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July 9, 2012 at 7:01 PM (current news, historic review, human life issues, legal issues, music and entertainment, public debate, social opinion, web gossip)

It might be a sign that I am aging, and getting slightly out of touch.  Yet, I did not even know who in The Hell Frank Ocean is!  These recent updates on news stations and the web have hipped me to where this guy has come from, and what he is all about.

Christopher Francis Ocean is a part of the hip-hop group called Odd Future.  The group actually has the formal name of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All!  They are described as “an American alternative hip-hop collective”, based out of Los Angeles.  Frank Ocean actually is the rapper, singer, songwriter of the bunch.

He was born October 28, 1987, out of N’awlins.  Ocean was introduced to the musical media and songwriting scene through actions that included ghost writing for top-tier celebrities like Justin Bieber and John Legend.  He joined OFWGKTA during 2010, going onto make an appearance on the Domo Genesis cut, Steam Roller.

Now, at age 24, Ocean’s current highlight is not his music, but the public announcement that he has made.  It was on his blog that Ocean wrote a message about a romantic infatuation for another man during 2007.  Ocean and the other male both were nineteen at the time.  He stated that it was the summer of 2007 that he and the other man, boy (both were 19 years old…), spent that season together.  Their bond became so strong that each subsequent summer was spent with one another.

The fact that Ocean has come out is being applauded by the majority of the contemporary social scene.  The genre of hip-hop music is notorious for promoting themes of displeasure about, and separation from the gay scene.  Several would readily describe the attitude of the hip-hop community toward homosexuality as one of hatred.  The coming out of this inaugural associate within rap music opens doors of enlightenment and progress to this musical scene which could be seen as in need of an uplift in the face of an ever-progressing society.  He has received statements of support from artists that include Jay-ZSolange Knowles, RuPaul, and Russell Simmons!

There are warnings that have been directed toward Ocean about the effects of his announcement.  Specifically, he is being warned that the public coming out could be harmful to the sales of his music.  Country singer Chely Wright, who revealed herself to be a lesbian during 2007, has congratulated Ocean on the bravery of his admission, yet she stated that it may not be helpful to sales of his albums!

Frank Ocean

SEE THESE SITES!!!…./Hip-hop-star…comes-out-20120705

Check out Frank Ocean HERE!!!


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