Spidey and A Seductive Salma Set This Scene!

July 7, 2012 at 1:18 AM (comic book characters, current news, human life issues, legal issues, movie reviews, public debate, social opinion)

This was the week to see the superhero sequel that had been bugging the senses all year!  Yes, our theater two-pack did include the adventures of Spider Man!  I was glad to have seen the film, and I was quite pleased with the picture that we picked first!

We did open with Savages!  It begins with Chon (Taylor Kitsch) and Ben (Aaron Johnson) producing the greatest amounts of marijuana in California.  They are earning up to $6,000 a pound sold!  They both have a shared friendship / sex fling going on with Ophelia (Blake Lively), whom they call O, as well.

Ben and Chon find their drug dealings interrupted when The Baja Cartel, regulated by El Azul (Joaquín Cosio) wants to claim control of all related actions of Southern California.  However, El Azul finds himself giving into a greater dealer, El Lado (Benicio Del Toro), for control of the area’s drug transactions!  Each of these drug dealers attempts forcing Ben, Chon, and O to team with them for continuations with illegal drug trafficking.

The twist comes when each of these cartel leaders must give into Elena (Salma Hayek) who leads the notorious Baja Cartel.  Elena believes that she does gain their drug dealings and money, at first.  Yet, she believes herself to be the top of the top in regard to the Southern California trafficking, which allows her to misjudge the desires of Ben, Chon, and O. 

The three friends work behind Elena’s back, getting assistance from a shady D.E.A. Agent named Dennis (John Travolta).  They make connections with Dennis, which work to set up Elena and her agents, and to have them busted by federal drug enforcers.  Shady transactions occur between all of them, yet Elena is captured at the end!  She finds herself sentenced to prison for fifty years, as Ben and Chon are jailed for two weeks.  Both of the men disappear from the radar after their release!


 Our second feature was one of the films that I had been waiting to see all year!  Yes, we did get into The Amazing Spider-Man, second!  This re-boot of the Marvel Comics lead hero story was sure to be a great film, and I believe that I was satisfied with what I saw!

The film starts with the recanting of how Peter Parker was taken to live with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May as a child.  Peter (Andrew Garfield) grows to be something of a nerd at his high school, where he is picked on, teased, and locker-slammed often.  Yet, he meets Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), who befriends Peter.  She is the daughter of town Police Captain George Stacy (Dennis Leary), and she interns at OsCorp

Peter’s interest in Gwen leads him to get a part-time job at Oscorp.  It is at this science lab where Peter is bitten by the radioactive spider, which gives him his mutated, arachnid powers.  Now, seeking to understand what has happened to him, and unaware of any possible dangers, Peter visits with one-armed Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) to find out what he needs to do.  He does this instead of following instructions from Uncle Ben, which leads to Peter agruing with his uncle, then leaving the house for the evening.  It is that same night when a burglar invades their home, killing Uncle Ben.

Now, with newly acquired powers from the spider bite, Peter searches for possible killers of his uncle.  He decides to continue by becoming a vigilante in costume, wearing a red and blue spandex suit, and a red-webbed mask!  Peter’s new powers from the spider bite lead him to dub himself as Spider-Man!  He swings by web through New York City, catching criminals in secrecy, and using his mutated powers to sling himself by spider webs!

As Spider-Man, Peter now reveals himself to Gwen.  Meanwhile, he continues dating her, and getting acquainted with her father, Captain Stacy.  Peter also proceeds to investigate the labwork of Dr. Connors, to whom he gives needed scientific details that his father produced.  Connors takes this information to work on a project that he needs to sustain Oscorp.  It is a drug that he pretends is an updated flu shot, yet he uses it on himself.  The injection causes Connors’ lost arm to grow back!

An immediate side-effect overtakes Dr. Connors.  He is unable to control himself as he falls out, then awakens to try contacting his superior, Dr. Rajit Ratha (Irrfan Kahn). Ratha is trying to keep Oscorp alive, and he has fired Connors because he believes the doctor has theories which ultimately will be a hindrance to Oscorp’s progress.  Yet, Connors is mutating into a slimy, scale-covered, reptilian creature!  He proceeds to rampage the downtown New York area, and it is Spider-Man who appears to stop The Lizard from destroying the city!

It is when The Lizard and Spider-Man sink their battle into sewers of New York City that the slimy Connors finds out that Spider-Man is Peter Parker!  Peter is in danger, as he has to protect his friends and Gwen from The Lizard’s attacks.  The Lizard means to turn all people into lizards, using a secret chemical that he has gotten from OsCorp.  He/it is able to get to the top of OsCorp Tower, where he/it unleashes a chemical cloud that will turn all who inhale it into lizards. 

Spider-Man gets to OsCorp Tower, swinging into action against The Lizard.  He is able to release a cleansing agent that cleans the harmful chemicals from The Lizard’s mutating cloud, which also returns those who inhaled the gas back to normal people.  Spider-Man goes after The Lizard, seeing that he has Gwen captive atop Oscorp Tower.  Before he can save her, Captain Stacy arrives to save his daughter.  It is in this battle that The Lizard fatally strikes Captain Stacy!

Spider-Man has managed to release fumes of an antidote into the air.  A cloud is created, which blows out a transforming cure that changes Dr. Connors from The Lizard back into a normal person.  At this time, Captain Stacy manages to get Peter, as Spider-Man, to promise protection over Gwen.  Peter does, and he intends to continue protecting New York!  However, the end shows a jailed Dr. Connors mysteriously speaking to a voice in shadows, which strangely sounds like that of The Green Goblin!


Next week has the latest release of the entertaining Ice Age animations, as Ice Age:  Continental Drift premieres!  Red Lights, featuring Robert De Niro, Cillian Murphy, and Sigourney Weaver, along with The Obama Effect, featuring Vanessa Bell Calloway, Charles S. Dutton, and Meagan Good, open next week, too!  The Dark Knight Rises premieres July 20, along with July 27 bringing the thrilling Killer Joe, and the comedy of The Watch

Crank it up wit’ Spidey!

 Spiderman graphics

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