God Unmasked?

July 4, 2012 at 5:13 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, historic review, human life issues, science and technology, web gossip)

It seems that a possible discovery of the item behind the creation of all that exists might have been located.  It seems.  There is no verification of this being actual, and the researchers still are studying to place various levels of validity to their discovery.  Yet, the announcement does present an historic platform!  

Researchers working with The European Center for Nuclear Research at Geneva, Switzerland are claiming to have identified the existence of The God Particle.  Actually identified as the Higgs boson, this “God particle”  is the alleged initial particle of creation.  It is the so-called source behind the introduction of all matter into the universe, providing dimension and tangibility to all things.  As one ABC News reporter stated, it “is the bang to The Big Bang“!

These scientists with CERN have been working with The Large Hadron Collider to conduct subatomic tests.  Within the collider, 1,200 magnets were chilled to -271° Celsius in order to allow for the acceleration of subatomic particles to movements at 99% the speed of light.  The enormously frigid temperatures of the magnets made it possible for the subatomic particles to crash into each other, thus making new particles.

These tests of atomic collisions are directing studying scientists to recognize that Higgs bosons are created from these crashes.  The standing theory is that as one billion subatomic particle collisions occur, ten Higgs bosons will be made.  The increased productions of these particles proceed to produce mass, thus leading to the allowance of formation of all objects.

Professor Peter Higgs of The University of Edinburgh was the first scientist to identify this “God particle”, thus allowing for it’s official name of the Higgs boson.  It was during the 1960s when Higgs proposed the idea, and intense efforts to place validity to it have happened ever since that announcement.  During 1976, Physicist John Ellis suggested that strengthened levels of testing to identify the God particle need to happen.  Yet, it was this morning when scientific observers at CERN announced that they have powerful evidence to back their theories of an actual God particle being reality.

This morning’s discoveries at The Large Hadron Collider are the introductions to intensified studies that should show the manners and methods of how all things came into existence.  Now, whether or not people choose to believe that some supreme force was behind all of that still remains with their individual thoughts and levels of acceptance.  Yet, the exposure of this God particle means to display how all mass within the known universe came into being.  It is the how, not necessarily the why….

PHOTO: Real CMS proton-proton collision events in which 4 high energy electrons (green lines and red towers) are observed.


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