Rock’s Statements Rock The National Birthday!

July 7, 2012 at 7:23 PM (current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, political atmosphere, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

I had gotten to a place where I was enjoying the comedic presentations of Chris Rock.  It was during the late 1990’s when I got acquainted with his works, including views of some of his Saturday Night Live presentations, and some of his theatrtical showings.  I did watch some of the episodes of his self-titled television program, The Chris Rock Show, every now and then.  Particularly, I had come to love his voicing of the character Marty from the Madagascar animated movie series! 

Mr. Rock is not one known for swaying from controversy.  Every so often, listeners will catch his interpretations of current events, or his opinionated expressions in regard to something happening within present times.  He seems to have allowed the utterance of his thoughts about our nation’s birthday to reach the eyes and ears of possibly pinpointing Internet browsers.

“Happy White People’s Independence Day!  The slaves weren’t free, but I’m sure they enjoyed the fireworks”!  This was what Mr. Rock tweeted on The Fourth of July, referring to his sentiments about the national holiday.  Of course, there were people who immediately took offense to Rock’s statements.  Several were upset that he dared to invoke ideas of our greatest nation on Earth being the place where actually living people had not been free to live, were legally abused, and went to war over the rights of freedoms for human beings.

Reports said that Twitter immediately ingited over Rock’s statements.  Some of them state that White U.S. citizens were particularly upset with what the comedian expressed.  A curious statement was made, noting that White U.S. citizens will sometimes mention that present-day Black U.S. citizens mentioning their ancestors having lived as slaves is sometimes equated to Blacks being socially bad presently as a current consequence of ancestral slaveryHUH???  I would have to study that…..

It does need to be recognized that extrememly progressive strides have been made for bringing equality to U.S. citizens, be they of African heritage, or of any other ethnic background from around our Earth.  However, it does NOT need to be shunned, or forgotten, that continuous actions must happen to bring equality, to maintain equality, between ALL U.S. citizens, as the shadows of prior times of ignorance and discrimination sometimes seem to be merely hidden behind curtains, poised to be presented at the most prepared points. 

From this point of view, I would have to think that it is extremely important that all U.S. citizens, and especially our youths, receive proper levels of education, regarding racial settings within our nation.  It always needs to be understood that our nation was built on the backs of people of all ethnicities, while possibly stolen from an indigenous population already settled here!  Yet, letting the past remain in the past, it should be understood that we are living together, and that we need to work together, so that we can continue to strengthen our society.  Independence Day should be used to recall all of where we came from, while it should be used to recognize our strengths, our determinations, and our goals at working toward enhancing a strong nation amid an ever-expanding global community!

Chris Rock Sundance Film Festival Headshot - P 2012

SEE THESE SITES!!! – 46k,82173/’s-day-chris-rock-4th-july…/chris-rock/2245

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