is not targeting low-income Texans.  She says that their marketing strategies are meant for an appeal to Texans of diverse demographics, not simply toward Texas players of lesser financial stabilities.  However,  Dallas N.A.A.C.P President Wallace is making moves to lobby Texas law writers that will attempt to make legal changes in the way that the Texas lottery operates.

Obsevations have been made by scholastic analysts of lottery procedures.  University of Maryland Professor Irwin Morris has noted that people whom maintain lower income statuses play the lottery more often, under the falsified belief that more can be gained, if more efforts to play are made.  The appeal to enter a more-satisfactory state of living often outweighs the logic behind the recognition of increased playing does not lead to increased chances of winning.  Those whom actually make less money actually are the ones more likely to overspend in efforts to purchase winning tickets.

Texas began it’s state lottery during 1992.  Since that point, over $20 billion has been gained to be used for the needs of various situations throughout Texas.  One specific example shows where over $14 billion has been used for The  Texas Education Agency Foundation School Program.  This money is supposed to have been used for the purposes of school buildings and renovations, textbooks, student equipment, as well as needed details for teachers and staff.

Irwin Morris noted that no evidence has been shown that Texas and other lottery-carrying states spend more money on school needs because of their lottery profits.  Yet, lottery money is being used for various necessities throughout the state, which would make it difficult to proceed with these efforts without the funds from the state lottery.  It was noted by Professor Morris that it would be difficult for the state to produce the funds taken in by the lottery, if the program was not functioning.





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